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hey guyz [03 May 2003|12:36pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | rock your body ~ justin timberlake ]

hey everyone, i havent been around here for a long time.. i have a new journal thing.. its, its way hott, and thats where i been spendin my time. well life for me is going pretty good, my prom is coming up, cant wait for that. my birthday is in 18 days.. so cool. well i dunno, i dont feel like writting, just check out my diaryland page, all my stuff is there. peace

<33 chrissy

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soo bored [01 Apr 2003|05:50pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Sing For the Moment ~ Eminem ]

hey peoples, im so bored today.. im mad though because i got caught leaving votech w/ someone i wasnt supposed to leave with!! OMG it sucks I didnt ride the bus, BIG DEAL.. i ALWAYS ride the bus... so whatever, other than that my day was okay. i got yoga in gym class, that is gonna be the best, lol i get to sleep all gym period.. anyway, im out, i got stuff to do.. <333
xoxo chrissy
***I Miss you Mr. Griffith! <333*
Come home soon...

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so, so, so bored... :( [30 Mar 2003|03:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Swing Swing ~ the All American Rejects ]

hey peoples, im like so bored.. rainy sundays suck soooo much!! I was SUPPOSED to go out today, but i didnt, cuz once again guys suck and they always will!! well there isnt really much to talk about, never is.. so i just stopped in to say *HI!*, so im out.. ttyl
xoxo chrissy

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hey everyone! [27 Mar 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Seether ~ Fine Again ]

hey peoples!! i havent been around for awhile, lol. things are going good, ive been pretty happy lately, i have my reasons lol, its great! :) some guys are just fabulous, lol finally found a good guy, thats not easy i tell ya.. anyways, nothing is really new, just being me and moving on in life... guess what guys?? i get my liscense in 2 months!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait! lol school has been okay, i have a 92 in algebra 2, which suprises the hell out of me cuz i suck in that class.. well im out peoples, hopefully ill write 2morro...
XoXo Much Love... Chrissy

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Too cool for school [18 Mar 2003|01:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | One Step Closer ~ Linkin Park ]

Hey guys, im in School right now, isnt that way cool... lol. im sittin in the computer lab listentin to Linkin Park ~ Somewhere I belong... lolz. im way bored.. anyways im like way bored.. my day wasnt that bad but, i guess all i gotta say is that guys are BIG JERKS!!! well im bout to go type my recipe for culinary arts.. lol :)
<33 Chrissy XoXo

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lalalala off in lala land.. [17 Mar 2003|07:48pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Wondering ~ Good Charlotte ]

hey hey peoplez, im like totally going crazy!!! lol well anyways, ok i told you my week was gonna suck!! i didnt lie.. i think its always gonna suck until i finally decide to move on... help! cuz i really dont know when thats gonna be, i guess ill know when it happens... i need to find another guy that catches my interest(lol no randi i dont want ur brother...) but, like im gonna keep saying, i cant get over this one... cuz well hes what i wanted, damn life sucks.. so do guys.. they can all fuck offf!!
XoXo Chrissy <33
*Good Charlotte rockz da house, my new GC Icon RULEZZ!!! FUCK OFF!*

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SoOo BoReD [15 Mar 2003|06:00pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Addicted ~ Simple Plan ]

hey peoplez, im so bored, i guess it would help if i had a life.. lol yeah right, well my day wasnt bad but it wasnt great sooo.. whatever. i saw alot of hott guyz 2day, lol j/k.. bill isnt hott, anywayz. i hope this week coming up is good for me, it probably wont be, but im gonna try.. lolz well im gonna go, ill write later on

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hey pe0plezZ [14 Mar 2003|05:15pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Sean Paul ~ Gimme the Light ]

hey b0iiz n gurlzz im sooooo b0red, lolz. my weekend is going 2 suck so bad, i have nothing to do, so anyway i know last sunday i said this week was going to be good for me no matter what... well i lied my week sucked cuz guys are assholes!!! well, i talked to my friend eddie that i havent talked to in almost a year.. so that made me happy :) :) anyways, i dont really understand guys, but i dunno thats just me, so many people want me to be happy and i want to be, but i like i dont know what to do... i would do anything to be w/ him but he is just so confusing.. well im outzz.. ill talk to you guys later
<33 Chrissy*
*Good Charlotte ROCKZZZ!!!*

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*CiNdEreLLa* [12 Mar 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | I'd Do Anything ~ Simple Plan ]

Mmm...I'm Cinderella!
Which Disney Princess are You?Find out!

