1ST ENTRY!!   
05:39pm 13/10/2003
mood: depressed
HEY WHATS UP?Well this is my 1st entry as you can see! Im here bored as can be. My boyfriend is at work! and well i hate being without him becuase he is the only person in my life that makes me so happy! My family is going through alot, and its tough to stay strong. I tell my boyfriend that sometimes i just feel like giving up. but he tells me that i can't because thats not the way i am. I dont give up he said to me.Its really hard to see your whole family cry to you but yet they are all hurting each other. I feel like im the one in middle of everything. So i try to stay away from all of them. I hate thinking about all this but for some reason it always seems to come up in my mind. It just doesnt go away.He tells me not to think about it, but its hard not to.