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Just some non-comedic thoughts... [03 Nov 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Deftones - Minerva ]

I just learned for certain that my father has chosen not to give up all the money he's been saving for my college tuition. Odd, as I was going to use it for college tuition. You see, my father doesn't want me to major in music education, as that is, and I quote: "A waste of a career and a waste of a person's life." Thanks Dad, love you too. Its wonderful to find that no matter what, your father will support you in whatever you do.
*cough asshole cough*

Report cards today. I got all A's and a B (in Physics, yay). Also, my sister dropped from her typical all A's to a dumbass's grades. She has changed into Gothic freaking loser from hell. I hope she ODs on some drug and get raped by some asscheese with crabs. She has changed into a person I no longer wish to be associated with, and I disown her. Sounds mean, but I've tried to convince her to turn back, but I guess weed and bad smelling friends are the way to go these days.

Mom isn't taking the pressure of having a loser for a child well either. There seems to be many nights when she slams her door on my sister and storms to her room, not to be seen for the rest of the night. My step-dad would help things out, I know he would, but of course, he'd have to be living with us still. I guess this kinda of thing happens when your parents split up, or maybe not. Whatever.

At least I can bury my sorrows in music. Everyday I practice more and more. I'm not going to let stupid shit at home affect my playing dammit. I'm going to friggin make Bluecoats if I have to kill my way into the line.

Bed seems nice. Sleep is a precious escape, but I know I'll just lay awake again. I try not to let things get to me, I try to keep that happy, funny guy outside I usually have. But it drains my energy so much to wear that mask. Things these days just seem to weigh more on me than they have before, but things will get better, they always do. I just have to grit my teeth and bury myself in what I love, and I'll come out on top. I hope...

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An un-friggin-believeably good week [02 Nov 2003|07:02pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Chicago - Saturday in the Park ]

Ah yes, this week was indeed the Rock. It was totally book. Freakin spectaculawesome.

Thursday I went trick-or-treating with Kim, Megan, Carl, Mary and Matt Pierre. I loooooove candy. Then we watched South Park the movie. More good times.

Friday was practice, but it was also Andrea's costume party, which was more like a "show up in a costume, then immediately change out of it" party. That was a great party, I wish she had one every week. Nothing but pool, movies, and Dance Dance Revolution. Then more pool. Ah yes. Excellent indeed.

Saturday was Midstate Championships and we did better than I could've expected. Call me a band nerd, call me obsessed, call me Ishmael, but I really love when the band does well. Especially when my drumline does well. That's right, its mine. WE got best Percussion AAA against alot of good lines. But they WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH!!!! HAHAHAHA! WE ARE THE SWEET! Ah yes and I think the band got like first place or something.

Oh yeah, and I think we were in finals and sucked, but the point is, WE ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Or maybe just the best of 6 AAA bands in the area. Looking at the scores the only lines we didn't beat in open class (there were 9 bands in open) were Bellbrook Milton and Kings. So out of 15 lines, we were 4th, which ain't bad at all.

Um, I guess that's all. If you read this, post a reply so I know someone actually reads this stuff.

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Good times indeed [29 Oct 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Sloth - Someday ]

I got my SAT scores off the internet today. 710 Math and 630 Verbal for a grand total of a 1340 on my SATs. I'm happy. All you need is a 1300 to get into most upper level colleges, so Booyah.

Ah yes, and school goes well also. Physics test was pushed back, again. Anyone who says there is no God should use this as proof of his existance. Ohio Math League scores came in, and I'm in a 4 way tie for first with Brent Stahlman and Jeff Skinn and some other kid. The other kid doesn't matter, since Jeff and Brent are Valedictorian and Salutatorian respectively. If I can compete with those two, it scares me to think how well I would do in school if I actually ever did any work.

