in ur world..i have no meanin   
08:51pm 01/07/2004
mood: grateful
music: brian mcknight
my "unofficial man" is at his mommas house for a week. so im extremely bored..therefore i will bored u with this 10-1 thing

10 songs you've been listening to recently:

1. crossfade -cold
2. jagged edge- promise
3. fighting in the club
4. blink 182 - i miss you
5. dip it low
6. john michael montgomery - i love the way u love me
7. dierks bentley - what was i thinkin
8. mudvayne - world so cold
9. happy thanx to
10. taking back sunday - #9

9 events you're looking forward to:

1. seein steve at the end of august
2. saturday with my wife
3. starting college
4. tuesday
5. 4th of July
6. colorado
7. joshs house next friday
8. getting a job i love
9. moving out so i can be as loud as i want ;)

8 people you miss at the moment:

1. steve
2. mimi
3. greg
4. corey
5. scott
6. joanne
7. frank

7 things you wear daily:

1. socks
2. shirt
3. pants
4. shoes
5. under
6. deodorant
7. lip gloss

6 stores you shop at frequently:
1. hot topic
2. walmart
3. k-mart
4. dots
5. spencers
6. bakers square..?

5 books you recommend:
1. black beauty
2. catcher in the rye
3. ??
4. ??
5. i no im pathetic

4 people you dislike:
1. rascists
2. frankie
3. dan
4. april

3 songs you dedicate to whom:
1. happy people - mi esposa
2. faithfully - steve
3. my heart will go on- lili (we were such dorks)

3 most memorable occasions:
1. high school
2. prom weekend
3. my 18th brithday weekend

1 person you can live the rest of your life with:
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03:02am 01/07/2004
mood: energetic
music: sarah maclachlan
Seven things you love:
2) my family
3) my frends
4) cheese
5) toothpaste
6) toothbrush
7) socks

Seven things you hate:
1) rascism
2) close minded-ness
3) grumpy ppl
4) prissy bitches
5) animal abusers
6) rapists/molesters
7) president bush

Seven things in your bedroom:
1) my bed
2) pictures
3) my dogs
4) ricky
5) stuffed animals
6) pillows
7) writing/spray paint all over the walls

Seven things to do before death:
1) graduate college
2) skydive
3) bunji jump
4) paraglide
5) learn how to fly a plane
6) travel the world
7) buy a huge ass house and rescue all the stray animals i find

Seven things you can do:
1) make people spit out their drinks
2) be a total retard
3) be overly forgiving
4) listen to peoples problems and offer my advice if they need it
5) be super casual about not so casual issues
6) touch my tung with my nose..lmao
7) roll my tongue

Seven things you can't do:
1) stay mad for longer then 5 mins
2) give the silent treatment
3) go a day w.o brushin my teeth ATLEAST twice
4) see a hurt animal and not cry
5) be serious
6) be pessimistic
7) wear flip flops outside..but i totally wear my green slippers everywhere

Top seven movies:
1) schindlers list
2) 13 going on 30
3) saving private ryan
4) miss congeniality
5) forrest gump
6) renassance man
7) (pick a random porn movie starring rocco)

Top seven things you say most:
2) dork
3) Weirdo
4) obviously
5) ness (i add it to words)
6) retard
7) lets go right now..


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i wish sum of these were   
10:23pm 30/06/2004
mood: curious
music: ashlee simpson (i no im lame)

