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    Saturday, April 19th, 2003
    1:18 am
    the dreaded first page
    Where do I start ?? , Why do people write journals even ?? I think at the moment for me its partly boredom and partly a way to think out problems by typing out the problem.
    I love all my family so much but sometimes I feel like the meat in the sandwich and cant say how I truly feel without hurting someone's feelings
    I think I am a typical mother , puts my feelings at the bottom of the list, or is that a typical reaction to my feelings , something I bottle up till it get to the point that I explode.
    Do you ever feel so lonely even though you have people around you ??
    I feel like I should be this bouncy person who should feel so happy , yet I feel so sad. I remarried on New years Eve and my hubby makes me so happy although its so hard for us at the moment as we are struggling money wise and nothing is going quite right.
    I have two teenage daughters, and they are good kids, alot better than many of the kids today, but they still have little or no respeect for the feelings of others /or respect elders- a age old problem I know.
    Well with that off my chest I feel a bit better

    HUGZ me

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