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I stole this from bobby :) [07 Apr 2004|06:29pm]
001.What is your name: Ariane Elizabeth Scholl, but call me annie or die.

002. Spell your name backwards: llohcs htebazile enaira, einna.

003. Date of birth: 9.29.88

004. Male or female: female

005. Astrological sign: libra.

006. Nicknames: oh god, the ones im usually called are annie banannie, annerz, lovie, then all of those sweetheart, baby things from wrylie haha and um scholl...stupid brad.

007. Occupation: Going to school, even though I usually dont want to because I want to sleep. Yeah, Im lazy.

008. Height: 5'6". You know growing up my goal was to be six foot tall, I dont really know how I expected to control my height haha

009. Ethnicity: I is black yo holla, haha oh man no Im white or caucasian

010. Hair color: A darker brown with lighter brown streaks. Think reeses.

011. Eye color: Its blue on the outside and then towards the middle green. ooo I have cool eyes and you dont. :)

012. Where were you born: In a hospital. haha St. Charles, Il.

013. Where do you reside now: haha reside is a funny word, reminds me of a whale or something. Uh Batavia, gonna come stalk me now?

014. Age: blah blah blah, if you dont know it already then you really dont know me honestly.

015. Screen names: I have a million. Beautyxfailed, DestroyedIart, Bballann23, Beallyoucanbeaver, hateme2luveme, thelovie23,sucidalbeautyx, selfxxinflicted, xxslnttearsxx. Okay the only one I go on basically is destroyedIart.

016. E-mail addy:,,

017. What does your screen name stand for: Destroyed art is because my friend told me I was a beautiful piece of art when I showed her my picture one time and I thought I was more of destroyed art. But hey Im slowly being pieced back together, remain optimistic. :)

018. What is your Xanga name: OO I actually have one of these. Hmm let me see.. Cyanide_Tears

019. What does your LJ name stand for: Oh I have one of these too haha uh numb_princess. Because I was numb at the time and sprucing it up sounded nice oh and its from my poem.

020. Pets: Toast: Collie Nikki: Annoying bird that will never die.

021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake: I didnt have a birthday cake, I think it was a muffin. Oh wait shelley made me muffins, I dont know haha.

022. Piercings: My ears were, but they closed. But I can shove an earring through them if I need to.

023. Tattoos: None, and I dont really plan on any because I dont think they are very appealing.

024. Shoe size: 8 1/2 - 10

025. Righty or lefty: Righty

026. Wearing: Blue jeans and my black belt with cymbil looking things on it. My orange tank top that has a white tank top under it, oh and one of the black spaghetti straps I always wear haha. And my blue zip up hoodie, cause its cold in my house.

027. Hearing: My mom clanking the dishes and Alkaline trio :)

028. Feeling: Wow your actually going to make me think, uh Im feeling pretty good. Kind of tired and weak because Ive been depriving myself of sleep and food. heh you know.

029. Eating/drinking: I had chocolate milk like twenty minutes ago.

~Gals/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff~

061. Have you ever been in love: Yeah, Im in love with wrylie. I think we all knew this.

062. How many people have you said "I love you" to: Other than people who are related to me, just wrylie. Or ill be kidding around with my friends and be like oh I love you but its not like that obviously.

063. How many people have you been in love with: Just one.

064. How many people have you kissed: No one important.

065. Have you ever kissed 2 people in the same day: No that would entitle me having to cheat on someone, and annie does not cheat.

067. What do you look for in a guy/girl: Someone whos always there for you when you need them, has a sense of humor because I hate being serious all the time, someone who will take me serious even though Im not serious all that often, someone who you can lay in a bed with and know they arent going to try and have sex with you, someone who will cuddle with you, someone who will make you feel beautiful even though you know you arent, okay just if your not wrylie than you arent worth anything. haha god that was mean.

068. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: Their eyes or smile.

