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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

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    Job Interviews Are Like Marriages
    Job interviews are like getting hitched. You are excited before hand, and quite nervous. At times, you don't fully know the person who you are getting married to. You may think you know them, but wait until the honeymoon. Lastly, job interviews determine your future. Three reasons why job interviews and marriage have a lot more in common than most people think.

    I have one. A job interview that is, on Monday at 10:00 am with a man named Jonathan at Dreamer's Coffeehouse and Deli. I am psyched. Here are goals which I see being a product of my interview at Dreamer's.

    1. I will get to work at a coffeehouse which is enjoyable, pays well, offers me the hours I want, need and deserve to have available to me, and I will be able to work with a manager whom I enjoy being around. Period.

    2. I will get free food unlike the place I work now that charges employees up the ass for food. ($3.00 for a Panini Sandwich, are you kidding me? Sixty cents for a banana? What? This is what I pay at Wal-Mart! More expensive, actually! Bullshit!)

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