08:45pm 30/12/2003
mood: cold
music: stone temple pilots[dead and bloated]
Hey guys, I'm new. I've been cutting for about 3 years now, the stopped cutting, started again and am once again trying to stop. Check out my new SI community xnothingxsafex
10:49pm 15/03/2003
  Anyone who knows me knows I write in several journals on several sites.

Anyone who knows me also knows that i'm an abuse survivor. Like a lot
of people out in the big ol' evilness world, I survived, but it still
haunts and hurts me to this day.

Sometimes the darkness seems endless. And sometimes when I stretch
out my hand to grasp for something to hold on to, I feel like there's
nothing there to catch me, and that i'm going to fall forever.

That's hopefully going to be the purpose of this thing. Some sort of
proverbial hand. Some sort of support.

Something to make the darkness a lil' less empty.

We're all hungry ghosts. We all search for acceptance. Guess the
first step is accepting ourselves. And sometimes, with a lil' help,
that's possible.

10:47pm 15/03/2003
  This is a forum for releasing the demons, the pain inside. For survivors of abuses of all sorts. For those suffering from depression and loneliness. This is a place for the lil' ghosts who are lost to come together and make the darkness a lil' less empty.

Warning: Some of the posts in this group may contain sexual content and/or descriptions of abuse, and may cause trigger effects. If you feel your post may be sensitive to others, please add -Trigger- to the subject line