After school, I went out with Dennis, Patrick and Josh. Good times right there man. WE picked up applications to a whole bunch of stores. We're hoping to work at the same place. If any employer actually hires us, I give it a week before he fires every last one of us. There is no way we could resist the urge to have a huge, cross-store melee with whatever merchandise we can get our hands on (probably something alond the lines of a roller-chair battle, or a lightsaber duel, or both, depending on the job). It'll be fun while it lasts.

Come to think of it, I think I'll add "Lightsaber duel on roller-chairs, being pushed around and sword fighting the whole time" to my list of things to do before I die. I think I'll try it tomorrow.

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Oh yeah... [22 Oct 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Chase - Open up Wide ]

I got my drumset back. I am in a state of bliss that cannot be described in words. Oh wait. I believe the word may be "sweet."

That's right, its back, and I feel like a long lost brother has returned to me. I never realized the attraction I had for it until I lost it. Things are like that I guess. I set it up in the oddest way yet, but its also my favorite way yet. The toms are all offset to the left instead of being centered and I wedged in my ride and splash in the empty space in the middle. It flows better I think, but hell, if you're reading this you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. I don't even know if people read this at all.

Today went well, but only in the sense that nothing bad has happened. I think my father has picked up that I don't want to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or any other mass-money-making profession. He acts suspicious. I wonder what he'll say when I tell him that I want music education. I can see it now...

"Dad, I want to skip out on that whole MIT, Harvard, Yale or Duke thing"

"So you want to go to Princeton?"

"Not exactly... more like maybe... Wright State... or Ball State... or something"

(Dad commits suicide by shoving a live cat in his throat.)

But oh well. Children are not meant to live the lives their parents always wanted to live. Its my decision, if he thinks I'm making a mistake... well then I'll find that out by myself. So what if he may decide not to let me have that wonderfully huge college fund he has. Who needs over $10,000 anyways. Maybe he'll let you have it. Good luck getting into MIT though.

So, if you're not absolutely convinced that I'm insane yet... then you can wait until I'm in a more slap-happy mood. I'm told I can write some pretty hilarious stuff when I'm slap-happy. I don't write the paper's humor column for nothing. Or perhaps I do. Whatever.

If you're bored, this is now one of my favorite websites: Something Awful
Good clean humor. By which I mean really, really dirty humor (sometimes)

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Busy as a something [20 Oct 2003|08:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (annoying as hell, but still awesome somehow) ]

Busy this week will be.

NewsHawk is laying out this week, which means three periods a day of pure mind numbing page organization, blah blah blah. I'm going to shoot Myself, and by Myself, I mean the nickname I gave to other people.

Crunch time for Physics. If I want that B I have to make up some homework asssignments that Chivers pulled out of his ass. He's such a chalk-faced poop-monger-head. (To put it in words you can easily understand).

But anyways, I had an interesting conversation with someone I've never met or talked to before:

I'm Trommelstocke. In the interest of laughing at the innocent, the names have not been changed. Haha, take that.

