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Monday, June 9th, 2003

Subject:falling out of love at this volume
Time:06:16 pm.
Mood: amused.
tell me what you wanted to hear
let me do the right thing
let me do the wrong thing
and if it's ever this clear
i will only say it once
so turn the amps way up
so you can hear nothing
and if i die tonight then i guess i die tonight
let me go one
just say what you wanted to say
i cannot stand these talks dear
they only get us nowhere
it's never resolved
we only run around
you always say that anyone could be just like me
if it was a different time and a different place to be
you would go on
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Subject:kinda like a snow day
Time:03:50 pm.
Mood:gleaming :).
Music:hot hot heat- bandages.
man, today was like maybe the most funnest day i have had ever! first of all, it started off with me going to boring class (1st period-english) but the WHOLE school had no electricity. so school was fucking CANCELED!! woo hoo. how great was taht! then me and jackie were walking around the parking lot and im like LETS GO TO THE OTHERS SCHOOL! being spontaneous and all. so shes like yeah!! so we go get mandi. and then sammie came too! brooke didnt come cus she called her mom and had to go. so we go around to places like ov and got kicked off. then we drive on over Fountain Valley High School around 11ish. hang out there for a lil then guess who we bumped in to? kyle and andrew. kyle is really cool. we go back in to the days.then it was their lunch so we chilled wit them for a while. then we left and we didnt have a ride back so we had to buy a bus pass. and we missed the bus cus we were at FVhs so long so we decided to walk around. we were going over towards vista view so see some youngsters we knew but then mandi thought david would be at epic since he ditched and what do you know... HE WAS! so then we stayed there for like a half an hour. and his friend andy was there with him too. mandi's got the fattest crush on david. heh. its so cute. we didnt end up going to vista tho. oh well we wre too tired. so then we shimmed over to edinger and magnolia which took for ever and then ploped on our ass on a bench and waited for a bus. sammie was singing super mario raps and jackie was just lol jackie! so finally we get back at marina. my mom doesnt know i didnt have school. other wise she would make me go home. when i called her after school was cancelled i made a lie... i said "hey mom im in passing period. there is still schol... ummm i havecheer i will call you to pick me up" lol i only made it so obvious. lol oh well. yup so mandi is at my house right now. weve got to hit the books... finals are tomorrow.. haha yeah right...
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Sunday, June 8th, 2003

Subject:its a nice day to start again
Time:01:17 pm.
Mood: awake.
Music:billy idol.
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Thursday, June 5th, 2003

Subject:wrong is where your going
Time:06:22 pm.
Mood: bored.
i have failed my prefinal for geometry. for the high school thing you have to get 70 (49 to pass). i got 26. my teacher said "summer school is a MUST...your not ready for geometry yet" kkk im not going to summer school so from being in Algebra 1b i have moved down to basic algebra D. how sad. well on a brighter side, i scored 2 B's on both of my science test this week! which is rather good becaus i didnt study for either one!. woo hoo. oh yeah but then i dropped out of biology for next its all about phsycal science! ha. here are my grades until finals next week. ::dun dun dun::
Algebra- C-/D+
Spanish- A
Life Science A-/B+
Cheer- A
thats not too shabby. if i get like all A's then my parents will be happy and then i will finally get fucking freedom. then they will think im responisble again and im not as dumb as before when their little innocent daughter had a sexual experinece. oH pLeaSe. fuck that. now im thinking... i could really NOT care about grades, get involve with all the wrong people, do the wrong things but i dont know. i want to do stuff. but thereis something stopping me. okay this is a pointless and rather boring entry. i'll say something interesting maybe tonight
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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003

