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[14 Jun 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | nothing ]

ok again have posted on a community about a layout

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hate work [14 Jun 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Madonna-Papa Don't Preach ]

i really really really really really really really really dont wanna go back to work.ive had a great week of resting and sleeping and not having to get up early bliss.still no reply to my question on layouts BASTARDS!!!! ROT IN HELL!!!
mark kept texting me asking why i didnt come round today and in all honesty its coz i couldnt be arsed and coz i knew he'd hassle me to get back with him WANKER!!!
i really want some ice-cream im sooo hot and we dont have any ice cubes coz (i think it was me) someone didnt refill the ice cube tray.and i cant be bothered to wait.
im gonna get a computer in my room brothers gonna build one for me yay thanx ben.:)
so i can update my blurty in the middle of the fat chance.
and even better it'll be broadband.wohoo.
sent mark a reply to his text saying that he'd spent the money he was supposed to give me (iv got enough now anyways) i sent
'couldnt give 2 shits now fuck off'
i just cant be arsed with that fool anymore.
yay me mums online laters

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dum dee dum [14 Jun 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Guns 'n' Roses-Welcome to the jungle ]

well all i can do now is wait.iv posted on various communities for a new layout,maybe i am being difficult in what i asked for but i did ask for the same lay out as what the community had!!??
im gonna be alright for thursday my parents explained that i had to phone up at 8 in morning for appointments,so thats one less worry for me.
then il just go in to work and try and hand in some sort of evidence (prescription,or appointment card) that i was at the doctors.
peice of piss lol.
had one last try at doing the layout such luck
havent a clue.
tom is online and chatty as usual lol he's just woken up.
i sent my question about layouts to the blurty help lol maybe il be able to undertstand them.
had a run in with our hamock dad was telling me how to get into the hamock so i sat on the edge of it,swivelled round like he said and i was on...for practically a second then i fell off the other side.
me and garden furniture DO NOT mix.
dam i cant believe theres blurty personals
who the hell looks at those ?????????????
well im gonna sit tight will im online fot the moment hopefully.

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[14 Jun 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Guns 'n' Roses-Welcome to the jungle ]

i want a new layout
im waaaay too thick to upload it as i tried to 'extract' the files and stuff
grr why do they have to be so fucking complicated
i cant fucking do this shit
FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh well [14 Jun 2004|11:13am]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Ozzy-Crazy Train ]

oh well my last full day of freedom then tomorow back to work.
i have posted on a few communitys about my layout hopefully they'l get back to me.
hayfevers back goddamit.
kinda nervous about my tattoo now as im bunking work to get it.i said id bring in a doctors note,phoned up the surgery and they have no appointments for a thursday that i could 'go to'
il phone up thursday before i go and see if i can quickly get an appointment card.that should do.
i tried searching on the internet for online sick notes that you could fill in and print such luck.BUGGER.could say i came in and handed it in to personell.that just might work.heres hoping.
FUUUUUUCK why do i have to have a runny nose.
ookkaaaay either i accidently deleted jennifer off my friends list or she did...whatever i did sorry :)
just clicked on the name apparantly its been suspended.
jen whats happened???
ok well im off now.
later all

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phew went well [13 Jun 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | John Cena-Basic Thugonomics ]

omg today was the coolest
me mum and kieth went to the horse and jockey beefeater and met her dad and sister
mums dad was really funny and witty and her sister i have decided is wearing chicken fillet thingys that you put in your bra.then we went back to mum and kieths house to make a birthday card for my brother (ben) who's birthday is today :)
then we went back to were i live and they met my parents there and had a look through all the photos i had been given and the ones that mum had.i must say i looked bloody foul when i was a baby i had all these tubes stuck up me nose (which probably explains why i get a stuffy nose)
i also reckon i strike a good resemblance to the ppl off legeue of gentlemen the local shop dudes.
in mum and keiths house they have all this hi-tec gear which is ill,state of the art computer and telly (well to me they are)
when i said goodbye i nearly started crying lol.wussy.
rene dupree online has got a new lay out i wish i could have a cool lay out for this page but have no idea how.anyone help me???
ill be going to seamus' pub tonight was invited by steph so il probably leave early coz football doesnt intrest me and itl be packed in there,im skint as hell i wish i was a millionaire,i deserve to be one i reckon lol.
i really like every one elses groovy icons where the hell do u get them from??again if anyone nos tell me lol.
oh yeah on the way back to mine we got stuck behind some sort of beverly hillbille type car,we over took it and i couldnt resist shouting yee haaaaaar unfortuantly we came up to the traffic lights so i had to duck coz they were behind us...wankers.
yeah ben and his girlfriend claire came back from greece yesterday they came round to see us this morning just befor i went out to see mum and kieth.tanned up and everything lucky like a bloody reflector lol not fair i cant tan at all.i sorta see a resemblance of 'dirty den' from eastenders in mums dad i told him that and he laughed hehehe.i didnt want to aske her sister about a boob job on our first meeting i decided sorry.
im not too sure if i wanna go to the pub actually im pretty knackered.just got off the phone made an excuse i am kinda pooped after today.this is really cute

OMG a really good place to go for dolls is
dont really have any that i resemble but im not amaziongly skinny..curvacious lol
yay me mums online.ok laterz

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todays the day [13 Jun 2004|09:48am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Marillion-Lady Nina ]

ok breath be calm yay yay yay yay todays the day i meet my mums dad and her sister.ooh this should be fun.ok but i gotta be good no cussing her dads wife and try to not to be too obvious when applying intrest onto the subject of weather her sister is an ex- druggie with a boob job.
spoke to mark and im gonna get £15 off the bugger lol. 'oh pleeeeease can you lend me some money?'
batting my eyelashes....sucker.
john cena looked gorg on smackdown my fave part was when he was getting ready for his 1st opponant (booker t) *drools* yummy yummy.
i cant decide weather i want starshine from my little pony as a tattoo

or starlight from rainbow brite as a tattoo...