TooHott4u1415 [1:23 PM]: hey whats up
Trommelstocke [1:23 PM]: hey, not much
TooHott4u1415 [1:23 PM]: thats cool
Trommelstocke [1:23 PM]: indeed
Trommelstocke [1:24 PM]: who is this?
TooHott4u1415 [1:24 PM]: brittney whos this??
Trommelstocke [1:24 PM]: Brittney who?
TooHott4u1415 [1:26 PM]: brittney mury
TooHott4u1415 [1:26 PM]: u dont know me
Trommelstocke [1:26 PM]: true, I don't
TooHott4u1415 [1:27 PM]: yeah but im sure u'd like to know me though huh!!!!
TooHott4u1415 [1:27 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:27 PM]: no way, you're too hot 4 me
Trommelstocke [1:28 PM]: yo
TooHott4u1415 [1:28 PM]: yeah thats right
Trommelstocke [1:29 PM]: yeah, anyways
TooHott4u1415 [1:29 PM]: yeap so what do u look like
Trommelstocke [1:31 PM]: well, I'm 4'5", I kinda have a hump on my left shoulder, one of my eyes is blind and hangs a little to the right on my face... I tend to drool a little. Sometimes I just randomly shout out words. Also, I have a tendancy to hit myself in the face when I'm flusterd
TooHott4u1415 [1:32 PM]: ok...........
Trommelstocke [1:32 PM]: I don't have any hair, I think is was brown before it fell out all those years back
Trommelstocke [1:32 PM]: My skin sometimes peels off in flakes
TooHott4u1415 [1:32 PM]: do u wanna know what i look like
Trommelstocke [1:33 PM]: Some people say that I smell like "someone shoved a sea trout in a skunk's rear end and left it to die" but I'm not sure what that means
Trommelstocke [1:33 PM]: but anyways, tell me about yourself
TooHott4u1415 [1:35 PM]: ok i have a whole bunch of bald spots cuz my hair used to be matted and i have fleas cuz i have to sleep outside w/the dogs cuz my parents say im ugly
Trommelstocke [1:35 PM]: Oh my God, Freak!
Trommelstocke [1:35 PM]: I don't talk to freaks
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: don't talk to me
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: gosh u dont have to be mean
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: don't you lol me Mrs. "I sleep with the dogs freako"
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: and i also talk to myself sometimes
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: so why don't you go do that
Trommelstocke [1:36 PM]: freak
TooHott4u1415 [1:36 PM]: well ur not so kooll urself mr. druel on yourself
Trommelstocke [1:37 PM]: hey, chicks dig the uncontrollable salivating
Trommelstocke [1:37 PM]: and at least I can spell drool
TooHott4u1415 [1:38 PM]: oh yeah and guyz dig the whole dog sleeping thang they think im ragged and rough
Trommelstocke [1:39 PM]: psh, I think I speak for all guys when I say that you're a dog-sleeping-with freak-face
TooHott4u1415 [1:39 PM]: oh ok.......but 4-real what do u really look like
Trommelstocke [1:40 PM]: oh what, you don't think I was telling the truth?
Trommelstocke [1:40 PM]: because I was
TooHott4u1415 [1:41 PM]: yeah right my friend meet you @ the movies
Trommelstocke [1:41 PM]: really, she probably mistook me for a movie poster for the Hunchback of Notre Dame
TooHott4u1415 [1:42 PM]: no
Trommelstocke [1:42 PM]: who was this "friend"
TooHott4u1415 [1:42 PM]: stephanie
TooHott4u1415 [1:43 PM]: and she talked to u there so there u go
Trommelstocke [1:43 PM]: how about that
Trommelstocke [1:43 PM]: there I go
Trommelstocke [1:44 PM]: freak
TooHott4u1415 [1:44 PM]: whatever
Trommelstocke [1:44 PM]: true dat
TooHott4u1415 [1:45 PM]: no im really 5"5 blonde hair baby blue eyes tan,bely ring and a tatto on my a$$ and im 15
Trommelstocke [1:45 PM]: Wow, I'd rather have the one who slept with dogs.
TooHott4u1415 [1:46 PM]: thats so freakin sad
Trommelstocke [1:46 PM]: not really
Trommelstocke [1:47 PM]: so, what grade are you in? 6th?
TooHott4u1415 [1:47 PM]: no 9th
TooHott4u1415 [1:47 PM]: u?
Trommelstocke [1:48 PM]: well, I don't go to school, the other students throw stuff at me
Trommelstocke [1:48 PM]: they call me Droolor the Black
TooHott4u1415 [1:48 PM]: lol---probably cuz u drool
Trommelstocke [1:50 PM]: I smite them with my Staff of Almighty Stupor
TooHott4u1415 [1:50 PM]: lol
TooHott4u1415 [1:50 PM]: oh ur kool watch oout now
Trommelstocke [1:51 PM]: And I cast them down into the Inferno of my Dirty Underwear.
TooHott4u1415 [1:51 PM]: out*
TooHott4u1415 [1:51 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:51 PM]: there, they gasp for air and beg of me to free them, but I heed not their words, for they are but poison to my ears
TooHott4u1415 [1:52 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:52 PM]: but I ride out on my noble steed Shadowfax and contend with the will of Sauron to defend and protect the free peoples of Middle Earth
Trommelstocke [1:53 PM]: and then I draw my lightsaber and battle with the Dark Side for the forces of good and to advance my own knowledge of the Force
TooHott4u1415 [1:54 PM]: oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trommelstocke [1:54 PM]: but then I call upon my Level 98 Mewtwo and quickly use amnesia to raise my special attack. Then I fiercly and without mercy tell it to use Psychic attack again and again until Pikachu can take no more and fianally faints
Trommelstocke [1:55 PM]: then I will be master of the Pokemon League!
TooHott4u1415 [1:56 PM]: how gay lol
Trommelstocke [1:56 PM]: Gay? Can you say that you've beaten Ash and his unholy array of Pokemon? No one yet has defeated him, until now
Trommelstocke [1:57 PM]: None shall stand in my way
Trommelstocke [1:57 PM]: no one will laugh at my hump or they shall be slain
Trommelstocke [1:57 PM]: the world will be at my mercy
Trommelstocke [1:58 PM]: but then, I crawl through radioactive ooze, and I mutate into... A TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE!
TooHott4u1415 [1:58 PM]: lol
Trommelstocke [1:58 PM]: And I'm all like "Dude! Lets kill Shredder and eat pizza man!"
TooHott4u1415 [1:58 PM]: what a fruit loop
TooHott4u1415 [1:58 PM]: which one r u
Trommelstocke [1:59 PM]: Toucan Sam of course, and a lifetime of following my nose has led me to good fortune and endless bowls of cereal
Trommelstocke [1:59 PM]: also, I have sex with men, and sometimes sheep if the mood strkes me
Trommelstocke [2:00 PM]: especially sheep
Trommelstocke [2:00 PM]: especially your mom
TooHott4u1415 [2:00 PM]: oh my god
TooHott4u1415 [2:00 PM]: whatever
Trommelstocke [2:00 PM]: don't deny your feelings
TooHott4u1415 [2:01 PM]: dude dont even say that my mom died 4-real enough playin k
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: well...
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: I'm not a playa
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: so
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: leave me alone
Trommelstocke [2:01 PM]: if you haven't already got that hint
TooHott4u1415 [2:01 PM]: fuck you then
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: yay
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: I don't think I can afford you though
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: only have $5
Trommelstocke [2:02 PM]: not signed on eh? I win!