Subject:survey for you granson
Time:05:48 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:wham- last christmas.
1) color: red!!!!
2) food: mexican
3) movie: cruel intentions, virgin suicides
4) song: duran duran- come undone
5) cd: lush
6) singer/band: no doubt- gwen
7) actor and actress: kirsten dunst. ashton kutcher
8) place: anywhere with lots of people
9) sport to play: cheer... oh dont get me started about how people say its "not" a sport..psha
10) sport to watch: mmmmm baseball... mmm
10) book/author: go ask alice, hard love
11) school subject: english
12) magazine: cosmogirl
13) TV show: that 70s show
14) radio station: 95.5 klos
15) gameshow: tailer trash.
16) music video: a-ha~ take on me
17) blonde joke: mmkay.
18) MTV or Muchmusic (if u live up north) VJ: mtv
19) News anchor: barabra weatherbee?? i dunno
20) boy band: NSYNC !!!
21) bubblegum pop girl singer: hmm britney or christina
22) Latin singer: Shakira
23) Movie soundtrack: hmm dunno save the last danca
24) smiley :) : =O haha
25) movie quote: "you lose when you want to win"
26) slogan: dont talk shit unless you can back it up

the completely random and useless question section...

1) I think the smartest thing I've ever done was: to say no
2) If you could go back in time to meet 1 person, who would you meet and why? hmmm elvis bc he was the king!!!
3)name one thing you wish you could do: get you
4)describe your dream spouse: courageos, smart, nice, spontaneous, funny, and cute
5)If you could only have one sense, which would you chose? sight.
6)My most embarassing moment was: too many... mostly the ones where i get hurt
7)Why is your favorite color your favorite color? because its sexy
8)Your most recent accomplishment: getting soemthing to work
9)You are currently crushing on: no one
10)The way to a man/woman's heart is through: the penis
11)The most overrated celebrity is: hew heffner
12)What's the last CD you bought? chritinna
13)What's the last movie you saw in theater? *thinks really hard* ouch.
14)What's the last book you read in your own time? hard love
15)What's the last TV show you saw? the anna nicole show
16)What's the last webpage you've visited? blurty
17)Least favorite subject in school? mathh
18)How long are you in the shower? 20 min
19)What makeup items do you swear by? powder, gloss, mascara
20)What's your least favorite sport? golf... what is the point of that
21)Who do you hate? her.... him... and themm....
22)Who hates you? probably you
23)What makes you angry? people who are too into themselves, selfishness, ignorance, coceited, ruthless.. shit talkers
24)What kind of clothes do you wear? jeans and t shirts
25)What is your favorite outfit? my "been thro everything" jeans and my 80's black shoulder shirt
26)If you could change something about yourself, whatwould you change? umm i wish i wasnt that shy around guys, and pretty
27)Who was the last person to say I love you to you? ouch... that hurt ... *sigh*
28)Who is the nicest person you know? too many <3
29)Who is the meanest person you know? hes not mean, just an asshole
30)Who is the craziest person you know? maybe brooke and sammie
31)What are your best personality traits? i get along with a lot of people. and ima good listner
32)If you could change the world, what would you do? i cant though. so why bother asking?
33)what is the meaning of life? be happy. live your life...
34) would you ever drink snake blood if i gave you 200 bucks: ick
35) would you ever eat the pie in american pie if i gave you 200 bucks: ohhell yes i would do it for free...
36) whats the corniest pick up line: haha too many. the "did it hurt" thing + every other pick up line. ... so stupid
37) whats the capital of washington: seatlle?
38) do you like fried green tomatos: never had.
39) are you bitchy: sometimes. who isnt?
40) have you ever peed your pants: lol. yes when i laughed to hard
41) what do you have in your wallet right now: $6, recites, id card
42) what the best movie that has freddie prinze jr in it: tshes all that
43) whats the last word you spoke: "shower"
44) do you talk to the voices inside your head: oh yeah, all the time.
45) who can you trust all your secrets with: a lot of my friends. <3
46) if you could change your name what would it be: Natalie
47) do you walk around naked when nobodys home: yeah.
48) whats you true obsession: hmm dont get me started
49) how many times a week do you use the phone: at least once or twice a day
50) Have you ever got those teen beet magazines just for the pics or boybands and brittany spears: yeh back in the day
51) do you have a secret crush on someone famous but you wont admit it to anyone cuz its too dumb: ...nah.. i would tell the world the old actors are HOT... harrison ford mmm...
52) would you be a good hippy: oh hell yes
53) If you could insure part of your body, which part would it be: my middle fingers.
54) Where would you rather be now: with you
55) Do you like anyone right now (opposite sex-wise): i dont know... maybe its just lust
56) Favorite type of muffin: corn..raison
57) Which side of the family do you look most like: umm, i think its pretty much equal.
58) Which celeb dressed best at the most recent oscars? dunno
59) Dream Job: msuic manager, new anchor, celebrity
60) Biggest Regret: umm tomany
61) Do you have any body piercings: yeah.
62) Which celeb do you consider cute or hot: johny knoxvile
63) Favorite word or phrase to say: "its ha-ottt"
64) What was the last thing you ate: ssunflower seends
65) Is Elvis still alive: nah i never understood tht anyway.. hes dead why is there all that shit saying hes alive
66) Do you wanna wrestle: bring it on. biatch
67) Hypothetically, do you have enough money on you now to buy cream cheese if you wanted to: ya
68) How many crushes have you had in the last year: a few.
69) If you had a magic lamp and rubbed it and a genie popped out and granted you 3 wishes, what would they be? 1) to be rich all my life.. or like financially taken care off 2) the ability to fly 3) you
70) was the blair witch movie good: it was okay
71) doo spellling erors bawther yoo: if they are on purpose yea
72) name someone with an accent you hate: my MOM
73) on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), how big is your ego? 3
74) do you know you ICQ number off by heart? what no
75) do you actually believe that you will have bad luck if you don't send a chain letter? hahaha i used to .. but now m life has been pretty shityy makes you wonder

