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    Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
    10:51 pm
    I'm tired. I've been going to bed a lot later than I usually do here. Too bad I don't room with 9:30-Bed-Time-Sydney.

    The Phi Retreat was kind of lame, gotta tell ya. First of all, we got there two hours late because we got repeatedly lost and had to wait a half hour for stupid Sydney's friend to pick her up. Then when we got there we had a 2 and a half hour "fireside chat" in which everyone spilled their guts. I felt bad because over half of the girls had horrible tragic stories and I really didn't...unless you count my arm...or my mom's thyroid...or the fact I might have cancer...whatev. After that ordeal we played Never Have I Ever and I realized how terribly virginal I am. We didn't get home until 2:00 the next day because we had to wait for Sydney for an hour and a half because her friend decided to take her to freakin Kansas City (MO, not Kansas.) Plus I spilled my freakin sundae.

    On Saturday I went out partaying with Al. Since the partay in question was off campus, it took us forever ot find a ride. Once we did, it was rather anti-climactic. After I consumed two Jello shots made with Everclear (without knowing that they were made with Everclear) and a beer, we proceeded back to the keg and I was interuppted from my beer-getting by a cop. Fortunately, all he said was "You have to leave." That was close. I still freaked out though and some hot hot hot hot hot guy offered to get rid of my cup for me because he was 23. His name was Sean. He was hot. We went back to his apartment and I told Sean's roomate, Mark, that I thought Sean was hot, so Mark took me to sit with Sean and listen to him play guitar. Hot guys with musical talent=irresistable for this girl. Alison wanted to go, but I stayed with smokin Sean because he was so hot and seemed extremely interested in me(which was rather shocking). Howev, some other chick eventually showed up and was like "Hey Sean" while shooting me an "Who the f are you?" look. So Sean and I were no more. How disappointing.

    Disappointing guy story number two: Ashley and I saw Michael at New Greek Ed. After we stared at him and I freaked out for a little while he walked up to us and pointed to Ashley and goes "I know you." After a quick interrogation, we discovered that he did not remember much about his journey to Mark Twain except for the fact he was in a dorm he'd never been to and that he got home at 3:00. All he remembered about me was that I was a journalism major. ::sigh:: I wish I was memorable. Well, in his words, he was "totally wasted".

    Speaking of totally wasted, I have a caution for all the college partiers out there: If someone tells you to call Emily because she loves getting drunken phone calls, don't forget that she doesn't have a cell phone. Put her dorm number in your phone, or you might accidentally call her house and make a big ass of yourself.

    Finally, here are two funny conversations. Guess which occurred whilst the speakers were drunk:

    Mark:Oh, I was just being facetious.
    Amanda: (laughs) Facetious?
    Mark: It means I was just joking.
    Amanda: I know what it means, I was the Valedictorian!
    Mark: I was smarter than our Valedictorian. Being Valedictorian doesn't mean your smart. Spell it.
    Amanda: What?
    Mark: Spell facetious.
    Amanda: Are you serious?
    Mark: Yes.
    Amanda: (sighs) Fine. F-A-C-E-T-I-O-U-S.
    Mark: (pause) Whoa.

    Manda4786 (10:43:49 PM): did you know U of I is the most violent campus in the nation?
    MirageSTM (10:44:11 PM): yeah probably
    MirageSTM (10:44:19 PM): most greek houses, lots of bear
    MirageSTM (10:44:22 PM): beer
    MirageSTM (10:44:26 PM): what do u expect
    Manda4786 (10:44:30 PM): omg, bears!
    Manda4786 (10:44:37 PM): that would be really violent
    MirageSTM (10:44:44 PM): haha bears with beer
    (The rest of this is recalled from memory because Blurty was down when it occurred.)
    MirageSTM: that would be the best thing ever, to watch two drunk bears go at it
    Manda4786: um, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't enjoy that
    MirageSTM: are u kidding? it would be so awesome
    Manda4786: do you have some sort of a bear fetish?
    MirageSTM: of course you'd have to cork their teeth and claws
    Manda4786: you've thought about this before haven't you?
    MirageSTM: no, I mean like go at it fight
    MirageSTM: you have a dirty dirty mind
    Friday, September 10th, 2004
    4:39 pm
    1.) I saw a guy with a WWJD For a Klondike Bar? shirt on in the elevator.