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 49%
Kissing Skill Level - 24%
Cudding Skill Level - 52%
Sex Skill Level - 100%
Why They Love You You taste good.
Why They Hate You They can't bend the way you want them to.
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while im waitin for purdle to call.....   
01:56pm 29/06/2004
mood: shocked
music: mokenstef - hes mine
my mom, dad, and brother are retarded. especially my brother. my mom says she dont believe in double standards and yet everythin she does contradicts that belief. so ricky cant sleep in my room ne more. even tho the door is open and nothin happens wen hes in there. we sleep..thats it..seriously. but its ok to have my brothers girlfrend sleep over in my brothers bedroom wenever the hell she feels like it with the door closed. its ok for them to have sex in the house..its ok for him to do wutver the hell he wants wen he wants. its ok for him to not have a job, take there money and use there car illegally. he can get away with everything. but the minute they see im happy with one aspect of my life they all gotta make it miserable. i sleep better wen rickys in my room. as a matter of fact i sleep better wen ne ones in my room. im afraid of the dark and i beleive in ghosts and i have an overactive imagination. but they dont see it like that. they love ricky..they trust me. ud think theyd trust me enuff not to go do sumthin stupid in there house. im not stupid enuff to repeat the whole dave situation. wutver this really shouldnt bother me but it does. yesterday ricky talked to my brother bout wut went on with us and my bro was cool with it. then later he was all cranky and was like make ricky sleep on the floor and how he didnt bring his best frend here to get with his sister. theres no "gettin" goin on but wutver even if there was who is he to tell me wut i can or can not do. and plus this whole me and ricky thign is the same him and megan thing. he now nows how jim feels. then rocco kept tellin me to make ricky do this and sayin how he dont like wut rickys doin to me. FUNNY i didnt no he was doin ne thin to me i didnt no he was disrespecting me in any way. if ne thing he treats me with respect. im actually really comfortable around him. i can be myselkf around him. i can act stupid and he dont care cuz hes the same way. so if makin me happy and content with my life right now is sumthin my brother dont like well he can go suck very big male parts cuz i dont care. as for my parents..i love them to death but wen it comes to certain things they drive me absolutely crazy. but for now i will go. i gotta pick purdle up from the train station in an hour.
03:21am 28/06/2004
mood: geeky
music: j styles f. saloona
sometimes i wish
-i didnt second guess myself
-i wasnt such a procrastinator
-i could read minds
-i didnt worry too much
-i applied to more colleges

i get to take the moraine valley placement test today. math 90 here i come. ive been puttin this off for waayy to long. so i figured id take it..that and if i dont my yumma, my wife and ricky will beat the crap outta me and altho i enjoy bein beat up i dont think it would be fun from 3 diff ok now i will subject jump. ill do the i should really be sleepin cuz i gotta take the testbut im gonan call purdle at 5:30am. i might be drivin her to the train station. she has her orientation at loyola. altho even if i didnt have to call her id still be awake. yesterday me and ricky were up til 9am. after purdle left at 6a i went upstairs and ricky was sleepin and i was readin my magazines and ricky woke up so we laid down and spent 3 hours talking. he amazes me ok well now i will leave. i gotta do LAHNDRY!
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im a girl..YES   
10:46pm 25/06/2004


You Are Silvia Saint

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03:05pm 25/06/2004
mood: satisfied
music: dog barking
lili spent the nigt last night. me and her went with purdle sum place and then came back here and watched the secret window. the ended reminded me of fight club..well the parts of fight club i actually watched.u guys now wut im talkin aferwards we went to kmart. purdle fell we came back purdle left and then me lili and ricky went upstairs. ricky is officially living with us now..and has decided that he is goin to take over my bed therefor leavin me with a permanent bed buddy. hmm..i dont no whether to GRR or OH! now since were on the subject of ricky i dont no wuts goin on with "us"(us..a term i use loosely). we act like were goin out..and he says stuff like we are..but neither one of us has asked the other bout it. maybe its just implied or assumed. or maybe he dont like me ike that he just enoys my stupidity. oh
wow..i really needa life   
04:25am 21/06/2004
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
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Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs are...friendly
Your eyes...twinkle in the moonlight
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Your smile is...amazing
Your love is...everlasting
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i think its the weird part   
03:43am 21/06/2004
mood: jubilant
music: tyrese
CrAzInEsS - You are insane! Everyone thinks you are
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happy 21th birthday steve..i love u   
01:56am 21/06/2004
mood: awake
music: tv
friday shawn ims me and he wants me to go to the movies. i say sure so me him and dan go and see dodge ball. that movie was pretty funny. id see it agen. ben stiller annoys me tho..he plays the same character in every role..but its ok cuzx wut ben lacks vince made up. oh yess. so after wards we chilled in the crestwood parkin lot. yeah were lame..but it was nice to hand out wit them..i havent dun that in a while.

