18.12.2004, 01:39am

Blurty is really, really irritating me of late.

I don't want to switch to LJ, as I already have an LJ but it's friendslocked to about, like, six people and is for sorta personal stuff. Seriously considering a move to Blogger or something, though. Hm.

In other news, er... happy Christmas?

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9.12.2004, 08:00pm

I wish I had channel 5. They're showing "The Truth about Killer Squid" right now, and how could that possibly not be cool?


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24.11.2004, 05:27pm

I slept, with a few brief interruptions, for fifteen hours last night. From around 9pm to midday the next day. The hell? Who sleeps for fifteen hours? And why am I still tired?

(No, don't tell me "sleeping too much makes you tired" because at the moment I'm also tired when I've slept too little, and when I've slept only slightly "too much", and when I've slept precisely eight hours, so I don't know what exact amount I'm supposed to get in order to actually feel awake.)

I think it must be the lack of light at this time of year, perhaps, or something.

Off to Australia again, then. It's clearly the only solution. :)

(I dreamed the other night that I went there again and instead of being mopey and jetlagged I immediately felt bright and optimistic, and I was watching ibises from my window. It made me suddenly miss the place.)

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19.11.2004, 08:17pm

Good lord, the entire world and its dog are on Livejournal these days. Even my mother has one now. She will be an internet celebrity soon, possibly.

I have to spend seven hours on a train tomorrow returning to Brighton after a very pleasant week hiding up here with the parents, the cats and the lovely Manchester snow. Sigh.

On the bright side, I'm only there for another three weeks or so, and Annette will be there for at one of those weeks.

... nope, still not cheered up about it.

... at least I'll have my own computer back and will be able to make a nice-ish layout for this thing again.

... nope, still not working.

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17.11.2004, 11:42pm


I was internetless for a while, and then college, etc etc.


Yes. Proper entries follow soon. No, really this time.

Edit: Oh yeah, for you livejournal-types, I have a livejournal feed thingy of this blog now. (I am so geeky.) It's "slowdazzled". I'm not sure I'd actually recommend adding it though as the syndication feature appears to be a bit sucky and just shows a link to here whenever I've updated it.

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28.8.2004, 01:39pm
One week to go...

And then there'll be proper updates, but for now I'll leave you with this, from a brochure about safety in the sea:

"Most jellyfish attacks in Australia have been recorded in coastal areas."

"Most"? MOST?

What on earth went on with the others? Do they crawl inland and jump out at you from behind rocks?

In other news, saw kangaroos yesterday and a mother dolphin with her baby today. Whee. Still don't have a suntan, though.


* * *

7.8.2004, 03:06pm

Well, they didn't have to watch anything in Morse Code, and in fact they had a rather lovely weekend, but they brought me home a T-shirt which says "Be Bloody, Bold And Resolute" so I'll forgive them.

Oh, and... Uh... possibly I should have mentioned this earlier?

I'm going to Australia for a month. Tomorrow.

Take care, and I will update when I can.

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23.7.2004, 03:21pm

My parents have gone to Stratford-upon-Avon for a weekend of sightseeing and theatre stuff, without me. This is appallingly unfair. I am the Shakespeare geek in this family.

Bah. I hope the usual company is on holiday and they have to watch an experimental production of Macbeth being performed entirely in semaphore with all the actors dressed as farm animals.

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23.7.2004, 01:12am
trying to be a Real Person, again

"You want some green tea?"
"If you're making it."
"It has echinacea in it. And it's fair-trade. It'll boost your immune system and provide proper wages for tea growers."
"... God, Cait, your tea has more of a purpose in life than I do. I don't want it now."

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21.7.2004, 07:03pm

Finally got round to making a proper new layout for this thing.

Suffering from post-Parisian depression. Blah.


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20.7.2004, 12:36pm
Well, I'm back.

So, what did we do? )

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15.7.2004, 11:53pm
days of wine and roses, indeed.

I spent last night talking to cute French boys in a park and watching fireworks explode behind the Eiffel Tower. Now that is not something you get to do every day.

(It's great! You talk in FRENCH to French people and they talk back and ACTUAL COMMUNICATION happens! I mean, a bit clumsily, but it basically works! I know this seems rather obvious, but I'm rather stupid and English and monolingual, and I am trying very hard to learn French now, but all my learning of it so far comes from books and online courses and school, and I always had this vague feeling that it's not actual real French, but something they just made up to keep me quiet or something, and that actual real French people in France were just going to look at me blankly when I tried it, but no, it works! Whee!)

Today, Place de la Nation and Montparnasse. I am doing a whole load of shameless tourist stuff and I don't care. (I'm also staying in a hotel somewhere in a very non-touristy outskirty bit of the city, so I I get to see The Real Paris too.) Right now, I'm all sunburned and half-drunk on cheap French white wine and rather happy. But not sleepy, so I'm using the hotel's net cafe. In my pyjamas. I think I'm far too used to living in a hotel; I've started to wander around this one as if, well, as if I live here.

Tomorrow, I am spending the day at Versailles. (Heh, I love phrasing it like that. As if I've been invited to the (eighteenth-century) court or something. Actually I'm just going to wander around the gardens and try to buy tacky souvenirs, but y'know.)

Back in three days.