    2.) Sarah has a friend named Diego. I wonder if she found him on the stairs.
    Thursday, September 9th, 2004
    4:19 pm
    I had an excellent time seeing Jess and Jack on Monday. I don't think you realize how much you miss someone you see them again. Illinois Wesleyan is a very cute school-- small, but really cute. All of their friends are pretty cool-- a little weird, but hey, it's Illinois Wesleyan. Jess's roomate seems really sweet, and the girl who lives next door, Julie, knows Popo and Johnny Tsunami, which means that she must kick ass. John is really nice, Brandon is really crazy, Nathan (Jack's roomate) is really cute. My favorite is Andrew. He's really cute and nice and LIKE JOSH GROBAN. Plus we hung out with Aaron Karch, which was strange. We at dinner at Wendy's and I got a tour and it was just generally hanging out good times. I hope I didn't outstay my welcome since my ride didn't show up until 8:00. That was the only downside, aka I got to Mizzou at midnight. Oh well.

    I've felt very stressed this week. I'm not sure why. Maybe the fact that this is actually school is starting to sink in.

    I SAW MICHAEL. His small group was sitting right next to mine at New Greek Ed. I didn't approach him though, which of course I'm now regretting. I don't think he saw me. If he did he (A) didn't remember because he was drunk (B) didn't want to see me again. Oh Michael.

    Oh snap.

    I think someone else typed that last statement...

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    Sunday, September 5th, 2004
    8:03 pm
    At My Home
    It's really weird to be home. I kind of feel like I'm living in two separate worlds. Mizzou seems like it's miles away (well, it is, but you know what I mean). I miss everyone there already, even though I've only known them for like two weeks and I've only been gone for like two days. Like Alison said, I feel like Mizzou is my second home. I keep saying that I'll be "going home" tomorrow.

    Being in my real home has been nice though. It's nice to take a long shower and not worry about annoying your suitemates or study in a silent room or get in bed without climbing up the headboard. Although I do miss my comfy foam mattress cover and my imitation down pillow. The ride back on Friday was really long because we got stuck behind an accident and Lauren's air conditioning didn't extend into the backseat very well. The girls I rode with were really cool though. Rich asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him on Saturday, so we went to Front Street, and then my parents took me to Catch 35 for dinner. My mom took me to see Open Water at night. That was really good, but also really depressing and scary. Today my mom and went shopping and out to lunch at Emmet's, and my parents and I had dinner at Isabella's so I could have gnocchi. Unfortunately, I only got to see Allison for like an hour the whole weekend because she went to Michigan with her friend Jordyn. Stupid Jordyn.

    Tomorrow my dad's taking me up to Bloomington to visit Jess and Jack! Hooray! Lauren's going to pick me up there since she already has to stop there to pick up Rachel from Peoria. I can't wait to see them (and hopefully Brakke).

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    Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
    1:14 pm
    Why I'm Glad I Joined a Sorority
    So, in Stats on Tuesday, I off-handedly mentioned that I live in Chicago to a one of my sophomore Phi Mu sisters. Last night, this girl Lauren comes up to me at the Phi Meeting, and asked me if I was Amanda. I said yes, and she told me her roomate Carly, who is in my stats class, told her I was from Chicago. She then precedes to ask me if I want a ride home this weekend. I was completely shocked. At first I was a little freaked out because I don't like doing such big things in such a spontaneous manner, but then I realized how much I really wanted to go home, so I called Lauren and said yes. So I'm coming home this weekend! Hooray! If anyone else is coming home and wants to see me, let me know.

    PS I bought a ticket to see Dave Chapelle at Mizzou today. YEEEAH!

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    Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
    4:00 pm
    So, I was just watching TV to take a break from reading 40 pages of psych, and I happened to stumble across Spongebob Squarepants. I was all set to watch it, but then the episode title was procrastination so I turned it off in a guilty manner. Isn't that freaky?

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    Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
    10:53 pm
    ::LARGE SIGH:: It's starting to sink in now that college is not all fun and games. It also involves work. Especially if you're taking 16 hours. Oh well. I can take it, I'm a Benetian.

    My friends here are just as crazy and weird as my friends back home, I love it. We have weird nicknames for people, aka Crazy Boot Man, Syndney Smooth Ears, Lizzy Bong, Janice (that's an annoying boy), and Dave Coulier (who played Joey on Full House apparently.) We also have pictures of Bob Saget on our doors. And I think I'm going to have them saying Oh Snap before the year is up.

