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Gomen nasai! [11 Aug 2003|12:04am]
*bows* I'm sorry to say this, but with school and all coming, I no longer have time to rp here. It was fun but it's difficult for me to always log onto blurty and etc. to post and I rarely get a chance to do anything but check email anymore. Gomen again and I hope all goes well for the rest of you! (waves)


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oi, oi... [05 Aug 2003|09:59pm]
Time: 11:30
Location: Akito's Compound
Weather: Fair Day
Situation: Picking up Akito

As he made his way onto the compound, Hatori braced himself. He was to spend another 'fun' filled day with the house head and already, the young doctor could feel his feet dragging. Knocking lightly when he reached the boy's room, Hatori let himself in after a moment and was soon sitting kneeled, beside Akito's futon and bowed his head respectfully. "Akito how have you been feeling? Forgive my absence as of late but I've been busy with patients. You know...Hiro's mother is almost expecting. There are many new additions to the Souma clan. To your clan." He added after a moments thought and coughed lightly into his fist.

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[27 Jul 2003|08:21pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Time: 11:09
Location: Office
Weather: Fair Day
Situation: Hanging up

"I see. Understood, I'll be there in about an hour." Hatori responded, hanging up the phone. Leaning back in his chair, a defeated expression on his face, Hatori frowned. Spending the day with Akito was NOT his ideal plan, especially when he had such a headache as he did. Rubbing his tired head in exasperation, he stood and made his way out of the office to tell the secretary he would be gone.

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[21 Jul 2003|09:37pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Time: 10:30 ~ 11:00
Location: In Office
Weather: Frosty, but sunny
Situation: Sitting and thinking.

Hatori sighed once more, his papers lying scattered on his desk. He wasn't sure why he felt so restless but that didn't change the fact that he did. So many things were happening without his knowledge that it was beginning to bug him, yet he had no one to complain to. 'Kana...' he thought wistfully, gazing at a small framed photo, taking it out of his desk. Touching the glass, gentle expression on his face, he internally mused about the fact that if she was around, she would've listened. But of course that was all in the past, and he quickly placed the frame away, resuming his attention to his work. But before he had the chance, the loud ringing of his phone interrupted him and picked it up saying, "Moshi-moshi?"

OOC: Waah, I thought this died for awhile o_O; And the other rpg I was in apparently changed owners without telling me. >_

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yahoo [13 Jul 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Eh, it seems a lot of people are gone. o_O;; Umm did anyone consider changing to yahoogroups? It's just that it is easier to keep up with and just keep track of things in general >< I check my email all the time and it's so easy to just read posts from there then coming here and having to log in and then see there are no new posts anyway =/

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[18 Jun 2003|04:53pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Time: 12:37?
Location: Honke
Weather: Cold and gloomy
Situation: Thinking

OOC: I need to stop missing days, I'm so confused @.@;;

IC: "Yes, just take this every other day and you should be fine," Hatori instructed the man in front of him, never taking his serious eyes, off the the chart he held. Nodding in front of the doctor, like an obedient puppy, the patient bowed several times before leaving and decided to make another appointment with one of the secretaries. Once alone, Hatori sighed loudly, bringing a loose hand to his head and muttered, "This day is so busy...yet I have so much I need to think about." Letting his hair slide over his bad eye, he sat in his chair, face devoid of any sign of life. Things were happening at a random pace nowadays and he was worried about what would come if it. How it would affect everyone. And if anyone would get hurt. "Too much to think about..." Hatori said once more, letting his lashes, fall over his tired eyes.


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wheee.... [15 Jun 2003|02:35pm]
[ mood | awake ]

OOC: I'm here! o_O; Gomen, I also had exams and a wedding to help out with. ><

IC: Time: 6:30
Location: In the living room
Weather: Stopped snowing
Situation: Contemplating

Sitting still, as Shigure left the room, the young doctor sighed, running his long fingers through his hair. He didn't expect much of an explanation for his cousin's actions but still, the outcome vexed him, though he tried not to show it. He new the dog had something planned under that smile, and also felt pretty sure it had to do with his childhood dream. The one that made Shigure so happy, yet scared Ayame and himself, to the point that they had stopped talking about it.

A shiver ran down the dragon's back, from the thought and he decided to take a smoke, pulling out his pack, while getting up. Striding towards the patio, he lit the long blunt and took a deep puff, letting the killer vapors into his lungs. Outside, he leaned against one of the house beams, waiting for his cousin and thought, 'So what if it doesn't turn out the way you want? What then Shigure?'


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secrets [07 Jun 2003|03:47pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Time: 6:22
Location: Outside and inside the house
Weather: Stopped snowing
Situation: Thinking

Hatori stood for a moment, as he could've sworn he had seen a whish of familiar black locks in the woods but kept his mouth shut. Looking at him you couldn't tell, besides the flicker of acknowledgement that flashed through his eyes but the doctor had a feeling that the sudden intrusion on his cousin's property would be troublesome. Especially with everyone in such a panicked state, dealing with Tohru's condition. But not the kind of man to voice his thoughts outloud, Hatori just followed shigure inside, his face blank as ever.