saturday i worked. it went by pretty slow..cuz there was like no one there. atleast i go to see travis. he has a broken nose. he went to a party and sum drunk guy hit him over the nose with a beer its weird cuz his nose dont look ne diff...hes gotta cute nose..and im bein freaky so ill stop. after the party i had to go to 6 graduation parties. that was interesting. at 5 i actually went to one i wanted to be at...BUBBAS. it was so nice cuz i got to see soo many ppl i havetn seen since graduation. i even seen sandy...our cute lil attendance ladies..she asked bout my parents cuz she thinks there the cutest i stood there for like an hour and a half then i left cuz i hadda drive all the way out to cedar lake. it was a nice drive..and i didnt even get lost. go me. i stood there for like a half hour and then came home. i called lauren and we drove out to hammond to see my aunt. before she went to my aunts tho we stopped at laurens cousins house. they were nice and that kyle kid was so we got to my aunts and laurens played with the dogs..we talked and ate sundaes and then my wife violated

sunday..i didnt do that much..i pretty much slept all day. i slept for like 15 hours which is werid cuz ive never gotten that much sleep. at 8 i went to shawns cuz he wanted me to see his pond. i got to see his turtles, hid god and his huge ass it was nice. then wen i came home purdle had called so i called her back and we went drivin around like the cracked ou white girls we are. then we drove all the way out to mokena/new lennox. its nice out there. then we came back to my house and watch sum weird as tv movie..and now im talkin to eric. hes a weird boy but i love him..hes an insomniac like me..weee..
words cant really express...   
05:54pm 18/06/2004
mood: giggly
music: michelle branch - all you wanted

-took a test and the results were good...
-talked to steve for 7 minutes and 48 seconds..
-he took my advice and met someone
-i met sumone
-were both happy and were both not together
-i still love him..he still loves me
-i will still make him the mother of my children one day
-we will have beautiful kids
-i will also make ricky the mother of my children
-we will have the deformed short bus ridin children
-now i must go..aunts here


Lili and Lauren..THANK YOU both for always caring enough to ask whats wrong. even if i dont always tell u whats wrong with me..its still nice to know that i have friends who are there when i need them. I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

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02:05am 18/06/2004
  i just updated but im

ricky was watchin tv and saw stuff on tv about dog clothes n he sent me the link. he is so my hero right now. its urban dog wear..if i had mroe money id totally pimp my dogs
01:55am 18/06/2004
mood: curious
music: new face
i dont see how i can be...

i think i might be...

i dont really wanna be...
11:41pm 17/06/2004
  this explains alot

Your Erogenous Zone Is Your Neck

You're particularly sensitive to kisses on your neck

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Ask your partner to kiss right behind your ear

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i really hope my "girlyness" arrives   
05:21pm 17/06/2004
mood: amused
music: lexus barkin at ruben
tony, brian, joe and lili came and pikced me up at midnight. oh how i love those boys..and of course i love my lili. so we got back bein lilis and we chilled in front of her house for a few then me and lili spent like 4 hours readin cosmo and sayin stupid crap to one another. wow wut a lovely frendship we so today we went shoppin with ym sexxy lil hilda. she looks like shes getitn ready to pop out that baby any minute now..and i got to feel the lil thing kick...awwww!. ok well now i will and lili are gonan go walk around with our lil emo

ok im doina mimi..lils comp is bein weird so im just editin this one to tell moe bout my

