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Friday, November 14th, 2003

Time:4:45 am.
Mood: tired. me and one of my best friends zorina helped my teacher mrs.carvana after school. Like we both had harley care so like after everyone left 4 the buses me zorina and mrs.carvana all did A LOT of work. First me n zorina had to sort like 500 papers. Paper # 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and soo that was hard After we did that we had 2 water the 3 plants we have and they weighed like 5 we watered the plants omg i'm not agsaturating...we had to atleast move atleast 18 desks 2 times. Like mrs.carvana would be like move that person there so after we moved that person there she would be like no actually move them there so like after that me n zorina had likee noo arm power so like yeahh.Then the next day wen every one came in in the morining every bodys like where do i sit blah blah blah blah blah..and i was like u sit there and u sit over there n like yeah.Then sum pplz didn't like where they sat and so they went up 2 mrs.carvana and there like i dont like where i sit can i move next 2 who ever and mrs.carvna was like if u dont like where u sit then 2 bad and me n zorina were like yeahhh..wut mrs.carvana said!So wen we were almost done mrs.carvana said girls u did so much take sum candy and me n zorina were like okay we will wen we're done..sooo wen we were done mrs.carvana went into another classroom and me n zorina stole sum candy like a handful and wen mrs.carvana got back she was like so atleast u girls r done take sum candy and me and zorina were like we already took a piece((mean while we took like 10000)) and then mrs.carvana's like take 2 pieces and me n zorina were like nahhh its then it was really funny. Then on our way 2 harley care zorina was like u wanna decorate out lockers 2day and i was like sure and then we were talkin and then like a min later shes like we need tape and i was like okay zorina we have our heaviest text book in here cum on so i was like finee so then we went all the way back and came back 2 harley care againnn. Then as me zorina and our friend amanda were decorating the lockers we all became hungry and i was like zorina can u get me a snack and shes like ughhh fine and then amanda's like me 2 and just as she was walkin out i was like wait zzorina can u go back in there and get me a drink and amanda's like me 2 n zorina's like i hate u guyss and i was like thanxx. So then we ate our junk mean while we were still decorating our It was soo kewl. Zorina n Amanda r like sooo kewl i love them soo much so like thats pretty much all 4 2day..ttyl...byee
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Thursday, November 13th, 2003

Subject:longg time
Time:7:21 am.
Mood: excited.
Hey...yeah i kno its been like 1000 years since the last time i wrote in this thing. I have a lot 2 tell u. Well first of all i'm the student council person of my class so i'm really happy about that. Its like my class thinks that i'm the most responsible person of my hole class...24 And then wuts even more awesome is that like 3 weeks ago the student council pplz from all the classes in 3rd 4th and 5th grade all voted on the President,Vice President and the Secutary Treasurer....i became the VICE PRESIDENTTT<3..i'm soooo happy. Its so kewl b/c like if the president is ever apsent wen he needs to tell sumthin on the loudspeaker i fill in 4 him..OMGG its sooo kewl. So i'm really surprised and happy about those 2 things!OMG i cant believe its like almost Christmas..its like i can remember last Christmas like it was just yesterday its almost like kinda scary if u think about So i'v already started my Christmas list and like i kno this sounds kinda weird but the the main thing that i really want this Christmas is posters of like Hilary Duff and Dogs and So and i want plenty of other things but like yeah sooo i'm like really really really excited.So thats pretty much all i can think about 2 write rite now..ttyl..byee
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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

Subject:Sooooo Much Fun!!:)
Time:3:51 am.
Mood: grateful.
Music:So Yesterday by Hillary Duff.
OMG...ok today is really the 3rd but i'm wrtin about yesterday and 2day.Well yesterday....Yesterday i had mt soccer team pool party..It was soooo much fun.First i played kickball w/ my friends.Then i went in the pool.Then i ate.Then i went back in the pool.When i was in the pool it was Me and jess vs. danille,shannon,nichole.Un fair but o this is what happened.Ok so me and jess were just sittin in this chair thing in the pool talkin.Then shannon,danille and nichole like want to sit in it meanwhile we've only been in the chair for about 5 min.So like then they try to push us off but they didn't.Then they tryed again and they only pused jess off so i saved her then they pushed again and i only fell off so jess saved me.Then we both fell off and the chair came on top of us so we were like that me and jess needed energy so we ate food and the it was their turn(shannon,nichole and danille) so we tryed to push 'em off for the 1st time and ofcourse we pushed 'em of so we got back on and they tyed and tryed and tryed to push me and jess off but they never did so they finally gave up and me and jess relaxed a lil on the chair yeah that was a BLASTTT.Then that nite and around 7:30 i went to the cohns house to sleepova!We had so much fun..we played woffle ball me and jamie vs bridget and bridget won 15-2!!!We were so hot that we took buckets and pored them on each other!!Then we were so cold we pored nice and warm water on us..OMG it felt soooo good if u eva get hot poor cold water on u if u eva get cold more warm water on feels soooo good.After that we played nickolodian trivia..i won 1 game jamie won 2 games and bridget won 8!!lol.Then we went to bed.When we woke up in the mornin we watched t.v.Then bridget left to go to her softball game so me and jamie practiced our dance to where is the love ..Its sooo cool.If u wanna see just ask and i'll sow it 2 ya!Then i lft and i went on the computer typin this rite now.!And i'm sooooo tired and i am gonna end this thing to take a lil nap.Ttyl.Bye
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003

