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Busy as a something [20 Oct 2003|08:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (annoying as hell, but still awesome somehow) ]

Busy this week will be.

NewsHawk is laying out this week, which means three periods a day of pure mind numbing page organization, blah blah blah. I'm going to shoot Myself, and by Myself, I mean the nickname I gave to other people.

Crunch time for Physics. If I want that B I have to make up some homework asssignments that Chivers pulled out of his ass. He's such a chalk-faced poop-monger-head. (To put it in words you can easily understand).

But anyways, I had an interesting conversation with someone I've never met or talked to before:

I'm Trommelstocke. In the interest of laughing at the innocent, the names have not been changed. Haha, take that.

TooHott4u1415 [1:23 PM]: hey whats up
Trommelstocke [1:23 PM]: hey, not much
TooHott4u1415 [1:23 PM]: thats cool
Trommelstocke [1:23 PM]: indeed
Trommelstocke [1:24 PM]: who is this?
TooHott4u1415 [1:24 PM]: brittney whos this??
Trommelstocke [1:24 PM]: Brittney who?
TooHott4u1415 [1:26 PM]: brittney mury
TooHott4u1415 [1:26 PM]: u dont know me
Trommelstocke [1:26 PM]: true, I don't
TooHott4u1415 [1:27 PM]: yeah but im sure u'd like to know me though huh!!!!
TooHott4u1415 [1:27 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:27 PM]: no way, you're too hot 4 me
Trommelstocke [1:28 PM]: yo
TooHott4u1415 [1:28 PM]: yeah thats right
Trommelstocke [1:29 PM]: yeah, anyways
TooHott4u1415 [1:29 PM]: yeap so what do u look like
Trommelstocke [1:31 PM]: well, I'm 4'5", I kinda have a hump on my left shoulder, one of my eyes is blind and hangs a little to the right on my face... I tend to drool a little. Sometimes I just randomly shout out words. Also, I have a tendancy to hit myself in the face when I'm flusterd
TooHott4u1415 [1:32 PM]: ok...........
Trommelstocke [1:32 PM]: I don't have any hair, I think is was brown before it fell out all those years back
Trommelstocke [1:32 PM]: My skin sometimes peels off in flakes
TooHott4u1415 [1:32 PM]: do u wanna know what i look like
Trommelstocke [1:33 PM]: Some people say that I smell like "someone shoved a sea trout in a skunk's rear end and left it to die" but I'm not sure what that means
Trommelstocke [1:33 PM]: but anyways, tell me about yourself
TooHott4u1415 [1:35 PM]: ok i have a whole bunch of bald spots cuz my hair used to be matted and i have fleas cuz i have to sleep outside w/the dogs cuz my parents say im ugly
Trommelstocke [1:35 PM]: Oh my God, Freak!
Trommelstocke [1:35 PM]: I don't talk to freaks
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: don't talk to me
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: gosh u dont have to be mean
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: don't you lol me Mrs. "I sleep with the dogs freako"
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: and i also talk to myself sometimes
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: so why don't you go do that
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: freak
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: well ur not so kooll urself mr. druel on yourself
Trommelstocke [1:37 PM]: hey, chicks dig the uncontrollable salivating
Trommelstocke [1:37 PM]: and at least I can spell drool
TooHott4u1415 [1:38 PM]: oh yeah and guyz dig the whole dog sleeping thang they think im ragged and rough
Trommelstocke [1:39 PM]: psh, I think I speak for all guys when I say that you're a dog-sleeping-with freak-face
TooHott4u1415 [1:39 PM]: oh ok.......but 4-real what do u really look like
Trommelstocke [1:40 PM]: oh what, you don't think I was telling the truth?
Trommelstocke [1:40 PM]: because I was
TooHott4u1415 [1:41 PM]: yeah right my friend meet you @ the movies
Trommelstocke [1:41 PM]: really, she probably mistook me for a movie poster for the Hunchback of Notre Dame
TooHott4u1415 [1:42 PM]: no
Trommelstocke [1:42 PM]: who was this "friend"
TooHott4u1415 [1:42 PM]: stephanie
TooHott4u1415 [1:43 PM]: and she talked to u there so there u go