Good stuff I'd say. If you don't say, well then, You should just swallow a frisbee and get it over with.

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Gonads and strife [19 Oct 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | Deftones - Battle Axe ]

Its been a busy two days. There was practice, the football game, the competition, lame haunted trails, and Matrix: Reloaded on DVD.

I'll tell you what, band seems to weigh on me more this year than any other year. Not a day goes by when the entire band isn't on the verge of a fist fight. I kinda let my frustration go on Mr. Nagel a little bit by yelling at him in front of the entire band. He made the whole drumline run a lap for it, and at first I felt guilty. But I found out that the drumline was completely behind me and didn't mind the lap at all. Some people even came up and said I was their new hero. That one black kid even said he would stop calling me a racist cracker (I'm not racist, I swear. I love black people, they're so cool and dark). Good times.

The football game went well. We had a drum-off against Miamisburg's drumline. They were bigger than us but we still creamed 'em. Take that fools. We're so cool.

The Mason competition went merely ok. We placed third in our class, but our score went up considerably. Big N said that we beat everyone else in our class and most of the Open class bands in Musical Performance, so that was something to be proud of, I guess. Hooray.

Don't ever go to Psychopath. You might just wet yourself in boredom. I know I did.

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Good Times [16 Oct 2003|09:11pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Linkin Park - Runaway ]

Today was a good day.