Subject:I love u mommy!
Time:4:46 am.
Mood: loved.
Music:Boys and girls.
Today i went to target and i got sooo many things 4 my room becasue of my wonderful mother!!I got this little stationary thing to store stuff in and school supplies and a curlin iron and if i was like mom can i get this she would be like sure to everything i was like thanx sOoOoOoO much.Ur a shin so i was ReAlLy happy about that.And atleats i got home late 2nite which i'm writin rite now late at niteum.. i have to use my curlin iron tomorrow to see how it comes out b/c i didn't want to curl curls or the banana curls i just wanted waves and if i got the skinniest one it would come out wavy so yeah...i cant wait 4 that :).And then a few minutes ago i just left from my neighbors house there...we were just chillin.We were makin these braclet thingys so yeah that was cool.And then i was online which is rite now yeah and i'm talkin to my friend bridget and shes like do u have a walkie talkie and i'm like yeah and shes like do u want to talk on them and i was liek sure so we were talk on then till atleast 11:30.So that was really cool.We were just talkin about the stuff that girls usually talk about!!lol.So thats preety much my day 4 today.ttyl..bye
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Monday, July 21st, 2003

Subject:Go brian go brian(part 1)i hate myself(part 2)
Time:9:37 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Today my brother had a baseball game and he hit a really hard ball right over the 1st base bag and the 1st basement missed it so it went over to the other field so he hit a in-park-homerun!!YA.then the next time brian was up at bat and hit hit a ball right to the center fielder and it was sooo hard that he missed it so brian had a triple and he would of ran home if chris the guy on 1st could run a lil faster b/c i sware to god he was just a few inches away from him!!So that was good.And I had a pool part from 2:00 to 5:00 and i totally 4got and when my mom looked on the calendar it was 5:00 so it just ened and i missed it but i really badly wanted to go to it cuz it was a burnin hot day and jessica the girl who thru the party is one on my best friends so yeah.. I just hate myself..but mistakes happen so o well:(.Well i g2g.Bye
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Saturday, July 19th, 2003

Subject:Happy Birthday much fun
Time:8:51 am.
Mood: giggly.
Music:timeless by justin and kelly.
Today i went over my friends house jamie bridget tara and madison.i'm mostly friends w/ jamei and bridget.its was taras birthday so jamie and bridget invited me over to play.There dad works 4 ths really cool company so 4 taras bithday they got this bounce thing,a volley ball net,a recording machine(u can record ur self singin then listen 2 it)and a water slide.We mostly went on the water slide.U had to clicmb up the back and slide down the front.First me and bridget went together remebering our inside jokes.Then i did some w/ our friend sam and then w/ jamie.Me,sam,jamie and bridget have soooo many inside jokes.Then sam all of a sudden pused me and bridget down the slide so for about half the time me and bridget were trying to push sam down..It was sooooo much fun.After that we had some food...YUMMY it was sooo good.Then all the kids practicede a game of volleyball and then we asked the parents if we should have a game aduls virce the kids.First the kids were sooo left behind but then we cought up 19 to 19.I had noooo clue that we wer playin to twenty so then there was a ball a few feet away from me and i missed it so the parents won 20 to 19 and i felt sooo bad for the kids b/c we lost b/c of me.But still i had a blast.I love jamie bridget and sam like a sister .BFFL!!!They are sooo cool and soooo badly a lot of fun to play w/ ya guys.
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Thursday, July 17th, 2003

Time:12:45 pm.
Mood: curious.
The computer just told me to add sumthin to my journal..i have no clur wut but i'll find out...
Happy Deathday!
Your name:soccerstarbabe9
You will die on:Thursday, December 27, 2012
You will die of:Exsanguination
Created by Quill
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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Subject:TiRiNg WoRk WiTh AlLi
Time:5:19 am.
Mood: tired.
Today i was talkin to my friend allison.O Boy...i was like i like ur journal can u teach me how to make one.Shes like sure.I was like thanx soooo much.So first we had to go to the website.Make the user account for me..then ew had to do all the colors(like the backround color and text color and everything like that)and then do all this other was a lot of work but i finally made it b/c my best friend allison helped me and took all her time on me!!SHes the best!So now i have an online journal to write in so every1 can read what i write in it.This is a really short one cause there wasnt really that much to write so neways.I'll write more journals.g2g Bye!
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