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Thursday, November 13th, 2003
7:45 pm - Chit Chat
Today, at work. A group of teenies entering the shop, giggling and blushing at the lingerie pieces. Bought thongs, and the thought made me laugh. The older couldn't be more than 13. What is it with thongs ? It's like, if you don't have any, you're not worthy. I didn't wear thongs 'till I was 18, and that never bothered me or my bfs. *shrugs*

Anyway.......N still have his cast, and still is a pain in the ass. Chased me around the apartment with his voice until right now. I'm closing myself in my bubble to be able to be alone for a few minutes. He keeps asking for this or that, wanting me to do that or this...It's rather annoying. I do love him, but sometimes, I just want to strangle him and make everything go away. I have a master headache. Ugh.

current mood: sick
current music: 30 Seconds To Mars - Fallen

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
5:25 pm - Wow
Gosh. Didn't thought it was so long ago I updated this thing. Truth to be told, I've been busy. I wrote like crazy, since my bf left to go to Paris, for work. He's not home 'till Wedsneday. I'm like very bored, waling around with his clothes on because I miss him, but my writing kept me occupied, when it wasn't my best friends for their birthday. Oh my, what a party. It was great, even if my bf was missing. He's like always the first to begin the party and the last to finish it, so...weird.

Anyway.....work is all the same. Fun, cool. I like this shit, really. My boss is great, and I'm around lingerie all day (*laughs*). I can't wait to open my own shop. Well, I've got a few years before me. Ugh.

Hmm.....basically, I wanted to update. Here I go !

current mood: lethargic
current music: Eminem - Cleanin' Out My Closet

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
7:42 pm - Terrified.
Bf just had an accident. I went crazy when I learned it. I was in work, helping a young lady to choose some outfits, when my boss told me I should take a call, because it was urgent. So, I take it, and one of my bf colleague tells me quickly that N. is in the hospital, and it looked important when they went to take him. So I'm like becoming from slightly worried to extremely panicked. I call my best friends and tell them to come pick me up at the moment. My boss let me leave (if she didn't, I think I would have punched her, anyway :P ), and I'm leaving the Mall I work in in such a hurry I fell flat on my face as I trip on a chestnut. We drive to the hospital, I'm crushing my best friend hand (the one who wasn't driving, you silly. They're twins ;) ), totally out of my mind.
And I discovered that N. has a slight commotion, not serious. But the worst is that he has a fibula fracture. So, that means that he won't be able to work for 2 months. I'm extremely worried, because he loves his job as much as he loves me. It's all his life, and since he had several fractures and broken bones, he had to stop several times, and he told me he didn't wanted this anymore. So....ugh. I'm terrified. Terrified for him.

current mood: worried
current music: Rachel Stevens - Silk

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Sunday, October 5th, 2003
6:04 pm - Ugh
I want to see Still Life, damnit. I know, it's not even airing yet (midseason on Fox), but still. I miss my weekly Jensen fixes. When there wasn't Dark Angel anymore, I still Days Of Your Lives, and then, Dawson. But Dawson is almost finished, and Jen is so irritating me I don't even watch all the time, and he finally left Days Of Your Lives. so, how do I do, now, huh ? I'm going into withdrawal, I swear. thanks there are fanfictions.

Don't you find it weird that I'm totally distressed because I can't see a guy on tv ? I really am pathetic. Of course I'm overreacting, in what ? Five minutes I will feel better, but still. Hum. Just a little pic, to make me happy, okay ? heee.

(courtesy of jraunlimited.com)

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2:34 pm - Morning call sucks.
7 a.m this morning. Was sleeping when N., bf, decided it was time for him to work out a little. I wouldn't mind, usually, but he's not forced to work his muscles with music at 7 fucking A.M ! N. only giggled when I groaned and put my head under my pillows. Went to me and told me I needed exercise, too, so I should work with him. Kicked him rather hard on the shin with a cold foot. He yelped, I laughed.

I hate being awakened harshly. Makes me in a bad mood. And the worst is, he knows it. Ugh.

current mood: grumpy
current music: The Calling - Unstoppable

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Saturday, October 4th, 2003
10:47 pm - No Worries....Being Happy...Blah Blahhh...
My bf is being extremely annoying tonight. It's like he won't stop whining about me spending too much time on the comp. Like I am ! It's not even the truth. I spent all my day with him, and at the only moment of the day where I have some inspiration, where my Muse is willing to let me write for a while, he has to whine like a big baby.
Usually he understands that I need some time for myself, to write, or rant, or anything else...because without that, I would blow even more than I already do. But, sometimes, he feels like bugging me, and takes a torturing pleasure in doing so. It's like...it's like he wants us to fight. And when I don't wanna fight, I hate this game.

I would kill him, sometimes. Don't come and think I don't love him, because I do, really. But he's just like that, as weird as I am. He's gona be all cold with me when I'll need some cuddling, and he'll be all cuddly when I want to be left alone for a moment. Oh well. Just ignore him, and think about Dom. Yeah...Dom in the shower...Dom in satin sheets...Dom naked in satin sheets....

current mood: annoyed
current music: Joydrop - Beautiful

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10:41 pm - Fucking fanfics.
I'm in love with fanfiction. So, I'm a geek, and ? I know lots of geeks, like me, and I love them, most of the time, anyway. Well, whatever.

A New Day

Here is an original fic I wrote a long time ago. I thought it wasn't bad, so.....enjoy !

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current music: Linkin Park - In the End

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10:20 pm - Dom, my Love, my Future.
Dom. As in Dominic. As in Dominic Monaghan. Yeah, so, I already have a bf, but a girl can dream, right ? hehe. I so want that guy. Lots of my friends keeps telling me that he's not that cute, or hot. *shrugs* Well, it's not my opinion. God, he makes me have so many dirty thoughts, I swear. It's just that...I don't know, it's all these imperfections of his, I think. You know, like his nose, that may seems big, and his ears, that sticks out. I just love all that. It just adds to his hotness. Anyway...enough about Dom.

I'm sure nobody will read this shit anyway, so why bothering, you'd tell me ? Well, it's because...I wanted to. So, nobody cares about that journal ? Great, I don't care either. Oh God. I'm really being a bitch, ain't I ? Hehe.

Oh, btw. My Dom is the little one. Yeah, he's a Hobbit, what can I do ?

current mood: crazy
current music: Jennifer Love Hewitt - How Do I Deal ?

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10:09 pm - Bloody Attitude !
so, here I am. Creating a fucking livejournal. Nothing better to do, I think ! I'm pathetic. Anyway...welcome ? Hehe. Here will be my journal, where I will talk about my life, my writings, my readings. Don't worry about anything that may seems weird for you, I'm just like that. Schizophrenic, pathetic, insomniac, cheerful, weird girl. I'm...me.

current mood: creative
current music: The Gathering - Saturnine

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