so we walked ran into mike and his cousin mike...confusin i know. then we ran into joe amendola. hes soo cute. then we dcontinued walkin and ran into jessie and amber. jessies, as well as the other, is then we left jessie and amber and we found nick. i miss that kid. he started walkin with us. then we walked sum more and ran into danny he got hot as well. last tim i saw him i was goin out with dave and danny got so drunk he was grindin all over this one girl while his gf was that was an interesting so we all started walkin and talkin bout leeees and meees drunkin weekend...which consisted of her drunk and me well not then we left danny to go to hildas. watched boat trip..and got to chill with chris. hes a then we left met up wit danny agen and then we all walked

the movie boat trip was hilarious. 2 stright guys aRE ON a gay cruise and there watchin a live dating game thing and the man.
man: whats the weirdest place uve had sex

gay contestant #1: ferris wheel
gay contestant #2: INSIDE A WOMAN.

i thought that was the funiest thing ever. ok well now i will go. n leave u witha lil recipe..

How to make a societysreject6

5 parts mercy

3 parts silliness

3 parts joy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of emotion
08:09pm 16/06/2004
mood: contemplative
music: crossfade
ever wish u could go back in time and do/say sumthin different?

thats how i feel right now. i did sumthin with sumone on tuesday. it was pretty unexpected. i told myself i wasnt gonna do this agen. i dont regret wut i did..cuz to be honest it was great and i like this person. but this person asked me a question that pertained to us and i answered completely different from how i was feeling and i laft it off. now i no if i sed wut i was really thinkin and wasnt so damn anti-serious that this person wouldnt have cared they might have even been a bit happy..cuz were "special" like that. but its just the principle of it. i always try not to voice my true feelings about "certain" things. maybe im afraid of wut might happen.or that it might lead to sumthin good. im my own worst enemy wen it comes to these things. but oh well the point of this entry was too get it out of my system so im not dwellin on my imperfections. so witth that sed im goin to work out.
leg cramp...5 minute break   
09:21pm 14/06/2004
mood: ecstatic
music: billy joel
-turned 18
-went to the planetarium
-saw a cool ass show
-had pizza at beggars
-lauren n denise came by and gave me my gifts
-they brought yummy cake
-purdles goin down for te trick candles
-the 3 of us went out to les bros

-went to work
-my boss gave me a card that had 20$ in it
-my coworkers got me gifts
-after work went and picked up ricky and lili
-got my hair stuck in the window
-lost my keys..that ended up bein in my pocket
-my dad took us to get alcohol
-i did pretty damn good for havin a 20$ limit
-i got a lil tipsy after 2 and quit
-sumone that i shall not name SHOULD NEVER EVER GET DRUNK AGEN. i love u tho!
-i got to use one of the colorful things lili gave me..and it was fun

-my nana and aunt were suppose to take me out
-i couldnt go due to my severe stomache pain
-laid around all day
-til lauren and sarah came to abduct me
-later we walked my dogs
-me and ricky stood up til 7am
-we layed on the couch together and talkn bout stupid crap

-my bro had to work and had summer skool
-this left me and ricky all alone...
-we spent most of the day curled up on my bed bein stupid
-RUFF RUFF *panting*
03:06am 11/06/2004
mood: bored
music: crossfade obsest

now time to bore u and myself with this loooonnngg survey

Biographical Stats

Age - 18
Location - oak lawn
Place of Birth - in a hospital
Astrological Sign - gemini
Hair Color - blonde
Eye Color - brown
Glasses/Contacts - nope
Height - 5'4
Weight - 500lbs
Favorite Colors - purple, blue, black n silver
Car - take ur pick..we have 6 in our driveway.
Computer - hp?
Left Or Right Handed - right
Siblings - brother 16
Famous Relations - kurt russell and keri russell...theyre related to me..they just dont no it yet
Occupation - south west ice arena
Missing body parts - my brain
Pets - 6 dogs, 4 birds
Piercings - ears and eventually eyebrow
Tattoos - eventually.
Religion - baptized catholic..but i hate religion..its totally man made..there for its a joke
Future children's names - ask me in the future
Cell Phone - dont got cell fone illiterate
AOL/Yahoo/MSN - all of them..?