LoLz.. I take too many quizzes.. lol anyway i had a really bad day:(.. well im outtie

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*GuYz SuCk!!* [10 Mar 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Ice Ice Baby ~ Vanilla Ice[yeah baby! lol] ]

hey guyz n galz, howz it hangin ya'll, my day was pretty sucky until i got to Votec, then i had lots of fun, i have soooo much fun w/ my friends there, they really know how to make me be happy... :) Anyways, nothin new is going on... just the fact that i have decided guys suck and are assholes!! j/k i still like SOME guys.. like John n Tim, they can make me laugh n be happyz!! :) yeah n Justin<33, but anyways my Algebra 2 teacher wasnt here 2day so that was GREAT!!! well i dont have much to write so I'm out.. oh one last thing 2morro is my buddy Robinz Birthday sooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!!!! <33333
*Chrissy XoXo
*Good Charlotte Rockz da house bitch!*

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Im tired.. lol like always [09 Mar 2003|05:39pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | Air Force Ones ~ Nelly ]

Hey guyz... I'm sooo tired, I dont wanna go back to school 2morro, LoL.. I never do. I'm pretty excited, March 20th is open house at my Votec and I'm doing a chocolate dessert competition.. lol I cant wait.. anyways, Sunday is almost over! YAY!! My boy Dale Jr finished 3rd today, way to go Dale.. been doing good :) :) anyways, i dont have much to say, other than im tired.. lol well i guess ill write again[whenever i get more time], luv ya guyz!!
*Chrissy XoXo
*Good Charlotte kicks ASS <--- So does Dale Jr!! Go #8!!*

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Itz too early.. lol [09 Mar 2003|10:41am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Somewhere I Belong ~ Linkin Park ]

good mornin peoples... i juss woke up like 10 minutes ago.. lol. im not sure what im doing 2day... but anyways my weekend has been pretty good so far. nothing bad has happened, but me n my cousin had a pretty good time yesterday.. lol. but itz sunday n the weekend is almost over, *sigh*.. but im going to make this a good week for me, i swear! lol well anyway im bout to go.. ill write later on :)
*Chrissy XoXo
*Joel N Bengi are so sexy! Good Charlotte Rockz!*

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*YaWn* [08 Mar 2003|08:14am]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Riot Girl ~ Good Charlotte ]

mornin peoples, its saturday, big whoopie.. anyway.. im mad cuz i didnt get enough sleep and i woke up cuz people in my house dont know how to shut the hell up! LoLz.. anyway, i dunno what im doin 2day, probably a whole bunch of nothin.. well, my week pretty much sucked, it felt like it would never end and plus it just wasnt good, nothing good happened... it pisses me off.. lol j/k, well i dunno.. i guess im done.. laterz <33
*Chrissy xoxo
*Good Charlotte rockz baby!!*

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boring day [06 Mar 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | my bloody valentine ~ good charlotte ]

hey people, im so bored!... im sittin here talkin to my cousin about who we wanna take to our prom.. lol i already know, but at this time, i dunno if he'll go w/ me, lol.. anywayz, 2morro is Friday, YAH!!!!! ive waited all week to sleep in! lol well im bout to be out, ttyl <33
*Chrissy xoxo
*Good Charlotte rockz da house!!*