    Michael the Snuggly Frat Boy has been weighing heavily on my mind. I really want to see him again. Today at New Greek Education I was looking all around for him but I couldn't find him. I even almost asked a guy in his frat if he knew him. I should have gotten his number or something on Friday. Or maybe I just shouldn't have let myself get attatched to a random frat boy. I'm just lonely I guess. I have this really strong urge for someone to think I'm pretty and be nice to me and be affectionate with. That's probably bad when I'm drunk.

    So, Sarah, my roomate, is very sweet, although we are very different. She really quirky and into crazy music and just way cooler than me. I want to hook her up with Vinny. All the guys on the floor love her. It makes me so sad when they come and knock on the door and ask for Sarah, and if she's not there they just leave. Oh well, all the guys on my floor are ugly or just weird. But anyway, I do have one major problem with her. Since she is so well loved, big groups of people come to our room all the time and just hang out. This can be problematic when I'm (A) studying or (B) trying to sleep. Example: Last night I wanted to go to bed at 12:00 because I have early class, and people were in my room watching Sliders until 12:45. Plus one of them was laying my bed with shoes on before I got in it AND abusing my Duckie. Not cool. I want to say something, but at the same time I don't want to be a bitch. I think I'll talk to my PA.

    Goodnight Michael...wherever you are.

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    Sunday, August 29th, 2004
    10:24 pm
    Oh man, I am such a wild party animal that I can't even stand it. On Friday night, I went to Hoochfest. The Hooch itself was not too spectacular. It was good, but it didn't get me drunk at all. So instead I had beer and a jello shot and then we were in business. After they ran out of hooch, we headed over to Frank's. Who is Frank you ask? He is no one. Frank is not real. There is just a random house called Franks where people go to party a lot. It was fun. Emily met some guy named Michael from a fraternity (I forget which one). He came back to Mark Twain with us and I ended up falling asleep while snuggling with him. He was a good snuggler. However, he left at 3:00 AM and I'm pretty sure I'll never see him again. I'm so crazy.

    Saturday night we stayed in and watched The Wedding Singer (yeah, that's right, we're awesome). However, it stilled turned out to be an exciting night because Ashley's boyfriend called her and told her he's coming home from Iraq today after six months. She was so excited, it was adorable. We helped her pick out an outfit for the airport. She left to go see him this morning.

    I love my friends here. They're all hilarious and really sweet. They were all telling crazy sex stories last night, so I opened up and confessed about my cervical crisis. Ashley started looking stuff up on the internet, Sydney told me to call her mom, a nurse in family planning, and everyone in general was just so sweet and nice. I'm really glad I found them.

    Rene Descartes is not only a drunken fart, but also a stupid bastard.

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    Thursday, August 26th, 2004
    8:13 pm
    Well, I'm almost done with my very first week of college classes. It's been pretty nutty.

    Econ is wicked, wicked boring. Especially since it's at 8:00 AM in an auditorium with 500 people. Early Modern World is very cool, especially my discussion group. We talked about Man of La Mancha and I was like "Dude, Johnny Tsunami!" Mythology is so cool I can't even stand it. I read 30 pages of it in like 20 minutes. So inneresteen. And my professor is hilarious. Psychology...well, I was really looking forward to it because it's a small honors class with only 30 people, but the book is really confusing and my professor makes me sleepy. Plus I have to participate in at least 5 hours of experiments to get research credit and write a freakin 3000 word term paper. Stats is a lot cooler than I thought. My professor is great, and it doesn't even seem like a math. The Proseminar for my FIG seems a little annoying aka full of busywork. And those are my classes.

    I had my formal pledge at Phi Mu last night. It was really nice, except my candle had a broken wick. Oh well. I love Phi Mu. Ashley and Rosa both got invited to join through open bidding, and Ashley already said yes, so hooray for that.

    I've carved out a nice little group of friends here, which is nice, and 4 of them are are Phi Mus or potential Phi Mus. And as for the boy...he's very nice, but dating him very well may lead to a problematic situation like I had with a certain curly haired young man, so that's cooled down. I'll have to hook up with some Frat boys.

    My second ever Maneater Article is going to print after an hour and a half in the newsroom going through the editing process.

    Speaking of the Maneater, the Fontster and I are planning to go to Hooch Fest, a crazy Maneater party where they made their own liquor, tomorrow night. Oh man, I better watch my tipsy little ass.

    I called my doctor today but she never called back.

    I wish you guys could see the mullet. The party in the back is not a very big party, but this is a real-live mullet nonetheless.

