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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
9:37p - I hate work
Yeah so I haven't really been updating much. There really hasn't been much going on around here, so sorry for my lack of commenting and such. The main thing that has been going on is work, and me hating it. I am getting sooooooo tired of work...I want to quit so bad, but I know I won't. It is a relatively stable and flexible job and I think I will keep it until I get a car at least.

But today, I seriously didn't even think that I would make it through the day. I hate the customers. They suck and they are sooo annoying. They think I am their slave and a lot of people have this attitude that they can treat me like shit because they think they are better than me because I work in fast food. So many people have zero respect for others. I never knew how many people never understood the concept of throwing away your own trash and putting things back where you found them.

I am the that person who has to clean up after everyone when I am on front counter. I mean, people just leave their trash everywhere, on the table and all over the floor. There are five trashcans around the store. How lazy can people be?! It is like five feet away and they just leave trash everywhere. And then when people come in with their screaming kids, they can't even put the high chair back where they got it from. It is sooo annoying. I mean, it's common courtesy to put things back where you got them. The part that really annoys me is when people are getting their drinks. If they drop a lid, they will just leave it there. Or they leave their straw wrapper or salt wrappers on the counter. There is a trashcan on this same counter. Less than a foot away from anywhere they could be standing near this counter. Yet they still cannot manage to bring themselves to throw things away IN the trash.

Another annoying thing people do is leave their newspapers. Just throw them away! Nobody else is going to read them!! I always have to throw them away anyway you stupid people. Today I came into work and there were at least six sets of newspapers throughout the store. I don't get why people do this! And they also leave napkins and ketchup on the tables like someone else is going to come and just them after they leave. They won't! All they do is get thrown away so just throw them away yourself.

And I hate it when I am taking people's orders and I'm being really nice, and they can't even pretend to be a little nice, say thank you, or anything. Some people have such attitude problems. And they will just sort of throw their money at you like you aren't even worthy enough for them to hand it to you. It really pisses me off. It's just that people are so rude about everything. If an order is wrong, or it takes a long time, they just yell at you and treat you like you are nobody. First of all, most of the time the person who is in the front isn't even the one making your food. And secondly, our managers ALWAYS fix whatever is wrong, and most of the time give people free meals. Yet they still bitch and go on and on about this and that. Get the fuck over it! And when I ask them if they want to talk to a manager, they say no, and then continue to bitch at me. I am so tired of it!!!

The second area that annoys me is my coworkers. It is such a superficial atmosphere full of gossip and somtimes I just cannot stand it. There are so many stupid things that go on and it sucks. First of all, it's racist. My manager is hispanic, and all the hispanic people who work there get paid $7-8 an hour and they always fuck around, talk on the phone, and NEVER get in trouble. But I and everyone who is white gets paid around $6.25, and James only gets paid $5.60 and hour which is really shitty. Also I think my boss is having an affair with one of the hispanic girls. And the main reason why it is stupid that they get paid more is they cannot speak one word of English. I can do their jobs plus more and I get paid less. They cannot deal with customers at all because they don't speak English...which is why it doesn't make sense that they get paid more because they don't have better job skills than I do.

But besides that, I always feel like I am always doing all the work and if I feel like if I barely fuck up I always am more focused on. I am just so tired of all the bullshit. And not to mention that I am pretty much getting sexually harassed every day. There are now reports of three or four guys that think I'm good looking and like my ass, and all of the male managers have said things to other people about me behind closed doors. But mainly this on guy named Martin is really getting on my nerves. He says stuff to me alllll the time. At first I didn't really care, but now I'm getting tired of it.

Like one time I had my hands on my hips and he was like, "Ohh, I wish I could be grabbing that right now." And another time I was like, "how can I be attractive in this work uniform?" and he was all like, "I'm trying to picture you out of your uniform." And he goes on and on and on about how I have the perfect body and things like that. One time I did a little dance when I was walking (nothing really sexual), and he was all like, "you know they say how a girl dances is how she is in bed...and you can really move." And uh not to mention that he's married. In fact, I think I am the ONLY person there who doesn't cheat on their significant other. Pretty much everyone else is open about the fact that they cheat, which is really scary.

And also, the psychotic coke addict lesbian Debbie is a whole other story. Thank god she wasn't there today, or I would have gone insane. Now I have nothing against lesbians, but she secretly touches my butt when she walks by, and she's not anything close to attractive in the first place. And she orders me around constantly on her hyped-up, coke-induced highs, and starts to lose her rational thoughts and control when she is coming down from these highs. I think everyone knows she's an addict, it is so obvious and there is really nothing else it could be. It is not normal. And appartently she calls up all the time and asks the other managers for money (she is like an assistant manager), probably to buy her drugs with. And she's always trying to sneak into the bathroom throughout the day.

And she always when she counts people's drawers at the end of the day, they are always short and she tries to make it look like their fault even though it is always hers. One time I asked her to get me some ones, and I gave her a twenty, and she never got me the change. Then she tried to say that I never gave it to her...and I was like bitch, I saw it in your hand!!! And these are pretty regular occurences, too.

Anyway, I guess I'm done bitching for now. The point is, I hate work, and it's all I've been doing for the past few weeks, so I hate it even more, so excuse my bitterness. Hope everyone's day at work was a little better than mine, haha.

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