Christmas Countdown-- 13   
05:33am 12/12/2002
mood: groggy
music: I Could Fall In Love- Selena
Whoa, only 13 days left until Christmas?!?! I'm glad, I want my presents. Mom's torturing David and me by putting the presents under the tree already. And she won't let me shake them!!!!!! lol She brought home a big bag of those lil candy bars... heh They'll be all gone in a few minutes. I'm going to write more later cause at 5:34 am, my brain ain't wanting to work.
03:45pm 10/12/2002
mood: sick
music: Lose Yourself- Eminem
Why is it that Philip and me are constantly fighting?! It's getting really old, really fast. I just want for us to be happy! Is that so much to ask?? I'm guessing it is, seeing as we're always fighting and hardly ever happy... Who knows, maybe we shouldn't be together... But if that's it, then why am I about to cry just thinking that???
I haven't heard from Courtney in a long time. I really miss talking to her. She's never online and when she is, either I'm doing something or she's away. I wrote her and sent it out on Friday, I think. So, she should be getting it here soon. I hope so, at least. I need her. She was the one person I could count on... Now I don't even have her...