Today was also the day for Sweetest Day stuff. Kim got me a rose with a little message on it, it was really sweet of her. I feel kinda bad, all I got her was a lousy whatever-the-heck-they-are-flower for a dollar. My sister got 6 flowers from her boyfriend, none of which had a message. Which leads me to believe that he cannot read or write, and that is no big surprise. You should see him, I'd rather my sister be dating a girl than that loser-face. I wonder how he even could afford 6 flowers? Drug sales probably.

Today went alot better than yesterday. As usual, I was swamped with Newspaper work. Appearently, my position of Layout Editor covers all tasks defined as "whatever the other editors are not doing." So I do alot of the dirty work, but I don't complain, because I happen to be quite abusive with my power. I often insert pictures of myself on the pages people are working on, with messages such as "Praise him in all of his glory!" and "Mike Williams! Low fat!" and they have to remove it before the pages go to be printed. I also make fake front pages proclaiming myself "Man of the Year". It's alot of fun, but now everyone thinks I'm conceited. Oh well, they're inferior anyway.

Band was after school today, and, as usual, we were on the verge of attacking each other for things such as being one inch off in our intervals, being an inch off in stick heights, and having certain names. Oh well. At least we don't suck like the mellos, the trumpets, the tubas, the clarinets, the flutes... well, everyone except the baritones. The baritones are pretty cool, and, they happen to not suck.

Robert and I were going to go to Hauer to get me some Hannum outdoors and a pair of Hannum-piccolo outdoors, but we decided tomorrow morning would be better. After that, I'm going to Kim's, and then the drumline party, and then, the football game.

Mason competition this weekend. I'm pumped. All this hard work better pay off or I'm going to strangle someone. Probably you.

I wanted to end this post with a good link, but all I could find was this

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School is the suck [15 Oct 2003|04:06pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Deftones - Battle Axe ]

No band today (hooray). Although I still had to stay after and do the whole Sweetest Day flower sale junk. I would've skipped it, but technically I'm an officer (if you can call Sgt. @ Arms an officer) and Mrs. Stormer pretty much hates me as it is, so that wouldn't be wise.

The day went so slowly... and throughout the day I just got pestered with the littlest things, which collectively have somehow put me in a bad mood. The Spanish test didn't go well, although I have a 98% in the class, I still hate doing poorly on tests. I have an 88% in Calc, which I'm hoping will be an A by the quarter. The worst of all is Physics. I cannot use words to describe the deep hatred I have for Mr. Chivers. If he would die tomorrow, I would dance happily on his dead body, singing all the while. It sounds bad, but I'm only trying to potray my hatred. He is the stupidest teacher I've ever had the displeasure of having. Therefore, I have a 72%. I'm not a C guy. That pretty much tipped the scales in favor of my bad mood.

But, to linger on the bad is what will send you to Badmoodsville, so I won't even think about it anymore.

Blah, I don't want to write anything else right now. Come back later.

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Lunatics, Bubble Bobble, and amishers, oh my! [14 Oct 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Blue Devils drumline '99 - The Ditty - basses only ]

Long days are my stock in trade.

I'm conviced that my music theory teacher has serious problems. She comes in everyday for about 5 minutes to see how the student teacher is doing... and she looks at me, Dennis, Dan, Josh and Robert and sees us doing our circles of minor 5ths without even looking at the page, while similtaneously having alot of fun. This is unacceptable (all the fun having) and she freaks out and asks if we think her class is a joke, and then threatens us with 100 point impossible quizzes on circle of minor major pentatonic radioactive lip slurs. We laugh and say something about how the vein on her head is funny, and she storms out. This happens every single day.

The rest of the day was uneventful... mostly just playing Bubble Bobble on my calculator every single class period... especially Spainish I, since it basically modern Latin. Its funny to look at my table in the senior dining hall. Nick Mitchell, Eric Franklin, Steve Back, Brent Stahlman and I are all playing Bubble Bobble.

