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Sunday, September 28th, 2003

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    hey funnnn night! went to the mall with sam, great stuff haha. her tripping over my shoes...ahh and of course the new care bear shoelaces! we looked so hot lacing those in the middle of the mall hahaha, i got those a necklace and new cd's and then sam got cd's and a shirt and a belt and bracelet, it was fun just hanging out an what not. came home and ate something and then lauren called to do something. went there at like 8 i think or something and we just chilled and took a walk around the block with the field hockey stick lol...and then watched her bat mitzvah video. it was good! fun day back last year...alright, i'm out of the shower now and in my pj's yayyyy
    talk to you all tomorrooooo<3
    Lizzie McGuire

    Current Mood: energetic
    Current Music: mxpx - never learn
    eck this is so messed up
    one week...and i still don't know what i wanna do :-/
    ohh man i have some issues
    Liz [ <3 ]

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: brand new - last chance to lose your keys
    Sammie1288: lol fo sheezy my neezy
    ErHisPricEleSs: haha my neezy...that reminds me of knees...and your cuts on your knees!

    OH MAN GUYS! priceless times tonight! went to the church thing with my cousin allY, then kim and chrissy. it was actually not that bad really i kinda liked it. i felt so at HOME! and when we sang church songs i totally fit right in! nice nice, so we got home and i came online like the loser i am, talked to a bunch of people and stuff and talked to sam ^as you see^ and holly and allyson and people, and yeah...fun stuff//alright so going back to school tomorrow! ahh not cool. but then 2 mondays in a row we get off. FUCK YEAH alright. soo yeah i feel bad me and lauren ( p*dawg) never have things to talk about anymore. aww what the fuck? i miss lparks! lol well it's all good...well alright guys i'm gonna gooo now

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: mxpx *i know again, what can i say? they rock*
    ErHisPricEleSs: lol seriously tho, everyone makes fun of me when i get all hyper at least you don't get annoyed. i hate talking to people who always get annoyed with me and then they say shit and stuff so that's why i like talking to you
    ErHisPricEleSs: haha that sounds like im a homo
    ErHisPricEleSs: whatever tho i'm serious
    ErHisPricEleSs: oh man haha i think i scared you away...
    In the Ghetto11: oh no i was watching Joel Joel adn Benji
    In the Ghetto11: but yeah you don't annoy me
    In the Ghetto11: you make me laugh
    In the Ghetto11: you rule
    In the Ghetto11: i love you
    In the Ghetto11: yar
    ErHisPricEleSs: im the specialest sped in your heart!
    In the Ghetto11: hells yes you are!

    ^^aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww! haha that's the queen sped
    she rules, and i know it sounds all hallmark card-ish but what can i say?!

    that made my nighT! g'night all
    jamie = #1 ggggggunit bud
    <3 Liz

    Current Mood: grateful
    Current Music: 50 cent - many men

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