    Finally: The Managing Editor of the Maneater was wearing a Gettin Lucky in Kentucky shirt! And so was a guy at the Phi Mu party. I told him I'd been to Kentucky once, and he slapped me on the back in a Johnny Tsunami-like fashion. (Whoa, he got in here twice!)

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    Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
    11:13 pm
    Thank you so much to everyone who responded, in a comment or otherwise, to my last entry. It really made me feel better to hear that you guys all cared about me. Update: my doctor says my sample has been in the lab for too long to run the HPV test. She says she's not really worried that it's anything serious, so I don't have to see anyone until November. This both reassures me and upsets me. On the one hand, it makes me feel better to know that she thinks I'm okay. On the other, it really sucks to hear that you might have cancer but you won't know for sure for two months. So...I don't know. Stuff sucks.

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    Monday, August 23rd, 2004
    10:15 pm
    So, I've decided that I need to follow a new rule in my life: never be really happy. Every time I feel really, truly happy, something shitty comes along and fucks up my life.

    I've been so happy in college, happier than I can remember. And then today I got a call from my gynocolegist. Apparently one of my tests showed precancerous cells in my cervix. That's right: I might have cancer. Cervical fucking cancer. And she's testing me for HPV, although the chances that I have that are really rare since I've never had sex. But with my fucking luck we'll never know will we? I have to get a biopsy at Thanksgiving break. Welcome home, now let's go to the gynocolegist to check if you have a terminal disease.

    I swear, if I have cancer now, I can't believe in God anymore. If anything, I can only believe that he hates me.

    Current Mood: scared
    1:31 pm
    Mullet Watch
    I saw the mullet again this morning. Oh man, it's so hardcore. I wish you guys could see it, but mullet man and I were the only people in the lobby, so I didn't want to him to see me take picture. But I'll get one someday...

    My first few classes were excellent. Econ appears to be geared towards the less able of the student body, which is not a problem for me at all. Early Modern World is almost as amazing as APE. My mythology prof. is absolutely hilarious, and his lecture was majorly interesting.

    So, even though I'm in school again, college still rules.
    Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
    10:54 am
    Whoo boy, college is fun. So I went to my first college/Phi Mu party last night. Emily and Julie, my Phi Mu sisters, and Ashley and Rosa, two of my friends who have now decided that they want to be Phi Mus too, came with me. We met at the house and a girl named Mary drove us over and dropped us off. And guess who we picked up on the way? Rob Edwards, my old tour guide and KOMU anchor who I have a mad crush on. Apparently he and Lacey, a Phi Mu who came with us, have a little thing going on. Lucky girl. Anyway, the party was at Julianna's house. Julianna is the girl who convinced me to pref Phi Mu. Crazy how those things work out. It was packed with people. When we got there, she told me to help myself to some lemonade and I was like "oh, that's nice." Then I tasted it and I was like "hmmm, vodka. oh well." So I had that and a beer and got pretty drunk. My friend Ashley kept laughing at me. But don't worry, I didn't throw up four times. Then the cops were called and the minors were taken back home. After stumbling upstairs, I watched Meaning of Life with some guys and went to bed. College rules.

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    Saturday, August 21st, 2004
    2:36 pm
    I'm a Phi Mu!!!!!! I'm so excited. All the girls in the house (which is freakin beautiful, by the way) are so nice and crazy. I feel so at home there. Last night we got our bids and it was so exciting. They gave us T-shirts (pink, their excellent color), flip flops, and bags that all say Phi Mu. AND they decorated my door, which was really cool. Two of my friends on my floor, Emily and Julie, are Phi Mus too, so I'm extra excited. I can't wait to pledge and be initiated and all that jazz. Oh, incidentally, if anyone has a white dress they could lend me, drop me a line.

    On an angry note, my books are so messed up I don't even know what to do with myself. AND I lost my receipt. I'm going to go shake my fist at the bookstore.

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: "I'm a Phi Mu, Stay a Phi Mu, Phi Mu till I die!"
    Friday, August 20th, 2004
    3:07 pm
    Someone who lives in Mark Twain has a mullet. OH MOTHER F'ING SNAP!

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    Current Music: Rock N Roll McDonalds
    Thursday, August 19th, 2004
    11:05 pm
    So I'm really a big fan of this place. But still, it's kind of surreal. I feel like I'm going to be going home next week, like I'm at camp (not CAMP) or something. But it's been great so far. I've met some amazing people, and I'm majorly excited/nervous about Bid Day tomorrow. I preferenced my last two sororities today: Phi Mu and Alpha Phi, in that order. I feel really, really great about Phi Mu, but I don't want to get too excited in case they still reject me.