069. What type of guy/girl do you usually go for: Ones who are laughing a whole lot.

073. Do you have a crush right now: Its not really a crush considering I love them haha

074. If so who is it: wrylie.

075. Do you believe in love at first sight: No not really, you have to know someone to love them.

076. Do you remember your first love: Im still living it, lets hope it never ends and is my only love.

077. Who is the first person you kissed: You cant really consider it a kiss.

78. Do you believe in fate: Kind of, except for the fact that if you just sit there things arent just going to happen for you.

079. Do you believe in soul mates: I think you chose who you want to spend the rest of your life with. So I dont really know.

080. If so do you believe you'll ever find yours: I already have.

~Family Stuff~

104. How many siblings do you have: Five brothers and a sister.

105. What are your parents names: Diane and Lawrence or Larry.

106. What are your siblings names: Jeff, Amber, Justin, Aaron, Colin and Sean.

107. How many siblings does your mother have: I think like three.

108. How many siblings does your father have: Two.

109. Where are your parents from: My mom and dad both grew up together in chicago.

110. Is your family close: Not really, we all know when somethings wrong with someone and let them vent but we just stare into space and pretend we dont care even if we do. Or at least thats what I do. Me and my sister are close though.

111. Does your family get together for holidays: Just for christmas and thanksgiving, sometimes on easter. But its usually just my moms side on thanksgiving and my grandparents come for easter.

112. Do you have a drunk uncle: No, I dont think so.

113. Any medical problems run through your family: yeah, manic depression. Skin cancer, heart disease. You name it, we probably got it.

114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee: haha I dont know.

116. Are your parents divorced: No, even though sometimes I think they should be. They came pretty close once. Heh, maybe their better at handling things than I am and dont just ruin everything. Double heh.

117. Do you have step parents: No, my dad is my sisters step dad though. Same for justin and jeff.

118. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family: Well... haha I think they will probably end up disowning me soon.

120. Did some of your family come to America from another country: Way back when, from Ireland and Germany and Sweden I think.

~Music Stuff~

121. What song(s) do you swear was written about you or your life: In quite a few years Just another day in paradise haha uhm.. It depends whats going on. Maybe here without you but I dont really focus on that much.

122. What's your favorite cd? Right now its dashboard. But I am in love with all my alkaline trio and beatles cds. :)

123. What'se most embarrasing cd you own: Well its not really mine but its like josie and the pussycats or something and my cousin left it here and ive had it ever since.

124. What song do you absolutely hate: Oh god dont get me started on cheryl crows, the first cut is the deepest. Please put nails in my ears.

125. Do you sing in the shower: Yeah, well I talk to myself in the shower more than I sing. Yeah yeah yeah I know Im a freak. At least it doesnt try to rape or eat me, right wrylie? haha

126. What song reminds you of that special someone: Just another day in paradise. ooo wrylie your special.


152. Color: Yellow, hot pink and black.

153. Food: oreos and fruit snacks.

154. Song: Well just another day in paradise will probably be my favorite for obvious reasons but uhmm I really like maxwells silver hammer by the beatles cause he kills everyone. haha slightly morbid I know. Or excitable boy but I cant remember the guys name. he died though, oh and in that song the guy kills everyone too. Okay, I need help.

155. Show: Everwood and One Tree Hill. Oh and the simpsons and old saturday night lives, cant forget them.

156. School subject: Spanish, whats neater than being able to speak to mexican people? haha

157. Band/singer/artist: Alkaline Trio

158. Animal: Horses and Monkeys.

159. Outfit: I like my hot topic skirt and benji pants. :) But Ive grown attached to my black spaghetti strap that has the lace on the trim and my blue jeans with black belt and my black flip flops. ooo sexy I know. haha god Im such a loser.

160. Radio station: 101.9 The Mix. It has older music on it, so I dont expect any of you to know it haha oh and 99.5 Americas Country Station haha

161. Movie: The Dead Poets Society, Requiem for a Dream, Legends of the Fall, The shining, Brokedown Palace, I dont know I know theres more.

