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    Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
    3:10 pm
    Fda should cut the salt, public health group says - abc news

    One public health group wants government entities to skimp on the salt, in the name of helping Americans cut their probability of high blood pressure and coronary disease.

    Today, the American Public Health Association (APHA) urged the foodstuff and Drug Administration to start out money amount of salt that finally ends up in junk foods. The group also said the FDA should remove or change salt's status as a "Generally Acknowledged as Safe" ingredient, a designation that places few limits about the quantity of sodium that can be put into foods.

    "Reducing the quantity of sodium added in the manufacturing and commercial food preparation can be a prudent and safe public health intervention, as well as the single most reliable means of lowering the sodium intake of Americans," the APHA said in a very statement buy armour Thyroid online.

    According for the FDA, the major culprits in salty American diets are processed and restaurant-prepared foods, which are the cause of around 75 percent of Americans' total salt intake.

    Citing "strong, continuous, graded, consistent, independent" data linking high salt intake to increased blood pressure level and coronary disease, the APHA urged the FDA to lessen salt within the American diet by 75 percent in the next A decade.

    The APHA joins an increasing chorus of groups including the U. S. Institute of Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the American Heart Association that say Americans should eat much less salt than they do, and in many cases lower than the quantity currently recommended from the federal government.

    In 2010, the U. S. Dietary Guidelines set the recommended daily degree of sodium intake at 2,300 milligrams for the general population, and 1,500 milligrams for people much older than age 50, African Americans, and whoever has blood pressure, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease.

    Many medical groups, including the APHA, say all Americans should consume a maximum of 1,500 milligrams of sodium on a daily basis. order lipitor 20 mg That's concerning the amount present in 1 cup of canned refried beans along with a slice of white bread, or perhaps a quarter-pounder with cheese plus a medium fries at McDonald's.

    The Salt Institute, a niche group representing salt companies, declared a higher level salt is not enought and consuming this type of low-sodium diet would negatively customize the health of Americans.

    Mortin Satin, v . p . of science and research in the Salt Institute, said he disputes the data touted by medical groups that high salt intake has negative health consequences, noting that this human body actually depends on sodium to operate.

    "There are biological processes, physiological processes that respond when the body gets not enough salt," Satin said. "There's an entire series of roles that salt has got to play, it is vital within the food system. You can not just eliminate salt, you must change it. "

    Satin said he doesn't dispute the risks of high blood pressure, but noted that you have many different ways by which Americans can help to eliminate their blood pressure levels, for example receiving targeted exercise and eating more vegetables and fruit.

    In October, the Salt Institute accused the us government of bias and also breaking federal law by disregarding scientific literature in its recommendations that Americans consume less sodium.


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    2:50 pm
    Center for mental health program pairs peers to mentor each other

    As Susan Smith labored through an 80-hour course and test to become certified peer support specialist with the Center for Mental Health, she kept something at heart: helping others.

    "(The course) reduced the problem see myself better also it helped me want to help others," Smith said. "I was very motivated. "

    For five years, the Center for Mental Health continues to be the lead agency in Montana to defend myself against the Peer Support program, which pairs those who are recovering from a mental illness web-sites who are fighting mental illness to provide support and guidance toward recovery.

    On Monday, the middle for Mental Health celebrated the graduation of six new Peer Support specialists who completed the peer employment training.

    "It's so neat to find out you adopt this system, pass those tests and are avalable to graduation today," said Peer Support Program Director Rosalie Hollimon. "This is definitely more tools in your toolbox. "

    Peer Support specialists are people who have previously been diagnosed with some kind of mental illness and proceed through training being support specialists who help others that are connecting by way of a mental health crisis.

    Once students complete the course and successfully pass the exam, they are permitted be hired as specialists. The peer specialists are paid through Medicaid funding that this Center for Mental Health receives. They work on an on-call basis, as well as attending weekly meetings, according to Shirley Cayko, community support program director.

    Montana is one of 20 states across the country to possess adopted this kind of mental health service, based on Heidi Gibson with all the Center for Mental Health Foundation. Research on leads to other states proved the model effective.

    Cayko said a peer specialist could be someone that is diagnosed as bipolar who perform having a individual that has schizophrenia cost of lipitor.

    "Peers can share a typical a sense experience," Cayko said. "The players could possibly be different, but emotions are identical. Each time a peer specialist says 'I see you're suffering, I know it hurts,' for whatever reason which enables your lover have an overabundance trust in the peer. "

    James Gustafson, head in the peer employment training curriculum, reminded the six graduates on Monday that training have also been a part of their recovery, too.

    "We are the evidence that recovery is possible," he explained. "You is a living example of recovery. "

    Newly-graduated peer Scott Hunter compared his training to being a flame "turned right into a campfire," to be able to burn brighter.

    "I look ahead to helping others," he said.


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    2:26 pm
    Bath salt abuse brings horrible trip, md warns - health - cbc news

    "I couldn't inform you why I did it," Brown said, pointing to his scars at a prison in Fulton, Miss. "The psychological effects remain. "

    While Brown survived, sheriff's authorities in a Mississippi county say they think one woman overdosed for the powders there. In southern Louisiana, the household of an 21-year-old man says he cut his throat and ended his life using a gunshot. Authorities are investigating whether a guy faced with capital murder inside December death of a Tippah County, Miss. , sheriff's deputy was under the influence of the bath salts.