Once back in the warm climate of the dog's family room, Hatori shook his head in reply to Shigure's questions and replied with a "Un, I got one." Not about to elaborate, he just went back to check on Mit-chan, knowing fully that the dog was probably dying to know who he got. "I had nothing to tell you really, just ask. I want you to explain to me why we are having such a get together with Akito. I know, you understand what is likely to happen," he finished, voice getting darker.

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thump, thump goes her heart [03 Jun 2003|08:33pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Time: 6:20
Location: Inside Shigure's house
Weather: Stopped snowing
Situation: Still with Mit-chan...

Sighing, Hatori placed a wet cloth on the editor's head and hoped that she would stir soon. Nothing physically was wrong with the woman, she just seemed to have had a big shock or something else to that extent. He would have to get the story out of Shigure after this was all over, he thought and idly looked around the room, to see that the others had dispersed to do their own business. Getting up, he decided he would go check on Tohru while the other woman rested and slowly walked towards the stairs. On his way he noticed Shigure outside fiddling with something and called to him, "Why is it always that chaos is erupted at your house?"


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ahhh!! [30 May 2003|11:49pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Time: 6:10
Weather: Snowing/cold
Location: Outside Shigure's house
Situation: What the heck?

Staring at the mayhem in front of him, Hatori blinked as he saw cow Haru talking to Kyou and various family members running around. Shaking his head, he quickly calculated what was happening in the household and took charge, striding into the house and going straight toward the editor. Checking her vital signs and motioning for Shigure to get him some water, he gently laid the woman on the couch and covered her with a light blanket. He wanted to deal with her quickly so he could check on Tohru but as a doctor he couldn't play favorites and at the moment, this woman also needed his attention.

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[28 May 2003|07:34pm]
[ mood | confused ]

OOC: AHHH! Gomen! I was working on final projects for awhile, so I didn't have time to come online! I'm not sure what's going on, just that Ha-san is needed! ^^;;

IC: Time: 6:00
place: outside, shopping
weather: cold
situation: walking back to his car

"Hopefully this will be more suitable for Tohru-kun's gift," Hatori sighed, as he placed a nicely packaged gift into his car. Getting in, he sweatdropped as he looked at the time and wondered if Shigure had returned or not. Shaking his head, he decided to go back to the absent minded dog's house to check anyway and started up the car's engine. 'Meh...I hope he hasn't caused too much trouble at the main house, I don't think it would be wise...even he should know that right now.'

Driving slowly, he soon dove onto the road that led to his cousin's home and sped up, as soon as he reached the narrow path. Pulling up to the house moments later, he was greeted by a frenzy of shouting and racket coming from inside and hurried out of the car and up the steps, calling, "Tadaima! What if going on inside?"


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[08 May 2003|09:17pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Time: Morning?
Location: Shigure's
Weather: Cold, Windy
Situation: In the kitchen

Hatori looked at the new girl, without the slightest sign of emotional change. Nodding his head he greeted, "Konnichiwa" but that was all before he turned back to Tohru and asked, "I'm sorry to disturb you Honda-kun but could you please call me when Shigure comes back. I need to talk to him as soon as possible. But for now, I must head back out for a bit." With that he nodded once more and left, hoping to catch a few more stores before the dog showed up. He really needed to get something else, because on second thought, he decided that the gift he bought for Tohru before would simply not do. 'What was I thinking...green!?'

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shop, shop, shopping [04 May 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Time: Afternoon
Location: Shigure's House
Weather: Cold
Situation: Stopping by for a visit

Stepping out of the sleek black car, Hatori scanned the area, his other eye barely visible through his bangs. He had just come from shopping for Tohru's gift and was still wary of what he got. Almost completely ignoring most of the opposite sex all his life (besides Kana) he was unsure of what kind of things they would want and hoped that what he got wasn't too appalling.

Making his way to the door, he knocked twice and then waited for someone to answer...


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[01 May 2003|05:35pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

OOC: Hatori is here! W00t! ^_^v

IC: Time: Morning
Location: Main house>>>His office
Weather: Cold and Clear
Situation: Looking at a slip of paper.

Hatori sighed, in slight exasperation, as he held the small white slip of paper between his fingers. Pulling a loose hand, onto his head, he covered his face, wondering how he could be related to such people, as he peaked down at the name scibbled on the piece. Shigure had suggested a Christmas Party and though he wasn't against the idea, Hatori wasn't very good at parties. He never was sure what to do with himself and personally, didn't have much to say to everyone when he was around. Sitting down behind his desk, he contemplated silently to himself thinking, 'But maybe I should go...knowing Shigure he has a reason for wanting us all together...'

Idly sighing again, he shook his head in confirmation and made a mental note to visit his cousins' house, later in the day to question his motives. But for now, he read the name on the slip once more and wondered what on earth, he would buy them. "Tohru...but what do girls want?"