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hey people [05 Mar 2003|04:27pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Ignition[ReMiX] ~ R. Kelly ]

hey guyz, havent been around for awhile... lol yay! Dale Jr finished 2nd last Sunday, good job you hott sexy thing.. lol. anywayz not much going on in the land of me, ive been testing all week[great fun], but we get half days so its alllll good. i dunno whats goin on this weekend, i have no plans.. lol anwayz, this guy in wendys was checkin me out the other day, he was hottttt!! lol and then this guy that lives down the street from me was tryin to get wit me when i was walkin down the street[but he never came out later, well i wasnt around later, lol] anywayz he was way hott! well im bout to go, ill talk to yallz later <33
*Chrissy xoxo
*Good Charlotte rockz baby!! I luvz Joel!*

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so bored [02 Mar 2003|03:53pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Little Things ~ Good Charlotte ]

hey people.. im sittin here watchin NASCAR, yeah baby my man Dale Jr is in the lead!! lol he is da best, i love dale jr.. lol hehe. im really bored 2day, itz nice out 2day but i have nobody to do anything with.. lol. well im gonna go watch my man dale jr kick some ass.. lol, peace.
*Dale Earnhardt Jr & Kurt Busch kick ASS, go #8 n #97!!*

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hey peoplez [02 Mar 2003|11:13am]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | *No Music* ]

mornin mornin, im bored.. itz sunday, whoopie... i have algebra homework to do[what fun], i didnt go to school on friday so i have like 2 tests to make up.. i think, its really bad that im so bored i want to go back to school. i think i need a life, cuz i dont have one.. like my friend kyle has a woman now, so he never wants to do anything and my cousin erin, i can never find and well in this town thats pretty much it, i would go see my friend randi but she lives like not near my house, so i dunno how i would get there.. but other than that i have nobody to go see... lol i know, im a loser... well anyway, i was lookin at that thing in my last journal entry[about josh hartnett], well anyway it says i like that shy guys that take awhile to open up.. well i dont like that damnit.. ok shy guys are ok, but i need someone that CAN open up.. lol thats a tough one.. well im out. <33
XoXo Chrissy*
*Good Charlotte is da best band EVER! Joel is hotttttt!!*

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*Josh Hartnett* [28 Feb 2003|11:43am]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Youth of the Nation(POD) ]

josh on beach
Congrats!Your ideal male movie celeb mate is Josh
Hartnett! You like those shy guyz who are so
cute but it takes them a while to open up!

which is your ideal male movie celeb mate?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yah! Josh Hartnett is so fiiiine.. lol. he is majorly hott, anywayz he is my dream celeb guy!! lol he was way hott in pearl harbor.. lol
**Good Charlotte rockz baby!**

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letz get in on til the early morn [28 Feb 2003|08:43am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Cry Me a River(Justin Timberkake ~ hes gay) ]

hey hey gutz, im so booored, i decided to stay home 2day, screw school i dont need an education.. lol j/k. well anyway.. im not sure im what im going to do 2day, i think i might go shopping, i saw these pants i wanted in american eagle and i think im gonna get them... i dunno, of course ill have to go to hot topic, lol i hope joey is working, he is so cute and plus i like that store, they have a good charlotte hoodie i want.. its cool. anyway.. i cant wait until may now, the good charlotte & nfg concert is gonna kick ass, im so excited, this is gonna be my first concert and its gonna be good charlotte, so im happy.. lol. well peoplez im gonna go do some other crap, ill be back laterz!!
<33 Chrissy
*Joel is soooo sexy!! Good Charlotte May 2nd @ Fisrt Union Spectrum.. im countin down the dayz!!*

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mornin guyz [28 Feb 2003|06:21am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Movin On(Good Charlotte) ]

hey peoplez.. its early!! UGH! anyway.. my school has an hour delay so im like really bored, lol. i slept good last night, after i FINALLY hung up w/ Kyle.. lol. i guess i slept good cuz i had some interesting dreamz.. :), lol. they were good! well im so bored, i can already tell this day is going to suck really bad.. my school has never had an hour delay since ive been there, so im going to be totally lost.. lol well i gotz to go, luv yall <33
XoXo Chrissy <3
>Good Charlotte & New Found Glory, May 2nd @ First Union Spectrum, CHRISSY IS GOING!!

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