163. Cartoon: The simpsons? haha.

164. Actor: Jared Letto. :) haha

165. Best Female singer: hmm oo Amy Lee.

166. Potato chip: Dill Pickle wooo << bobby your icky haha uh Jays or Vitners BBQ

167. Drink: Milk :)

168: Soda: Barqs rootbeer and Sprite right now, god Im hooked on sprite.

169. Holiday: Christmas, well it was Im not so sure how I feel about it right now.

170. Perfume/cologne: Fresh waterfall mist body spray. but they stopped carrying it :(

171. Pizza topping: Cheese

172. Jello flavor: OOO red. haha I dont know just I like red.

173. Lunch meat: turkey or ham but it has to be smoked ham, so ill go with turkey.

174. Card Game: Five card draw, also known as poker lol oo and indian war haha I loved that when I was little.

175. Video game: Crash Bandicot. Im obsessed, which makes me a loser.

176. Website: Well all the websites wrylie has made for me haha and oo Im a Senior Moderator at MME :) and, and

177. Book: Perks of being a wallflower, The luckiest girl in the world, You remind me of you, catcher in the rye, sang spell.

178. Computer game: Roller coaster tycoon. You can kill people haha oh and I like the sims but I havent played that in ages :(

179. Number: 23

180. Cereal: Cocoa Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, Raisin Bran Crunch. I dont know how to spell raisin, raisan.

181. Comedian: Adam sanders? or chris farley.

182. Dessert: I like old fashion chocolate sodas.

183. Disney character: Probably mickey mouse or I like the pirates on the pirates of the carribean ride. awh, I wanna go back :( wrylie you are going, and I will make you go on rides :) haha

184. Clothing store: Forever 21, Kohls, Old Navy [ sister haha ], Deb,

185. Past time: Spending time with my friends, all together in a huge loud stupid obnoxious awesome group! WOO!! Aww... ;_; I miss those dayz. << me too :( uhmm writing poetry, going for walks on the railroad tracks, reading, laying outside and looking at the clouds, thinking, laying on the floor and looking at the ceiling, listening to music in a dark room, going through a forest, walking in the creek barefoot.

186. Teacher: Mrs Kramer, first grade teacher haha

187. Childhood toy: It wasnt really mine but I liked my brothers toy soldiers and plane :) But I did have quintian my doll that was a boy and yeah, haha.

188. Carnival game/ride: Ferris wheel even though it scares the living shit out of me. haha

189. Candy bar: I dont really like that many candy bars. But ill go with a symphony bar.

190. Magazine: Seventeen?

191. Salad dressing: Vingerette. or however you spell that.

192. Thing to do on the weekend: Talk to wrylie, considering hes the only thing worth spending all my time on.

193. Hot drink: Hot chocolate is nummy.

194. Season: I love fall. I love being able to wear a hoodie and jeans and walk around feeling comfortable. Seeing the leaves change and its so nice and cool with a little windy breeze. Sigh, I want it back.

195. Sport to watch:Personally I find just about every sport boring to watch, its more fun to play them. But I like going to baseball games, and dance competitions on tv are kind of interesting.

196. Person to talk to online: Wrylie haha that was easy.
~Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits~

197. What color are your sheets: Black :)

198. What color are your bedroom walls: Red with a black strip at the top and a white ceiling. But one wall is all colorful because it has cd jackets on it and my bubble shower curtian over my closet door. :)

199. Do you have posters on your wall: yeah, haha benji is in front of my bed. And then I just have random pictures glued to one wall and then pictures I drew on another one, my cd jacket wall and pretty soon ill have pics of all my friends above my bed or something. Especially wrylie, yeah lots of him. haha

200. If so of what: Im not explaining it again you loser.

201. Do you have a tv in your bedroom: Yeah but its aarons and when he comes back im sure hes probably going to try and take it back even though he doesnt have a connection in his room. idiot.

202. How many pillows are on your bed: Three, one black one, one green and beige one and then your pillow. But the other two are just for holding my head up, no importance haha they suck. Rejects.