OOC: Whheeee, Tohru is open right? ^_^

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Now till the End [26 Apr 2003|02:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

From now on this blurty if going to be a Hatori perspective one ^_^v I'm no longer using this one for Hiro, it'll be for Ha-san in the FBrpg.


ps: So all posts from now on, will be in the eyes of the dragon ;p

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i'm lost in lonliness [27 Mar 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | ]

Gonna post my Into on AIM with Hatori first then, random thoughts from chat:

GracefulArcher: Walking onto the compund, Hiro looked around and the emptiness of it all with a grimace. "Pheh...it's always like this." Walking down a familiar lane, he soom came across Hatori's building and nimbly stepped up the steps into his office. "Hatori-san! It's me!"
QueenMebd3: *looks up from his paperwork* Hiro?
GracefulArcher: "Hai, I'm back," he said, plopping his butt ontop of the older man's desk and distrupting his work with a smirk. "Miss me? Anyway what's been going on around here? I've heard some rumors and things going about...not all of which are pleasent."
QueenMebd3: *looks down at his squished papers with exasperation, then looks back up at Hiro* Kii's home.
GracefulArcher: "Kii?" *raises an eyebrow* "Who's Kii?"
QueenMebd3: Kagami. My sister. She's back from the US.
GracefulArcher: And why is everyone making such a huge fuss? *scowls* I mean she's just another person here to screw things up for people. (clenches fist* And why haven't I seen Kisa anywhere?!
QueenMebd3: *sighs, pushes back from his desk and stands* I haven't seen her lately, either... She's around, Hiro. *looks at him out of the corners of his eyes* She's missed you.
GracefulArcher: *blushes but looks away* Pheh. Whatever, it doesn't matter she doesn't need me with everyone else around. (squishes paper in his fist) So why is Akito making such a fuss about everyone lately?
QueenMebd3: *shakes his head* It's Kii. He's hated her from the very beginning, and now he knows she's back.
GracefulArcher: Heh looks like someone is taking the spotlight from Tohru for the time being. Pheh, whatever the matters of adult's is fickle.
QueenMebd3: *clears his throat* Watch who you say that to, little one.
GracefulArcher: *smirks* I may be little but I know a hella lot more then some of you who call yourself adults. *jumps off table* But either way it seems Akito has chosen another person to bother. Aren't you worried for her safety? Since she *is* your sister afterall.
QueenMebd3: Of course I'm worried for her. It's just that I can't make decisions for her - she's her own person.
GracefulArcher: But sometimes as someone who cares you must interfere to protect the ones you care for. (wearing a solemn expression and looks down) It's not a matter of right or wrong, who said, who did. It's about the feelings you feel while all this happens around. To feel helpless and do nothing when you know certain things are happening...I can't imagine being able to do that. (Looks at Hatori in the eyes) So don't give me such a lame excuse old man. Even if you can't make her end decisions, you can do what you can to help her make the right ones, even if she cant see that right now. *brushes past him and out the door* Why don't we head over to where she is anyway. I want to meet this girl.
QueenMebd3: *stares after him for a second, then darts after him* Okay, okay, I'm coming!

'I often wondered what the difference was between the feelings of an adult and that of a child, like myself. I've come to realize, after this afternoon that there is no difference. The pain we feel is the same as an adults and the emotions we feel now will still be there when our bodies grow older.' Hiro looked over his writings solemnly and continued to type his memoirs, 'Kisa doesn't need me. She doesn't even seem to want me around and it has come to the fact that she is pushing me away now, instead of me walking away. Maybe...this is what I deserve. I came back because of a strong urge to see her and maybe something else. I don't know...but now I highly regret my return. I'm not needed. I'm not wanted. So what is keeping me here? All I know is I don't seem to have Kisa's love anymore. That damn cat does.' Hiro cursed silently to himself and clenched his fists in anger and hurt, before continuing to type. 'He's her prince now. So...so maybe it's time I stop trying to protect those who already have someone. Beause who is there to protect me? Growing up I've learned, is a painful process.'

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2 be back again [27 Mar 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | living life ]


'So I'm back now.' Getting off of the airport runway, Hiro took a deep breath of the cold Japanese air and mused to himself silently about how it tasted different. After being away for a year overseas in Europe, with his mother and new baby sister, Hiro was finally back in Japan because of recent happenings he learned of, that was ocurring between the Juunishi. Hatori's sister Kagami was back and though he never knew her personally himself, since he was too young to remember when she was around, he still wanted to meet her, and find out who had been making such a ruckus since he had left. Also the need to make sure Kisa was alright, nagged at the serious eleven year olds thoughts, though he roughly pushed them away when it became too depressing. Kisa too had been gone, because of her own reasons which brought a frown to the boy's face. Kisa *never* did something without him. Being away from her had taken his toll, as Hiro was irritable to find that she was well and see it for himself. "Damn emotions," he cursed silently to himself, as he followed his mother down the terminal to the limo that was waiting for them. Soon he would be back at the Sohma compound, back to where everyone was waiting, but not for him he thought, almost bitterly. "Hatori, you better be free because I have some things I want to ask you..."

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