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Thursday, November 27th, 2003

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    Hey! Happy Thanksgiving!! We went to Marion today to see some family...it was ok...kinda boring...yet sad at the same time. My mama was crying a lot...poor thing. I felt so bad...Especially when Aunt Mona said something's missing from the celebration and that she'd want us to be happy. Mama and Aunt Lanie went to the bathroom to stop crying...I went to...i started crying too. My poor mama...everytime she talks about or looks at my grandmother's picture, she breaks down...She's getting better about it, but it still really hurts. ok I think I need a subject switch.
    ~Not much of a switch, but we went to the cemetery afterwards to put flowers on my grandmother's grave. My grandfather said she would've loved to have seen it and started crying...HARD. He really misses her...so does the rest of us...but he misses her the most. Ok now I think I'm gonna cry...
    ~I never said when my bro got his permit! Last Friday lol!! He drove us home from Wal*Mart tonight haha!! He's pretty good, but he needs more practice...goes a lil too fast lol
    ~It's Thanksgiving...I haven't said what I'm thankful for yet...
    I'm thankful for:
    **Jesus Christ sacrificing his life for us
    **Awesome family and friends...I don't know what I'd do without yall
    **My dog...ok i know sounds really stupid but still...She's always there to hug when you're really sad and she's so loveable she'll sleep in your lap. She doesn't get mad at you, but always plays with you...I wish everyone was like her
    **My life altogether...my activeness...I'm so glad I play sports and try to be involved in a lot of other stuff!! it makes my life interesting...keeps me going...and the best thing about playing sports ~ it makes me feel better if I'm upset over something.

    ~There's my list...short n sweet
    ~I'm gonna go I've run out of things to say cyah later!!!

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