203. What do you normally sleep in: Pajama pants and a t shirt or spaghetti strap. And depending on my mood socks. haha

204. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: My silky pink princess ones :)

205. What size bed do you have: Twin I think haha why who needs to know?

206. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed: how about a regular bed?

207. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: No, even though my stupid father works for the phone company.

209. Describe the last nightmare you had: Wrylie was all sad and wanted to die and was pushing me away. But by the end of it his head was on my shoulder and he was crying so I guess it wasnt all that horrible. :)

210. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: Sometimes I have my giraffe leiwry haha or my mickey blankie. But mostly just your pillow.

211. How many people can comfortably sleep comfortably in your bed: Why did you say comfortably twice? Uh me and wrylie and thats all that is going to ever be in my bed. The end.

212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions: Its not unusual, but I sleep on my side with my arms wrapped around a pillow and the blankets between my legs. Wow, so weird.

214. Do you snore: No, I dont.

215. How about drool: Nah, sometimes I cry though.

216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room: Yeah, I only use it for the radio though because my mom wakes me up in the morning.

217. What color is the carpet in your room: Its blue right now and my yellow area carpet is over it but Im getting a black one soon, or so my mom says.

218. What's under your bed: My box with poems that no one will see and other notes. A box full of magazine clippings. This box with different rocks, shells, and other little collections. And a box with some of my schoolwork from when I was little. I cant let go :(

~This or that~

219. loser/wannabe: Loser haha its not like you cant tell, ive said it enough in this survye.

220. Doughnuts/bagels: Bagels, doughnuts kind of make me sick. But I like making my own.

221. Day/night: without a doubt, night. I love night time.

222. Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west: The nice one haha

223. Heaven/hell: Uh, heaven. god thats a stupid question, who wants to burn for an eternity?

224. Make love/have sex: I think making love sounds a little nicer and more respectful. But its not as if Ive experienced it haha.

225. Coffee/tea: Tea

226. Hamburgers/hotdogs: cheeseburgers and chicago style hotdogs. ooo whatcha gonna do now? I changed your question.

227. Rap/rock: rock, the only rap I like is like the bone thugs or whatever and thats just cause they can rap so fast. haha

228. Britney/Christina: neither, their both sluts who should be fully clothed.

229. Swiss cheese/american cheese: American, swiss is nasty. Plus I am american so this would make sense.

230. Real World/Road Rules: real world, I like knowing some people have more drama in their lives than me. haha

231. Backstreet Boys/*Nsync: Please, kill me now you teeny bopper.

232. Silver/gold: Silver, gold is so ugly. Unless its white gold, thats cool stuffs.

233. Nike/Adidas: Nike

234. McDonalds/Taco Bell: Mcdonalds new chicken nuggets...mmm...

235. Sweet/sour: a little bit of both.

236. Punk/emo: emo, cause im a depressed little bitch. haha

237. Hot/cold: depends on what your talking about.

238. Winter/summer: summer but I love snow and playing in it.

239. Spring/fall: Fall, :)

240. Operas/plays: plays, operas scare me.

241. Read/watch tv: read, watching tv isnt doing me any good.

242. Cd's/tapes: CDs but I like making mix tapes for the morning.

243. Dvd's/vhs: dvd, but I like vhs' cause I can play them in my room.

244. Old/new: once again, it depends on what it is.

245. Shorts/skirts: my hot topic skirt :) but im more a jean type of gal haha

246. Pink/red: Pink, but only hot pink. Regular pink doesnt even exist as far as im concerned.

247. Colored pictures/black and white photos: it depends what it is, but some black and white are superly pretty.

249. Mexican food/chinese food: mexican, since my favorite chinese resturaunt got a new owner its never been the same. :(

250. Commercials/infomercials: Commercials, those damn infomercials are annoying.

251. Scary movies/comedies: I like being scared but only if Im with someone and I love laughing. So I dont know haha Ill go with scary cause then I have an excuse to latch onto wrylie. ooo

252. Bikinis/one piece bathing suits: I dont like swimming haha but I guess a bikini but more like those tank top ones. yeah annie, no one cares.

