05:56pm 23/10/2003
mood: flirty
music: soccer chamts
this is my first time using this. sooooo yeah....
my mum is all baseball-y and stuff. my dad lost a bet against the marlines and yankees. i'm going for the yankees because i'm New Yorkin' even though i live in miami. I'm not into soccer yesterday day was the thrird game and i just watched US vs Italy (tie 2-2) instead LOL. My dad gets mad at me because i'm all colombian and not Nica. because i like soccer better then baseball. i don't like baseball its too boring no actioin really. Colombians are so fun to be around when a game is on... they're so in the game i love it. My mum loves me being all colombian she says its better then being Nica. My mum loves to mess with my dad LOL. but whatever i still think soccer is waaaaaaaaaaaay better and basketball =-D. chao.
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06:19pm 23/10/2003
08:23pm 23/10/2003
mood: gloomy
music: lil jon f/eastside boys/get low
blah blah blah! baseball! baseball! noooooooooo! i can't take it! everyone is into baseball! i see less people paying attention to the world cup! w/e i'll never understand baseball! its soooooo confusing... but w/e. I need to see a soccer game! i'm so bored. i'm tried of watching baseball!