Trommelstocke [1:43 PM]: how about that
Trommelstocke [1:43 PM]: there I go
Trommelstocke [1:44 PM]: freak
TooHott4u1415 [1:44 PM]: whatever
Trommelstocke [1:44 PM]: true dat
TooHott4u1415 [1:45 PM]: no im really 5"5 blonde hair baby blue eyes tan,bely ring and a tatto on my a$$ and im 15
Trommelstocke [1:45 PM]: Wow, I'd rather have the one who slept with dogs.
TooHott4u1415 [1:46 PM]: thats so freakin sad
Trommelstocke [1:46 PM]: not really
Trommelstocke [1:47 PM]: so, what grade are you in? 6th?
TooHott4u1415 [1:47 PM]: no 9th
TooHott4u1415 [1:47 PM]: u?
Trommelstocke [1:48 PM]: well, I don't go to school, the other students throw stuff at me
Trommelstocke [1:48 PM]: they call me Droolor the Black
TooHott4u1415 [1:48 PM]: lol---probably cuz u drool
Trommelstocke [1:50 PM]: I smite them with my Staff of Almighty Stupor
TooHott4u1415 [1:50 PM]: lol
TooHott4u1415 [1:50 PM]: oh ur kool watch oout now
Trommelstocke [1:51 PM]: And I cast them down into the Inferno of my Dirty Underwear.
TooHott4u1415 [1:51 PM]: out*
TooHott4u1415 [1:51 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:51 PM]: there, they gasp for air and beg of me to free them, but I heed not their words, for they are but poison to my ears
TooHott4u1415 [1:52 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:52 PM]: but I ride out on my noble steed Shadowfax and contend with the will of Sauron to defend and protect the free peoples of Middle Earth
Trommelstocke [1:53 PM]: and then I draw my lightsaber and battle with the Dark Side for the forces of good and to advance my own knowledge of the Force
TooHott4u1415 [1:54 PM]: oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trommelstocke [1:54 PM]: but then I call upon my Level 98 Mewtwo and quickly use amnesia to raise my special attack. Then I fiercly and without mercy tell it to use Psychic attack again and again until Pikachu can take no more and fianally faints
Trommelstocke [1:55 PM]: then I will be master of the Pokemon League!
TooHott4u1415 [1:56 PM]: how gay lol
Trommelstocke [1:56 PM]: Gay? Can you say that you've beaten Ash and his unholy array of Pokemon? No one yet has defeated him, until now
Trommelstocke [1:57 PM]: None shall stand in my way
Trommelstocke [1:57 PM]: no one will laugh at my hump or they shall be slain
Trommelstocke [1:57 PM]: the world will be at my mercy
Trommelstocke [1:58 PM]: but then, I crawl through radioactive ooze, and I mutate into... A TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE!
TooHott4u1415 [1:58 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:58 PM]: And I'm all like "Dude! Lets kill Shredder and eat pizza man!"
TooHott4u1415 [1:58 PM]: what a fruit loop
TooHott4u1415 [1:58 PM]: which one r u
Trommelstocke [1:59 PM]: Toucan Sam of course, and a lifetime of following my nose has led me to good fortune and endless bowls of cereal
Trommelstocke [1:59 PM]: also, I have sex with men, and sometimes sheep if the mood strkes me
Trommelstocke [2:00 PM]: especially sheep
Trommelstocke [2:00 PM]: especially your mom
TooHott4u1415 [2:00 PM]: oh my god
TooHott4u1415 [2:00 PM]: whatever
Trommelstocke [2:00 PM]: don't deny your feelings
TooHott4u1415 [2:01 PM]: dude dont even say that my mom died 4-real enough playin k
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: well...
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: I'm not a playa
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: so
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: leave me alone
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: if you haven't already got that hint
TooHott4u1415 [2:01 PM]: fuck you then
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: yay
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: I don't think I can afford you though
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: only have $5
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: not signed on eh? I win!

Good stuff I'd say. If you don't say, well then, You should just swallow a frisbee and get it over with.

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