Food -

What's Your

Favorite Food - cheese.....pickles...fruit.
Favorite Place To Eat - bakers square i guess..altho the olive garden is up there too.
Most Hated Food - fish or chinese food.
Food You've Never Tried and Refuse to - lobster..pretty much ne seafood
favorite desert - oreo pie or mint choc chip ice cream


Many times a day you eat - bout a thousand
Often do you go out to eat - like one a week
Often do you cook for yourself or others - depends on whos here
Often do you skip a meal - agen depends
Often do you eat outside of meals such as snack - prolly
Often do you brush immediately after eating - all the a toothbrush fanatic

Love/Sex -


Easily do you fall in love - not easily.
Many times have you been in love - once
Many times have you been heartbroken - never really
Many times have you been dumped - umm 2
Many times you've dumped someone - maybe 3
Often do you masturbate - all the doin it right now
Often do you think about the opposite sex - all the effin time


You ever stalked someone - nope not yet ne
You ever been stalked by someone - yeah by a few
You had sex on the first date - u no me..i love em and leave em
You ever been asked to have sex but refused - yeah
You ever asked for sex and been refused - not that i remember..
You ever had a one night stand - nope..
You ever cheated on someone - it was a long time ago..and i was dumb
You been cheated on - yeah
You ever laughed during sex- yes and im laughin thinkin bout it
You ever farted/queefed during sex - no but lili has...lmao
You ever cried during sex-
You ever done bondage - i am lil miss dominatrix
You ever fallen asleep during sex - i dont even no how thats
You ever had sex without understanding why you went ahead with it - unfortunately
You ever gotten sick during sex - weird ?s..but no


You prefer kissing on the first date or later - depends on how much i like the person
You prefer making the move or letting the opposite sex do it - id do it sarcasticly..but prolly chicken out
You like both sexes romantically - i love the
You like top or bottom - the same time???
You consider flirting online to be cheating - i dont even think its possible to flirt online
You like music played during sex - if its already on thenb why not..but im not gonna put on sum music

Entertainment/Work -


Your favorite band(s) - korn, minus, journey, tbs, the used, ludacris
Your favorite place to go to - whihala..or my secret place..
Your favorite sport - badminton and basketball
Your favorite vacation spot - ne wher but here.
a place you've never been but want to goto - italy, ireland..tahiti


You drink - no but i will be this weekend..
You smoke - no..
You do drugs - no
You exercise - yes i do
You have a job - yeah
You go to school - ill be startin college in august

Politics -


You republican, independent or democrat - democrat
liberal or conservative - lideral
You going to vote - id do ne thin to get bush out of office!
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12 hours....   
10:46pm 10/06/2004
mood: contemplative
music: crossfade- cold (for the 50th time)
so tomorrows my bday and im petrified. i dont really no only gonna be 18. an adult now..which scares me and it shouldnt cuz in every other aspect but age ive been an adult for like 5 years. its just so weird. it seems like just yesterday i was out being free and not caring. i really dont wanna be 18. not that it will change ne thing cept for the fact ill now be able to buy porn, cigarettes and a lottery ticket. wow..i dont smoke..i dont gamble and i have guy frends (which takes care of the porn i dont no wuts 18 and i havent accomplished ne thing..or im ONLY 18 and im already havin a midlife crisis over a silly lil number. damn imagine me at 50..LMAO. i really am dumb sometimes. oh well ive bored u long enough with my self
1 more day   
04:14am 10/06/2004
mood: energetic
music: black rob - like whoa
went and seen raising helen with mi esposa. it was a cute movie. we then came home and walked my dogs. i swear its the funniest thing wen we walk my perros. ppl should record us. it would win americas funniest videos. oh where i dont no..but oh well..