253. Sandals/tennis shoes: flip flops.

254. Dogs/cats: dogs, some cats scare me. seriously.

255. Unicorns/fairies: Faeries, something just isnt right about a horse with a horn. haha

256. Water/land: I like water, its prettier. We just ruin the land anyways.

257. Sugar/spice: a little bit of both ;) ooo haha

258. Black/white: Black

259. ribbons/bows: awh, ribbons.

260. Chicken/beef: chicken, beef makes me sick sometimes.

261. Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: colored ones, the ones that are in the tubes haha I have white ones like that in my room.

262. Cars/trucks: cars, I aint country haha

263. Austin Powers/James Bond: I dont know, I dont care.

264. Popcorn/pretzels: mmm I like salt, so how about soft pretzels? but I like popcorn cause its more fun to play with.

265. Hip/hop: haha hip hop whoo um how do you hip?

266. Passionate kiss/peck: id rather not be pecked by a chicken thanks, haha. how about playful? I like that choice better.

267. WWE wrestling/ real wrestling: okay somethings wrong with two guys in spandax going at it. I dont care how much muscle you have, your still gay. pick a new sport. haha sorry

268. Back rub/foot massage: depends what hurts haha i dont really have a problem with feet so both.

269. Picture frames/photo albums: Photo albums, just cause my sister has gotten me into scrapbooking. haha she makes me feel like im eighty.

270. Pens/pencils: Pens, pencils are overrated.

~What Is Your Opinion Of The Following~

271. Eminem: is a jackass but hes still halirious no matter how much I try to hate him haha

272. Virgins: ooo Im one! haha I think at our age, if you arent a virgin you have serious issues to sort out.

273. God: Its not that I dont believe in him, I just have a lack of faith in everything right now.

274. The Osbournes: God, I feel so awful for that family they have so many issues in their lives. But it sure makes me feel better about my family. haha

275. Reality TV: depends what show it is, but its getting out of control. keep your lives to yourself, I dont give a fuck.

276. J.Lo: I really dont get how people say her butt is THAT big. I mean god Ive seen black girls in my school with a bigger ass than that. haha

278. Emo music: Is good when I feel like dwelling.

279. Valentine's Day: is overrated, show people you love them everyday not just the day wheny our suppose to.

280. Christina Aguilera's comeback: Did she really have a comeback? Im thinking she just turned into a whore, what was she off being a prostitute or something? haha

281. Homosexuals: I have no problem with them at all, I just dont want to be hit on my girls.

282. Abortion: I think in cases of rape or incest it is okay, but it shouldnt be used just cause teens are irresponsible and dim witted.

283. Inter-racial relationships: what difference does it make what color you are? If wrylie was blue I would still love him. haha oh my god then you really could be poppa smurf. k ill stop now.

284. Murder: Is horrible but it happens and we have to deal with it cause thats how evil some people are.

285. Death: Is hard to deal with.

286. Obesity: could be stopped if our country was based on what it is.

287. Pre-marital sex: If you love someone and have been with them for awhile, then be my guest. I just think its wrong for teens.

288. Terrorism: Is another uneeded problem that us wonderful humans make.

289. Pornography: I dont look at porn, but if people want to then whatever makes them happy. haha oh god wrong choice of words.

290. Fortune Tellers: I dont really believe in them, but its not like I have much fortune anyways.

291. Threesomes: who wants to be groped by two different people? and thats like cheating on someone when the other person is right there. lovely.

292. Prostitution: its kind of sad how some people think thats the only way they can provide for their lives.

293. Politics: Too young to understand, right?

294. Country music: Depends what it is, I dont like the country songs that are about honky tonk or whatever. but some have a nice story line to them and mean something.

295. George W. Bush: Not my president.

296. Cloning: Is entirely wrong and there should only be one of each thing on this earth. no duplicates. but go ahead and ruin the world more than you already have.

