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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
Well...running class is hell. I nearly collapsed today. I am so out of shape! First we ran a few laps, then did 60 push ups and a hundred crunches. I swear those push ups just about killed me...I couldn't even finish them all and I was trying with all of my strength. Anyway, then we went on a 15 minute run, which wouldn't be that bad except it's cold outside, my allergies have been acting up recently, and car exhaust fumes were in the air I was breathing. I swear, my lungs were hurting so bad from the cold/exhaust air. I only have mild asthma...but I really could feel my airways tightening and constricting, and it was really hurting and hard to take deep breaths. And my nose was running really bad, so I was sniffing a lot, which made it go back down my throat, making it more difficult to breathe. But it wasn't that bad...but I need to run a lot more so I can be more prepared for running outside. Now I'm freaking wheezing...I hope this goes away soon.

I have a quiz next time in my finance class, so I need to start studying for that. I also have one in my INFO class, but this class so far is pathetically easy. So far, we have discussed the fine art of using the "mean, median, and mode." Let me tell you, it was invigorating.

Last night Shelby and I went to this meeting for "Aggie women in Leadership," and there was a really interesting speaker. She had been really involved in the women's movement in the 60s, and it was really interesting to hear about all the amazing stuff she has been involved in. We also talked about violence against women and how the problem has been nearly untouched. If you have ever noticed, it is always the WOMEN who are responsible for their safety. Women should be careful, go to self-defense class, carry pepper spray, etc. But isn't it funny how nobody ever brings up the fact of why society never focuses on preventing rape and abuse by changing the male disposition on how women are viewed and treated? I think that's crap. Really to think that a woman can never feel comfotable to walk around alone at night and it is always up to a woman to protect herself. So we really talked about that a lot, and it isn't really something I have thought about a lot, but it really is a something that our society never really talks about.

There are these flyers around campus about joining a women's fastpitch softball team. I wonder if I should join...I really, really want to, but I don't know if it matters that I haven't really played in almost two years. Would I start working about again for softball? I don't would be fun, but it would take a lot of work to get my skills back up to the level they were at when I used to play. Maybe I will...I don't know.

Anyway, not much else going around here. About to go to my last class for the day. Hope everyone has a good one!

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