    The stimulants aren't regulated by the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, however are facing federal scrutiny. Law officers say a few of the substances are shipped from Europe, but origins continue to be unclear.

    Gary Boggs, an executive assistant in the DEA, said there is a lengthy process to restrict most of these designer chemicals, including reviewing the abuse data viagra reviews. Yet it's a process that can years.

    Dr. Mark Ryan, director of Louisiana's poison control center, said he thinks state bans for the chemicals could be effective. He stated calls concerning the chemicals have dropped sharply since Louisiana banned their sale in January.

    'Intense cravings' for stimulant

    Ryan said cathinone, the parent substance with the drugs, comes from a plant grown in Africa which is regulated. He stated MDPV and mephedrone come in a lab, plus they aren't regulated since they are not marketed for people to drink. The stimulants affect neurotransmitters in the brain, he explained. amaryl 2mg online

    "It causes intense cravings for this. They'll binge onto it 3 to 4 days before making up in the ER. Even though it's really a horrible trip, they would like to repeat the process and again," Ryan said.

    Ryan said a minimum of 25 states have obtained calls about exposure, including Nevada and California. He stated Louisiana leads using the greatest number of instances at 165, or 48 percent in the U. S. total, followed by Florida with no less than 38 calls to the poison center.

    Dr. Rick Gellar, medical director for that California Poison Control System, said the first call regarding the substances arrived Oct. 5, and a few calls have followed since. But he warned: "The sole method this won't turn into a overuse injury in California is if federal regulatory agencies prosper of the curve. This is a brand-new thing. "

    In the Midwest, the Missouri Poison Center at Cardinal Glennon Children's Clinic received at least 12 calls in the first 2 weeks of January about teenagers and the younger generation abusing such chemicals, said Julie Weber, the center's director. The very center received eight calls regarding the powders all a year ago.

    A small packet of the chemicals typically costs as low as $20 US.

    The Canadian Press, 2011

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    1:58 pm in fitness and in health (9780964206229): philip b. maffetone: books
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    we have known the author since 1993, and that he has changed my life because he is different countless other health enthusiasts. he's coached world champion athletes like triathletes mark allen and mike pigg, he has been called by velonews, "one of the extremely desired endurance coaches inside world," however, if there exists one book a player, or someone contemplating getting into shape, should read, this can be that book. nutrition, fitness, stress, training, it's all regulated in here; phil is usually many years in advance of the health industry pundits. we've with all this book to a large number of friends, so far no complaints. Help other clients discover the most helpful reviews
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    Essential for the "Human Race", March 11, 2003
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    This book sheds a bright light of truth on most of the myths and marketing ploys employed in the food industry today. Furthermore, Dr. Maffetone's way of writing is clear anf the husband provides ample supporting data and references for his assertions. I are already following a "Maffetone Method" of fitness and nutrition for 9-months. Close relatives and friends visit a measurable difference in me - weight-loss, more energy along with a youger complexion. can i buy antibiotics online Additionally, We have less discomfort, and possess greatly improved my aerobic endurance. Finally, this book is particularly important for parents who love their children's nutrition buy sildenafil online no prescriptions. You could be surprised to understand how the glass of juice and bowl of fortified cereal with low-fat milk you fed your youngster this morning is causing these to drift off in class. . . Help other clients discover the most helpful reviews
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    Changed the best way I viewed a healthy lifestyle! , August 28, 1999
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    I came across it impossible to shed pounds and gaze after a regular exercise routine. . . until Someone said this book! A lower life expectancy calorie "diet" wasn't likely to get it done, but diet and weight loss certainly does. When reading his book, Maffetone contradicted everything I believed you want to do to reduce weight -- in the forums , it is not about losing. . . it's about "getting" healthy. I am walking everyday, using a healthy meal program and couldn't feel good (or look better! ) We are now great advocates and still have been recommending this book to everyone: family, friends and work colleagues. Help some other clients get the most helpful reviews
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    1:22 pm
    Why h1n1 increased mortality in healthy kids - points during the india

    Almost all these co-infected children were rapidly given vancomycin, considered an apt treatment for MRSA. But they still died, that was especially alarming in view of the rising rates of MRSA among children, the journal Paediatrics reports.

    "There's more risk for MRSA to become invasive within the presence of flu or other viruses," says study leader Adrienne Randolph, Critical Care Medicine, Children's Hospital Boston. "These deaths in co-infected kids are an alert sign. "

    The researchers hope their findings will promote flu vaccination among all children aged six months and older -- no flu vaccine is currently readily available for children younger than 6 months, according to your firm stand out. order viagra

    "The 2009 H1N1 virus hasn't changed significantly currently," notes senior study investigator Tim Uyeki in the Influenza Division underneath the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    "Infections of kids in the usa with 2009 H1N1 virus are hoped for in 2010 and require being prevented and treated appropriately. Influenza vaccination protects against 2009 H1N1 illness," adds Uyeki.

    The median day of such critically ill children was six years. Most had respiratory failure, two-thirds required mechanical ventilation, and some required extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) for advanced cardiac and respiratory support.

    Their disease progressed rapidly, and 75 children (nine percent) died, two-thirds of which within a couple weeks of ICU admission.

    ECMO can be a technique of providing both cardiac and respiratory support oxygen to patients whose heart and lungs are extremely severely diseased or damaged that they may will no longer serve their function.

    "Some children were quickly overwhelmed, and lots of died despite centres doing everything in order to save them," says Randolph.


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