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i heart you's Journal

23rd October, 2004. 1:57 pm. your my number one.

Im sorry kristyn and to anybody else who finds enjoyment of reading about me life....for not updating for a good while now. i am nervous for Senior Circut. ahhhh
Today. i went grocery shopping baked cookies..and french toast...then washed the car. I cook when im nervous. When im jittery. its actually enjoyable. i dont exactly follow the recipies and i think thats why i like it cuse i whatever to it and it usually turns out lol. im so wierd. i want to bake really badly now. Like i need to its a craving haha. i need to do somthing to take my mind of swimming. and i dont feel like studying now even though i have a test tomorrow. JOY.
ttyl???Luv ForeverAND ALWAYS

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18th October, 2004. 7:24 am. get tangled up in me

so yeah i get my test back today....*sigh* my firends say im gunna have a heart attack one of these days lol...they tell me i need to calm down.i feel like im gunna pass out everytime he hands out our marks. But seriously the past week i was SO stressed out ....and when i get stressed i get REALLY stressed out about it. apparantly its not healthy. But i need to do good at school, to swim because if i couldnt swim i dont know what id do! honestly i dont know what id do. But lately.....swimming isnt appealing...maybe because its no longer becoming fun. which is sad. because everybody needs some fun in there life.

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13th October, 2004. 6:00 pm.

omg im so stressed ah once again!
i have a math test tomorrow and i half to get at LEAST a B!!!! i have to go study...

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8th October, 2004. 12:47 pm. at school...

in busied now...its a free day
not goin swimming tonite
straight after school im going to vancouver ;)

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4th October, 2004. 6:57 pm.

yes i got a nexopia account its karXx i just joined cause im super bored! lol this is the first time all yr ive missed swimming lol and im so bored!!!!! haha
but im not stopping writing here. ;)

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2nd October, 2004. 9:33 am.

Oh yes, Leah is the best makeup putter oner ever.

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2nd October, 2004. 9:28 am. MY GREATEST WISH "you heart i"

So yes i did good on my math test so i am to happy to handle. I just got to keep the mark up which means i should at least spend some time today going over my math....oh wow had a blast fri. 4 hours sleep. haah to fun. am so tired today though. next weekend im going to vancouver. AHH next week i have to miss 3 days of swimming, doug is gunna be angry with me. Oh well. Victoria should be exciting. ;) cannnnot wait.


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29th September, 2004. 7:27 am. broken stilettos

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25th September, 2004. 7:39 pm.

i dont like it when it looks like summer but feels like winter.
it reminds me of happier summer days of gr.5&6 when i had no worries. My only worry in the world was going to the dentist. I miss it. I miss being carefree and happy. It went by so fast and i cant go back.
I remember jumping in a big pile of leaves for the first time in gr6. Yes my first time....and seeing snow. Making Snow caves...My dog...Kea....Ohh dear. If i keep thinking like this im gunna get even sadder.

If i could id have a bunch of people over for a sleepover and we would have a blast.That would make me happy. But Honeestly i suck at sleepovers.

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25th September, 2004. 4:03 pm.

no honor role = no swimming.

im so stressed. i cryed forever this morning.

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