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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

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    rockin it midwest style...yeahhh...riiight.
    i have a certain person on my mind. i dont know if she knows who she is...but ive only known her for so long and there is something about her thats great. she's shine'n brightly in my eyes....even though i dont see her often. id like to see her more...and maybe see if there could be more one day. as of now we are only still friends and im fine with that...there isnt much there b'c we've only known eachother for a short time...but what is there is enough to keep me around. shes probly thinking that ive already forgotten about her...well i havent. everytime we talk my smile grows a little bit bigger than before...and im diggin that. its been a long long time since ive been able to say that i really enjoy speaking to someone like her. all i can do is be her friend for now and see where that may lead in the future. oh yeah...shes fresh.(=

    about PeopleoftheSun...i definitely feel that there is a lack of unity between ALL of the crew members. if possible we should all sit down and speak about it..or if those who can make it to talk about it should speak up now. the crew isnt "falling apart" but i feel we could be alot stronger than just a dope name. i love the name to could have alot more meaning to it than just "the name of our crew". maybe thats just my point of view..who knows? b'c i sure as hell dont...thats why im bringing this up. i mean HOW DOES EVERYONE ELSE FEEL??? i cant be the only one feeling this way. ive spoken to a few about this..but im not playing the name game like we all used to in if youre gonna speak up. do it now...we all dont have time to be worrying about some bullshit when we could be rockin it the right way. im just speaking my not pointing any fingers or blaming anyone for anything. i want to know how everyone feels also. hopefully we can talk about this soon. peace.


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