    I've met loads of amazing people here. There's one boy who I'm quite fond of, but I won't put his name here for his (and my) protection. Everyone, EVERYONE, is so sweet and friendly and welcoming and I love it here. But Monday I start class. So we'll see how that goes.

    OH SNAP (Soul Patch on the Quad)

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    Current Music: Your Eyes (we watched Say Anything tonight)
    Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
    12:44 am
    OH SNAP!
    I forgot to say I SAW A MULLET TODAY. was a wig, so I don't think I get points. Maybe I can have like three. One of the sorority skits was a beauty pageant, and Miss Testosterone had a mullet. They actually described it as being "business in the front, party in the back". I wanted to take a picture, but that would have been rude. Woot.
    12:29 am
    Hello Children
    Well, here I am. I'm very tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow, but I felt compelled to write SOMETHING in here. I'm having a great time with recruitment. I got invited to 5 houses today, and I really loved three of them and liked the other two just fine. I hope I don't get rejected. The process is so cool. Al wrote about yesterday, so I'll write about today. Today we got to dress up a little more (much to the delight of the frat boys on their front lawns in couches and, in one case, inflatable pools) and see skits in the houses that we were invited back to. Some gave tours, and others just talked to us like yesterday. I'm not going to say which are my favorites in case I don't get invited back tomorrow. I'll let you know which one I end up pledging...unless I get rejected.

    My roomate, Sarah from Houston, is so nice. Her dad installed some major carpet with padding, so our room is pimped out, I wish you guys could see it.

    I miss and love everyone!

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    Current Music: Piano Man (Sarah is listening to it...::tear::)
    Saturday, August 14th, 2004
    1:49 pm
    Goodbye Loves
    It's time. I'm leaving tomorrow. In 24 hours I will be in Missouri. I will be leaving my friends and my family and everything I know and love and starting a new life in a strange new place.
    I'm scared. I don't think I can do this.
    I'm sad. I couldn't believe that I wasn't crying when we all said goodbye outside of Jess's house, or when Jess said goodbye to me this morning. I don't think I really comprehend this yet. I've cried really hard twice. The first time I was driving home from Jess's and listening to You Raise Me Up. I had to pull over because I couldn't see the road. The second time was later that afternoon. I started fighting with my dad about packing because he had rearranged all my carefully packed crates. I literally collapsed on the floor sobbing.
    As tough as this is, I know that I can get through it. I'll hang on to the people who really matter to me, and I hope they'll hang on to me too. And I'll meet new people and have new experiences and move on to the next chapter of my life. Wish me luck, as I wish luck to all of you who are going on.

    This is the song I wanted to sing at our last party but never did. I was going to bold the best lyrics like Alison did, but then the song looked like my highlighted history books, so I'm just leaving it.

    I close my eyes and there in the shadows
    I see your light
    You come to me out of my dreams
    Across the night

    You take my hand though you may be so many stars away
    I know that our spirits and souls are one
    We've circled the moon and we've touched the sun
    So here we'll stay

    For always, forever
    Beyond here and on to eternity
    For always, forever
    For us there's no time and no space
    No barrier love won't erase
    Wherever you go
    I still know
    In my heart you will be
    With me

    From this day on I'm certain I'll never be alone
    I know what my heart must have always known
    That love has a power that's all its own

    And for always, forever
    Now we can fly
    And for always and always
    We will go on beyond goodbye

    For always, forever
    Beyond here and on to eternity
    For always, and ever
    You'll be a part of me

    And for always, forever
    A thousand tomorrows may cross the sky
    And for always and always
    We will go on beyond goodbye

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: For Always
    Thursday, August 12th, 2004
    11:26 am
    OH SNAP! (By the way, I saw a mullet on Seinfeld and a soul patch in a magazine= six points) Alison and Emily are the joint winners! Here are the answers:

    1.) Jay Kemper
    2.) Kevin Masterson
    3.) Kyle Bibby

    Everyone got Jay right, but no one got Kevin right. Inneresteen. The winners will each receive $5 (which is also the fee for surprising Scott with a kiss on the mouth. ::wink::) Congrats ladies.

    I love orcas.

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: Nancy Drew Sea Shanty
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