1)fruit? strawburys
2)board game? monoply
3)game show? street smarts. watching idiots is amusing.
4)meal? mexican
5)commercial? condom ones
6)slogan/ad? the freshmaker one
7)celebrity? hmmm pamela anderson
8)animal? ducks
9)magazine? seventeen
10)sesame street character? elmo
11) S Club 7 member? ohh man... lol i used to watch this show... ummm emily?? if that their name?
12) Spice Girl: GINGER!!! i wanted to be her!

The When's the last time you... section:

1)cried? ummm a few days ago ... lol man have i turned into a cry baby or what!
2)yelled at someone? today!!!
3)got a compliment? this morning
4)yawned? *yawn*
5)watched sesame street? dont remember, long time ago.
6)were bored? few days ago
7)got tickled? those were the days... ::gaze::
8)took a bath? hmm not a while but i just tooke a shower
9)went on vacation? a few weeks ago
10)aced a test? today.. oh wait that was a quiz... umm a few months then
11)failed a test? last week
12)swore at somebody? today
13)got a snail mail letter from a friend? huh...snail mail wtf
14) bumped into a friend? like, every time i go out..
15) did a good deed? yesterday, good karma.
16) bought something? today.. food yum

The Take your pick section

1)jeans or khakis? jeans
2)overstress or overboredom? overboredom
3)Leno or Letterman? leno
4)milk or no milk (in your cereal)? milk
5)pencil or pen? pen
6)Hershey's hugs or kisses? hugs
7)tv or radio? tv
8)fuzzy peaches or peach rings? peach rings
9)outlet store or fancy boutique? outlet
10)sunburn or frostbite? sunburn
11)teacher's pet or class clown? Class Clown, of course.
12)what kind of cheerios? honey NUTsss
13)tabloids or documentaries? doc
14)Oprah or Uma? oprah
15)peanut butter or jam? Peanut butter.
16)trigonometry or logarithms? trig
17)glasses or contacts? glasses
18)Dr. Seuss or poetry prose? idiot. prose? kayyyy....Dr.Seuss. one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
19)Stephen King or Jane Austen? king
20)Marilyn Manson or Dennis Rodman? manson
21) Salt or Pepper? PePPer
22) pool or hot tub? hot tub
23) paper or plastic? plastic
24) boy bands or real bands? Real bands
25) Lose all your teeth or Lose all your hair? haha, hair.
26) Sit on a wet toilet or realize there's no TP mid-dump? ewwww...hmm no tp
27) Slim Shady LP or Marshall Mathers LP? MMLP
28) older or younger sibling? older
29) finding a worm in your apple or finding 1/2 a worm in your apple? gross a worm

the what do you think of when I say ______________ section:

1)Love at first sight? marriage
2)Eating disorders? barfing
3)Boy bands? backstreet boys
4)Jerry Springer? whores and pimps
5)Suicide? a tower with a rope and dead guy
6)South Park? laughter
7)Aliens? green/grey funny lookin d00ds and crop circles
8)ICQ? computers
9)Ribbon Campaigns? Breast Cancer
10)Infomercials? lies.
11)Clowns? IT
12)Oscar? stachu
13)Miss America? pretty girls i wish i was
14)Judge Judy? old hag
15)Plastic surgery? boobs!
16)Boob implants? watermelons
17)Blackhead strips you put on your nose? bandaides
18)School uniforms? sex on a wall

the have you ever section... have you ever...

1)fallen asleep during a movie? Yep
2)fallen asleep during an exam? yeah
3)failed an exam? yes
4)pulled an all-nighter? many times
5)met a celebrity? yeah
6)Had an online relationship? noo
7)Been beat up? not really...ive been hit. my sister used to beat my ass up
8)Beaten someone up? lol i abuse mandi, biut its a tambien feeling
9)Skipped School? yeah
10)Pissed in your pants cuz you're scared? nooo
11)Turned someone from the opposite sex down? haha yeah many times
12)eaten sushi? yes'm
13)Shopped online? noo
14) been skydiving or bungee jumping? fuck no...
15) been skiing/snowboarding? snoowww yesss
16) swam in the ocean? yes all the time
17) lied just to get off the phone? yeah...plenty

what song:

1) makes you want to puke: nothing
2) makes you want to get up and dance (even if it's not your thing): haha rap i just wanna bust a freestyle or something
3) makes you wonder about the singer/group: some of those hardcore bands
4) brings back childhood memories: britney spears stuff
5) makes you all teary-eyed: the cardigans- "losing my favorite game"
6) makes you want to sleep: classical
7) is the best to slow dance to: i dunno
8) is the best to mosh to: heavy metal is fun.
9) has the worst music video: dunno
10) do you have no idea what the lyrics are: some hardcore and heavey rap
11) is overplayed: like, every fucking song on popular radio stations.
12) is overplayed but you still love it: dirrtyy
13) perfectly describes your life situation: cardigans- losing my favorite game
14) has the most inspiring lyrics: fiona apple
15) has the best instrumentals: pink floyd, led zepplin and tool..... i can go on...
16) do you hate to admit you like: country
17) do your parents hate you listeneing to: actually they dont really care. just not so much cussing i guess
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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003

Subject:put it in my mouth
Time:07:55 pm.
Mood: horny.
wow today i had a very... intersting sexual incounter. some penis. some romping on the grass. learned a lot. foudn out a lot. huged a lot. hmmm..... it was very rather intreeging. or whatever... i didn know i have that wild side. hehehe. jk. its all good. i didnt do anything bad. right? right!

went to mandis... walked our ass to ross. we filled up a cart of clothes and shit. i bought 2 bras (they wre like 5 bucks! for name brand! what a freaking bargain!) then liek 4 shirt things. wayy cool.
Comments: catch me as i faLL.

Monday, June 2nd, 2003

Subject:whatcha gonna do
Time:08:54 pm.
Mood: anxious.
i find it very ironic that im getting what i wish for... i mean its happening. or so far , bits of it. i'm happy but at the same time im so fucking scared of whats to come...
Comments: 1 wiLL catch me as i faLL.

