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Sunday, March 18th, 2012

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    A few many years ago, my husband and I flew to Seattle, Washington with some buddies of ours. We sta
    To begin with, allow me point out that we are really conservative, therefore the plot of the joke was totally from character! When we heard them drive up, my husband and I ran into the bathroom, and turned around the shower. We started laughing like we were as much as something mischievous! The men walked in and questioned exactly where we were at. The women told them that we disappeared just a little whilst ago and they heard the shower going with us giggling inside! They could not think it! They kept stating "No Way! " We had them believing that we left everybody to go perform within the two headed shower! Maybe it is 1 of these jokes which you had to become there for, but I nonetheless chuckle at it, and I nonetheless use my to purchase my shampoo and conditioner with. Over-all it was a great journey feria black!

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