And so, school ended with percussion class and Symphonic Band listings. Nothing was surprising, I'm in it and so are many people who deserve to be there, except William Marlette, who can't even tie his shoes, much less hit a drum in tempo. Poor Alexis is in concert band again, which is totally uncool. She's going to quit probably, and I don't blame her, its pretty stupid. Shes derserves to be in Symphonic.

After school I continued annoying the hell out of people by buzzing in the mouthpiece Dennis gave me. After making my lips bleed for a while, Mr. Ruff gave me some pointers on how to properly play a brass instrument. He told me about this wonderful, imaginary part of your body called the "amisher" which appearently I have to manipulate to make the proper sounds. I think I was born without this body part, as the sounds that come out of the horn sounds like a dying giraffe, and I am told that this is "not good" so I have to practice more. But really, I'm not doing too bad, I can kinda do lip slurs, and I can do a B flat major scale up and down.

Day 2 of Operation: "Learn how to play that shiny thing" completed successfully. I don't sound bad for someone who just picked it up.

I'm done, so... post something, or just leave.

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Haha, there's a subject line! [13 Oct 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Hurt - Johnny Cash ]

Well, it's almost time for bed. I wonder if we had music theory homework? Oh well, it doesn't matter, not like I'd do it anyway. I should probably start going to bed sooner, this way, I won't be so tried everyday. But, then again, sleep is for the weak. I'm not going to let some little thing like health control my life.

Anyways, like you care. If you're reading this its because I forced you to come here and look at it. Enjoy it punk.

On second thought, make your own journal. Whoa, I got mail, hold on a second... dammit, I don't want a 30 year fixed mortgage! I don't even have a house! AOL Spam blockers suck.

Well, until next time, here;s a website for your enjoyment: Make sure your parents are around to see you looking at this cool stuff!

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[13 Oct 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Linkin Park - Don't Stay ]

And so, another day has arrived, and here at my computer I have arrived, inevitably. It's been a long long day.

It's amazing how I manage to BS my way through school. I'm 7th in my class with a 4.125 average. I never do homework, ever. I just thank the heavens everyday that I'm as resourceful as I am, because I would fail.
But anyways, I digress. Long day. Any day with band practice is a long day (this is everyday except Wednesday). But this day was particularly long, because our instructor decided that we need way more drill practice, and today was supposed to be an easy musical practice... and it wasn't. Gayocity to the max. So, as it goes these days, we're all super critical of ourselves and others (which is my influence, I'm sure) and so we're always at each other's throats "You missed the direction change you (insert curse here)!!", "No way dude, and besides, you're name starts with a D! And you clearly played measure 36 at a 6 inch level, when it is obviously at 9 inches, jacktard!" And so forth. But its because of this that we're so good, so we suck it up.

I decided sometime yesterday, as I was laying in bed, trying to sleep, that I wanted to learn how to play euphonium so that I could march it in corps (since there's a huge shortage of euph players). And so, I spoke with my good friend, Dennis "Dutchy" Giotta. He gave me a mouthpiece and thoughtfully stole a school baritone so that I could practice. I'm not that bad, I could totally be good enough by mid november. And I will, just you watch.

Now why do I swtich instruments? Well, I recently decided (also around last night) that I want to major in music and become a director in the future. I have perpetual band nerdness, and my momentum is built up. And so, I need to learn an actual "musical instrument" instead of "objects you hit and are really loud." I know all my major scales, and I know all the little terms such as "intonation" and "vibrato" and "play louder," so I should be ok. So I use so alot don't I?

But dinner is almost ready, I may post later, if you care. Which you don't.

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[12 Oct 2003|11:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Blue Devils Star Wars Warm-up (it is so cool) ]

Whoa! This Blurty thing is crazy. This will be my first entry, and I'm not excited at all. Why? Because it's freakin' 11:30 pm on a school night. No one is probably ever going to read this anyway, so who cares? I'm going to bed, or possibly the floor, depending on how far I get

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