297. Britney Spears boobs?: Why do I care? Im not a man.

298. Gas prices in America: Wait till next year, Ill bitch then.

~Have You Ever....~

331. Mooned anyone: uh no, unless when I was like a baby or something haha

332. Been on a diet: not really a diet, I just starve myself sometimes. Dont lecture me, I already know its not healthy.

333. Been to a foreign country: canada? haha

334. Broken a bone: No, Ive never been seriously injured.

335. Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling: no cause ive never had one.

336. Swear at a teacher: nah, ive sworn in front of one. haha

337. Talked to a DJ member via e-mails or instant messages:? nope i dont believe I have.

338. Got in a fight: yeah, not like a physcial one though. well with my brother but that wasnt my choice.

339. Dated a teacher: no, I am not living a soap opera.

340. Laughed so hard you peed your pants: haha once. I was walking around with andria and I couldnt handle it anymore and I like collapsed on the grass and I was laughing hysterically and then before we could get to her house it just happend haha why do I tell you people these things?

341. Thought about killing your enemy:Ive thought about killing aaron before oh and that annoying girl who used to sit next to me in science. I wanted to pour acid in her eyes. Honestly, you should hear her chew gum.

342. Gone skinny dipping: Nah, im not all that skinny and I dont like dipping. haha

343. Met another xanga member in the flesh: nooo

344. Told a little white lie: yeah all the time when you ask me how I am and I say fine.

345. Told a secret you swore not to tell: no, Im good at keeping secrets. even if you piss me off, try to steal my friends and ruin my life. heh heh heh bitch.

346. Stolen anything: yeah, I was little though.

347. Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid: all the time, but im annie so its expected.

348. Been on TV: mm I think they showed the orchesis performace on batv so sure.

349. Been on the radio: nawh.

350. Been in a mosh pit: god, I wish.

351. Been to a concert: yeah, evanescence.

353. Loved someone so much it makes you cry: haha dont get me started. of course.

354. Deceived somebody close to you: I guess you could say I 'decieved' natalie but it wasnt my goal in life.

355. Broken the law: I dont know, I think I might have.

356. Been to a rodeo: yeah , I went with my sister and nephew and her cousin heidi.

357. Been on a talk show: no, I wish.

358. Been on a game show: I wanna be on the price is right haha

359. Been on an airplane: yeah, we went to disneyland. :)

360. Got to ride on a firetruck: :( who got to ride on a fire truck?

361. Came close to dying: yeah, my head almost hit the fence whent he lovely horse was dragging me.

362. Cheated on a bf/gf: no but you would have to define cheating. But no I havent.

363. Gave someone a piggy back ride: yeah, all the time.

364. Terrorized a babysitter: my sister and brothers were my babysitters and I was nice.

365. Made a mud pie: awh, I wanna be little again.

366. Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff: yeah, I think thats just something everyone does.

367. Snuck out of the house at night: no, almost.

368. Been so drunk you don't remember your name: I dont drink, I think its ridiculous.

369. Had an eating disorder: it was getting there.

370. Felt like you didn't belong: yeah, all the time.

371. Felt like the 3rd wheel: yeah, im always the third wheel. get a clue.

372. Smoked: when I was little I smoked my moms ciggerette but that was only once and I felt like I was going to die. I learned my lesson early.

373. Done drugs: no, ridiculous.

374. Been arrested: nah, I kind of want to be though.

375. Had your tonsils removed: nope.

376. Gone to camp: no, I wanted to really bad a couple years ago though.

377. Won a bet: yeah, cant tell you what it was but im sure I won one.

378. Written a love letter: awh, of course.

379. Gone out of your way to be with the one you love: yeah, anything.

380. Written a love poem: yeah, all the time.

381. Kissed in the rain: no, one day though. right wrylie?

382. Slow danced with someone you loved: didnt love them. :( once again, one day.

383. Participated in cyber sex: no

384. Faked an orgasm: haha uh no?

385. Stolen a kiss: from my nephew, but not the way your thinking haha

386. Asked a friend for relationship advice: years ago, I dont really ask that much anymore.

387. Had a friend steal your bf/gf: no, but sarah did a wonderful job of ruining one of my relationships. not that I care.

388. Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love: :( no. one day one day one daayyy

389. Gotten a speeding ticket: I cannot drive legally.

390. Done jail time: haha no.

391. Had to wear a uniform to work: nah, I dont have a job. well I babysit but that doesnt require a uniform.

392. Won a trophy: I didnt really win it but when I was in cheerleading we all got one haha

393. Thrown up in public: no, not in public.

394. Bowled a perfect game: haha I wish.

395. Failed/got held back: no, Im a good child and get good grades. blah

396. Got perfect attendance in grade school: nope.

397. Roasted pumpkin seeds: yeah those things are okay but if you eat too many you want to die.

398. Taken ballet lessons: yeah, awh when I was little.

399. Attempted suicide: kind of.

400. Cut yourself: eah..

~Childhood Stuff~

401. Did you play with Barbies: yeah, in the chirstmas tree.

402. Did you own Treasure Trolls: no, but shelley did.

403. Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210: nah, I was too young.

404. Did you play Simon Says: yeah.

405. Did you watch Fraggle Rock: OH MY FUCKING GOD I LOVED THAT SHOW.

406. Did you wet the bed: yeah, when I was little. I had those dreams where you think your going to the bathroom haha

407. Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed: no, but I thought rapists were hiding under my bed or id be abducted by aliens. needless to say, ive never been normal.

408. Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them: haha no, I could remember to change my underwear all by myself.

409. Were you shy: no, I was a brat.

410. Were you spoiled: nah not really. kind of every now and then.

411. Were you abused: not that was saved for later.

412. Did you go to the circus: yeah, and I got cotton candy.

413. Did you go to the zoo: yeah, I love zoos.

414. Were you in a car accident: nah.

415. Did you build snowmen: awh, I miss doing that.

416. Did you cry when you scraped your knee: not really, I was a pretty tough little kid.

417. Were your older cousins mean to you: no, they were pretty nice.

418. Did you think slinkies were cool: uh yeah, they could slink down stairs and they were all colorful.

419. Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer: no, but I loved that movie. but it always made me want pizza.

420. Were you afraid of the dark: yeah I always had my lava lamp on. I just got over that like a few years ago haha

421. Did you have slumber parties: yeah, I used to.

422. Did you have New Kids On The Block sheets, curtains, sleeping bags, dolls and pajamas?: uh no lol

423. Did you tease your hair out like Tiffany: no, but when I was at ashleys we teased my hair. haha

424. Did you believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/ and the Tooth Fairy: yeah, of course.


425. Do you believe in aliens: yeah, sometimes. I think the galaxy is too big for us to just be it.

426. Name three things that are next to your computer: note book, cowboys football card and nail clippers. [ my dad gave me them ooo i feel special haha ]

427. Do you have any hidden talents: nah nothings all that hidden. oo I can talk :)

428. Do you wish MTV would play music videos: yeah, but some of their shows are okay.

429. If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be: A love story ooo.

430. What would your movie star name be: Reina. :) haha

431. Do you play any sports: I dance and write poetry. I can play basketball but its not my forte haha

432. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen: requiem for a dream was kind of eerie.

433.What is the best movie you've seen in the theater recently:I thought 50 first dates was cute.

434. What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen: Emma jesus I could die.

435. Do you drive: I do, just not legally. haha

436. What is your dream car: a yellow convertible slug bug haha or I want an audi, I just want a little car.

437. Do you think you're good looking: hah no

438. Do others think you are good looking: yeah, people tell me im pretty and I think their full of shit.

439. Would you ever sky dive: yeah but after im 21, I just want to reach 21.

440. Do you believe in Bigfoot: Oh yeah. Tommy is bigfoot. Yes.<< haha ill go with that.

441. How many rooms do you have in your house: hmm ten I believe. plus the basement but its gross down there.

442. Are you afraid of roller coasters: nooo but wrylie is. :)

443. Do you believe in God: its not that I dont believe in him its just that I have a lack of faith in everything right now. just like the above.

