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    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    3:31 pm
    Hey Yall S'up? Nuthin Much here..Well heres my Journal Its 3:24 right now and im really bored...its raing outside and its really cold so i wont be hanging with friends...Yeah me and my bro just got this Kick ass game called Socom 2 it fuckin ownz! I just started 2 days ago im gettin decent! So yeah thats what l be updating yall on and just writing all kinds of uninteresting things in here...i was bored so i made this oh well....Im gona go, watch my bro play socom, play socom in a lil while when my bro goes to his hockey practice, oh and listen to him curse cuz he takes this game seriously...but me nah if i die im like damn but my bro hes scray he goes in a scray deep voice "OH MY GOD!" so yeah its scary! Eh oh well Bye yall!

    P.S. Brian My First Entry Was Better than yours!
    ( if u wanna see his journal its Trickeh)