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10.7.2004, 07:50pm

I neglect this journal shamefully. I keep thinking I should either close it down and give it a decent burial, or start posting regularly again. But honestly there hasn't been that much to report, except "lay on couch, watched bad TV, thought about how good it is not to be in college, attempted to learn French from book, failed".

This last part has been largely brought about by the fact that I am leaving for Paris in two days. For a week. So yes, with luck when I return from there I should have something to report, although since I am determined to get drunk on absinthe in sleazy Parisian bars I may actually have forgotten it all.

Shall return soon with tacky souvenirs and Eiffel Tower pictures, and, although I realise I haven't checked my friends list properly in over a week, hope you're all keeping well.

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19.6.2004, 08:06pm
Just a few links, because I'm too tired for deep insightful entries.

I am far too amused by Kingdom of Loathing (an odd little adventure-game-parody-thing).

You want explosions,
monsters, and don't forget the
exploding monsters.

And I am entranced by the spooky urban-decayed beauty of the 99 rooms.

In other news, I am finally done with college (for this year).



* * *

6.6.2004, 10:29pm

On the tv - on what looks like a reasonably serious show, but I'm not paying much attention to it - I just heard the line "There is a homicidal octopus growing inside his brain".

I think you'll all agree that this is the single best line of dialogue ever written, anywhere, in the history of ever.

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3.6.2004, 11:18am

Well, so that was my early twenties.

They were pretty good, I guess.

Hm. ~goes off to read her birthday present to herself, which is, er, a book about the French Revolution. Hurrah for geekiness.~


* * *

2.6.2004, 01:28am


Excuse me while I go hide under a blanket and eat chocolate in a darkened room for a week, please.

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29.5.2004, 06:09pm

I am no good at being a girl.

In fact I am no good at being a real person.

Remember I talked about going to Germany to visit a friend? This girl is great. Seriously. She cleanses her face at night and makes sure she takes off all her makeup. She drinks green tea and she makes it in a little china pot out of actual loose tea-leaves. She has clear skin and pretty hair. She keeps her socks in a sock drawer, in pairs, neatly rolled up. She cooks proper meals and nothing in her fridge has rotted and dripped into the salad tray. EVER. She also knows how to apply eyeliner properly. She has, I just know, never spent an afternoon lying on the floor of her room with the curtains drawn, drinking flat Coke out of the bottle and eating cookies straight from the packet because she can't be bothered to move. She has also never lost her house keys because she accidentally put them in the fridge when she was drunk. I can just tell. She is, in short, a Real Person and a proper woman, as opposed to an overgrown student waster like me. She's two years younger than I am.

When I got home, I looked at my room, and at the coffee cup I'd left on top of the microwave before leaving to catch my plane and which now had mould growing out of the top, and thought "I should be like that. I'm getting on for twenty-five. I should be like that. I should be less of a bloody mess," and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it, not even wash the coffee cup. (I was tired, okay. That 75-minute flight from Hanover is a killer. Shut up, it is.) But it stayed in my head, regardless.

Anyway, yes. So that's the backstory.

The point, though, is that I went to the supermarket, after all this, with the vague idea in my mind that I was going to buy girly stuff so I would be fragrant and pretty and suchlike, and maybe also buy some spices in jars because they'd look good and real-person-ish even if I had no bloody idea what to do with them. And I got to the bit where they sell shower gel and bubble bath and all that sort of thing. And there were six shelves of the stuff.

I swear, I think I spent about fifteen minutes standing there thinking "Oh. That stuff says it has lavender and herbal extracts. But it says 'handwash' on it, and I want to use it in the shower. Can I use 'handwash' in the shower? Is that allowed? Will it explode? Do I have to get both 'handwash' and 'shower gel', one for each? That's awfully expensive. I bet a Real Girl would have both, though. And matching shampoo and conditioner so their hair would smell the same as their skin." This internal monologue went on a lot longer, but I'll spare you the rest of it because if I don't, you'll a) get very bored and b) have serious doubts about my ability to function as a capable member of society.

Eventually, and fortunately for all concerned, my brain cut in and screamed "CAIT. They're SOAP. They're ALL JUST SOAP. What the fuck is this about real girls? What exactly are you, then, a blow-up doll? For God's sake, stop being so fucking melodramatic. Now just BUY some SOAP and then we can both go home and have a cup of tea."

So I bought a bar of cheap soap and left. Hm.

(See, I bet a Real Girl wouldn't have a miniature mental breakdown over buying soap.)

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* * *

28.5.2004, 06:36pm

There. It's not really a new layout so much as a slightly revamped old one, but it'll do for now.

And now I guess I really have no more excuses to put off the work any longer... ~sighs~

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28.5.2004, 04:39pm

Ooh. A blogger code. B9 d t- k- s- u-- f- i o+ x e+ l c.

I like the word "blog". It's fun to say.

[Notes: I do keep this thing on my domain, honest - look! I have been blogging since 2000, just not in this journal. I started out on OpenDiary. And as for "2 to 3 times a week", er... shut up.]

Dear God. I swear, college has eaten my brain. Three more weeks though, and then I WILL BE FREE. And will probably have failed, but that is not the point.

This thing badly needs a new layout. Would it be very bad of me to make one instead of working on my database's manual? It would, wouldn't it?

[mood: databases.]
[music: do databases make a noise?]


* * *