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[06/18/06 10:36am]
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my 18 mo. old ;D

ily bebe

Active Journal.Friends Only.Very FEW PUBLIC ENTRIES. [09/25/05 1:05pm]
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My journal consists mainly of picture posts.I update about everything and nothing every single day.

As of February 04, 2005,

Please fill out(copy and paste)♥

o1.- - - Add me♥

o2.- - - Fill out textbox♥

o3.- - - I'll add you if we have something in common♥

o4.- - - Other than that...welcome to my life, I care about my friends on here & I try to reply to each comment!


:D I stole this! [03/15/05 5:26pm]
I saw this on a friends journal. I want to fill this post up with as many comments as possible. So go ahead and post whatever you want! Lyrics, Quotes, Shout Outs, Sayings, Ads, Pictures, Jokes...Whatever just COMMENT LIKE CRAZY♥

I'll update again when I get 1000 jk..just leave tons!♥♥♥


I'll ♥ u forever!

Post more than once! ;P

[03/10/05 6:40pm]
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