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Monday, December 1st, 2003

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    The bus
    I use to always think of bus rides to school as long and annoying. In fact the were extremley annoying. I use to listen to music on the bus to try and get away from the yelling and the screaming and realized it wouldnt work, all it would do is make me pist off. But since the beginning of this school year i have learned to appreciate the bus. To many things that are intresting occur on the bus. For example: this mornign the bus picks my bus stop up at 8:15, which is somewhat normall for my stop. So, me and the people at my bus, Lamar, Zach Jen And Chelsey walk onto the bus expecting that it would be a normal ride to school. As we walk into the bus we realize that theres noone on the bus and we were the first ones to be picked up. Oh yeah, the bus drivers accent was british which increased the funniness of this story. Chelsey sits up front and starts tellin the bus driver were to go.
    In the back of the bus jen is yellin and screamin to go right and left and whatever way possible, while andrew is taping Lamar who was lookin likehe was smokin. All and all it was a great ride. to school.....
    On the way back home from school i decided to sit next to zach on the bus. We are takin and i decide to see how mad a can get him to be. Now, zach is not a type of person to get mad, he usally jus laughs at things and doesnt think about them. BUT I HAVE THE GIFT TO MAKE ZACH GO INSANLEY MAd( zach if u read this im sure ur mad right now) anyway the rest of the ride home was based on annoying zach and listening to other people make fun of others..

    Im guess what im tryin to get to is that the bus can be something that will either brighten up ur day(like mine) or ruin ur day... But no matter what it never gets dull on my bus

    talk to ya'll later

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