Saturday, May 31st, 2003

Subject:you better run you better do what you can
Time:02:35 pm.
Mood: giggly.
Music:micheal jackson.
today i woke up around 12:30 in the afternoon and watched the movie "the mexican". i had a wierd dream last night that i was babysitting my cousin and i watched him drown and i couldnt save him. then i woke up. strange. im making an 80's pop cd... it has some micheal jackson, billy idol, george micheal, wham. and what not.. then i have to burn my hot hot heat cd. i was talkign to ryan sinclair the other night and shes way cool. she is most defenitly one my favorite juniors-to-be. when she gets her lisence we're gonna wreck some havok in hb and pick up some bitches. haha. also, last night.. this one girl said she was sorry to me about wishing i was dead and stuff...but i cant just forgive her for that. im good with out her as far as im concern. i was looking back and i remembered how this adorable 6th grader andy had the biggest crush on me last year. it was cute. he asked me out every single day even when i had a bf. lol. i was kinda flattered. man if i were to go out with him it would be like GOING OUT WITH MY LITTLE BROTHER. haha thats kinda pathetic on my behalf. but hes way cool still. margo said i can get a ride with her to the buzzcocks show. but now i dont really want to go anymore. i dunno yet. its just that certain people will be there and its not gonan be a very "friendly" envirerment. shit WILL go down as far as im concern. ha. i think i will stick to my cky show with mandi the week after at hob.
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Thursday, May 29th, 2003

Subject:no babies for a while.....
Time:05:16 pm.
Mood: bitchy.
Music:micheal jackson- beat it.
i punched the door really hard.. and now my knuckles are brusid...

there was part 2 of the every 15 minutes thing and we had an assembly. it was kinda sad. just makes you think... hmm... mandi didnt come to school til like 3rd. poo head! but stuff happened so i understand. emily said i had nice lips. lol i thught that was funny. then micheal and miles were liek ohhh you have nice ears they are so sexy i want to bone thm ohh loook at their hair. we were all liek cracking up. good times.on man in cheer today we had our "preformances" oh man. yeah our groupd didnt win. i dont even want to get started about it. we were laughing the WHOLE time and did it half assed. it was bad but we had fun. then mandi called me and she wanted to come over tonight but now shes grounded for a few weeks which sucks. so yeah i chill in front waiting for my mom cus shes always 1 hour late picking me up- hoe. so i talked to allison from cheer. shes cool. shes getting her lisence in august so she promised she would give me rides and we are gonna do scats and shit. it will be TiGhT SoNN ha. my dad made me REALLY mad. i started throwing a fit and i cried. and then i pounched the door.and thats how come my knuckles are bruised and im in pain... yeah.
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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

Subject:every 15 minutes... you die
Time:05:54 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Music:hot hot heat- touch you, touch you.
today at school we had that "every 15 minutes" thing. it was kinda realistic. its happening tomorrow too. itwas cool actually. i was almost late this morning. i woke up at 715 and cus a certain someone ::eh-hem:: mandi kept me on the phone til 130 am!!! yeah.. lol. ive lost intrest in some people. guys that is. i saw thro them and plus why start something i could never finish. I dont want a relationship when school is almost over anyways. i just want to fuck people. ha. i finished that book 'hard love' today in science. i let emily borrow it. actually, it was a good book. considering i actually read it. cus you know me, im too cool to read uh huh. nohing beats a book thats about a guy falling in love with a lesbian. hotttttt! haha. so yeah we had pratice today but our coach didnt show up so we just bailed. then i went over to krystals house and kelly was with us. we dropped off brooke and candice. i miss hanging with krystal and brooke. we had some good parties and good times together. those were the days...we plan to strt things back up this summer. "fo P.O.T"- pussy on toast! hahah mandis lil saying. mandi and margeaux have a preformance tonight. mandi and i are going to ronnie's show in june. that should be cool. we arealso going to a cky show at hob. that should be off the hook. yeh so lately ive been thinking that i was dying, but then today i realized im not dying and im going to bejust fine! i was so happy! i mean of course i dred it but im okay! lol. woo hoo! oh yea i cut my hair last night. hahaha. it doesnt look so bad. ive got to finish it up tonight. mm hmm.. ima take a shower so my hair is wet so its easier to cut. adios!
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