444. Do you believe in Satan:I dont kow.

445. Do you believe there is a heaven: I believe there is a series of better worlds and you either stay where you are, move forward, or go back. and once everyone learns all the lessons they need to they can reach the final world, where everyone is nearly perfect.

446. Do you believe there is a hell: look above. and think.

447. Do you own a pooltable: no but my seeester does.

448. Do you have a pool: nah, my dad wanted to put one in but me no like swimming. no sir re bob.

449. Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen: haha no we live like pioneers, im telling you.

450. Do you like chocolate: yeah, but I cant eat too much.

451. Who/what is on your 2004 calendar:sad thing is we dont have one haha.

452. How many U.S. states have you been to: a lot, dont make me count.

453. Ever wished on a shooting star: yeah, I dont believe that it comes true though.

454. Best Halloween costume you ever wore: awhs I was a bunny.

455. Do you carry any weapons on you: haha no.

456. What is your weakness: if you call me a sweet name or make me laugh.

457. Name something you can't get enough of: wrylie.

458. Describe yourself in 3 adjectives: insane, unreasonable, haha I was gonna put rapid for some reason umm caring I guess.

459. How many kids do you want to have: like 3 or 4 or 2 I dont know. how ever many wrylie wants to have lol

460. Future daughters names: Ariane<< bobby you freak! Umm Reina, I had more but I forgot now.

461. Future sons names: Seth, Keagan. I dont know haha. oo astin and camdyn yeah, Im weird.

462. What is your ideal way to die: in wrylies arms in my sleep when im very old.

463. How do you release stress: hah

464. Do you consider yourself a trendy person: Sure.. OMG the trains... The bi train<< haha bobby omg. No not really.

465. Are you an artisitic person: yeah like in writing though haha

466. Are you a realistic person?: yes im not an optimist, or pesstimist im a realist.

467. Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off: no, I have more important things to do.

468. Are you a strong person: every now an dthen when I want to be.

469. Are you a strong willed person: isnt that the same thing? okay apparently you meant physical. read the above.

470. Who is the last person to e-mail you: ooo um some jenny perez person, i dont know.

471. Who is the last person to IM you: no one. haha

472. Do you hate chain e-mails: yeah

473. Are you a deep sleeper: yeah, but its like big things cant wake me up but little things can id ont know lol

474. Are you a good story teller: haha somemtimes.

475. What do you believe is your best quality: my eyes.

476. What is your greatest accomplishment: learning how to deal with myself, okay it hasnt happend yet but when it does that will be my greatest accomplishment.

477. Do you like to burn candles or incense: yeah, ooo pretty.

478. Do you do yoga: no, but me and ash did pillates or whatever. haha

479. Do you have your own credit card: right haha

480. If you were to win the lotto,What would you do with all that money?: buy a horse and give the rest to starving children.

481. Do you have a check book: nah

482. Do you like your drivers licence: oh yeah plastic. god for the last time I cant drive haha

483. Do you tan easily: I dont know, kind of. my nose burns :/ lol

484. What color is your hair naturally: brown

485. How many fillings do you have:none

486. How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit: none none none none! haha me have clean teeth.

487. Worst feeling in the world?: breaking up with wrylie and having to spend the night without him. :(

488. Best feeling in the world: being with wrylie

489. Is the glass half empty or half full: I would say theres an equal amount of liquid in the glass so it is both half full and half empty.

490. Last thing you downloaded: mm im downloaded the shrek trailer right now cause wrylie is going crazy over it haha

491. Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?: yeah sometimes ill say lol. scary, I know.

492. What do you think people think of you: I dont know, leave a comment and tell me.

493. Are you a likeable person: thats what people tell me.

494. Do you need therapy: yeah, but oh well.

495. Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance: no I hate meds.

496. What the best way to be proposed to: by someone you love.

497. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge would they call it FED UP: no it would be fed up with ex's. ooo

499. When are you moving: far far away from here. I know you said when bitch, but i dont care.

500. What's your favorite phrase:Your mom, please relinquish ___, please refrain from doing so. What a whore.

oooie im done.
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