let me no which one u prefer
if i had starlites body a different colour it would be better coz white for tattoos usually got a funny yellowish colour after sometime.its going that way on my 1st tat of stars
ooooo i no what would look really cute is a little tattoo of rainbow brite herself.

maybe not that design but you no what i mean lol.
oh god today i can have some ciggies.i asked amanda (my birth mum also on blurty) if we were going to be sitting in a smoking area of the beefeater i told her that it was my only concern,thankfully she kaughed and said that we are going to. yippee.
i told her that amber (half sister) should come on here but she reminded me that its for 18+ on here.that sucks.
my hayfevers alot better now iv got some tablets for it.but iv still got a snotty bunged up nose lol.
jennifer ur cousin is the cutest ever :)
mum???? civilised???? this should be good just read her new entry for today.
ok well im gonna get ready now bye ppl

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yay [12 Jun 2004|08:06pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Phil Collins-Easy Lover ]

wohoo my mummys joined blurty (demonic_bitch)
lol u aint to good at it yet tho are ya lol.
thank you sooooo much deathsxtynn04 for actually bothering to read my blurty oooh yay just got a comment off me mum lol.
ok im gonna read me comments byeeee

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not fair [12 Jun 2004|05:39pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Kajagoogoo-Hang on now ]

ok ok so its 5.40 but iv been woken up coz i was awake all last night and have been sleeping all day.its not my fault iv got hayfever and i couldnt get to sleep.i was threatened with the fact that if i didnt get up i wasnt gonna be taken to st albans train station tomorow to see my mum.i think im thinking of the right station but im not sure.
iv taken some clarityin for my hayfever its helped so i should be mums status on msn is set to busy :(
apparantly euro 2004 has started today (i dont follow football) my dads glued to the telly its portugal vs greece.we're (england) playing tomorow against france.its at 7 in the evening so i wont get much sleep tomorow be pooped out from meeting the rest of my family.
mark my ex sent me this text i believe this morning

do you still love me?or did you get ur feelings mixed up
coz i still love u and would do anyhting 4 u when ever or where ever
u wanted my darling little angel sarah.

its enough to make u hurl and i apologise
that is without a doubt the foulest text i have ever got.
and truth be told he does not do anything for

YAY YAY YAY YAY just remembered whilst on the toilet that john cena will be on tv tonight oh joy lol
he's sooooooo sexy.
at the moment this is my fave pic of him

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm looking good lol.
iv decided that my signature on this journal will be my 'starlight' blinkie its just sooo cute unless i come across another one.
just had a quick look and all blinkie sites have the same goddam blinkies lol.
brb i need a drink....aaah thats better.mums status is still busy probably sleeping :( not fair i wanna sleep.
i just might get a tattoo of Rainbow Brites horse-Starlite
just a smaller version of this-

he's soo cute,he and starshine from my little pony would have cute babies lol.

i cant wait to get my tattoo next week yippeeeeee,i think this one will hurt more than the one on my fore-arm.ok il update later or tomorow depending on how i feel.

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grrrrr [12 Jun 2004|01:25pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | telly ]

just woken up and have hayfever from hell.hardly got any sleep last night because of it therefore iv been sleeping until 1 this eyes arebloody itchy and iv got a stuffy nose :( im always the one that gets these things in the family.i ordered pizza.....i couldnt help it im addicted to those bloody potatoe wedges with the barbecue dip mmmm,oh yeah and i ordered a cheese n tomatoe pizza only because the wankers at dominos online say u gotta order a pizza.speaking to my mum on msn,has period from hell.i cant wait for tomorow oh and apparantly mum reckons that her sister has had a boob job.she said 'no one that skinny has boobs that big' il have to keep u posted on that but the truth will come out.

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im skint [11 Jun 2004|06:28pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Marillion-Sugar Mice ]

dammit i have very little money apart from whats in my savings account but i need that for my tattoo for next week
ok i have £4.70 in my main account and roughly £8 in my sux.i should work more hours but in all honesty im too fucking sure my loser ex tried to call me today although i was on here i checked my mobile and it said 'private number' unless my mum was ringing at her work as she did explain that the work number comes up 'unkown'
i dont wanna go back to work,i can't wait for my next week brother and his girlfriend should be back from their holiday in greece.i HATE boiling hot weather,it has to be hot with a lot of breeze i can't stand being sweaty URGH.maybe he has proposed to her but i don't think he would....well im not sure im not currently psycic or ever will be for that matter lol.
yet to have recieved any replies to my posts on oh well maybe in an hours time.i had no idea that the ex president reagans funeral was going to be telivised to the british today!!!!i'm not one to read the news i just hear from friends or one of those 'breaking news' reports in between a bloody good programme i happen to be watching (just my bloody luck)
i really fancy this graham bloke from work but he's too goddam shy and probably not into me.we have each others mobile numbers but its always me who has to start texting him.i reckon i'll always be unlucky in love lol
which sucks alot.maybe i shoulda just gone out for some ciggies today i havent had one for nearly a whole week :(.....i want more money why cant i just find £50 on the floor somewhere lol.

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ho-hum [11 Jun 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Simple Plan-I'm just a kid ]

this so called 'event' i will use to babble on about nothing of much importance or sense.
i was intrested when reading other ppls blurtys.they seem to have much more exciting lives than i do.anyone here wanna trade? lol.
discovered that someone up the road from us had been burgled.apparantly just the electrical stuff was of use to the/these heartless shits.THANK YOU TOM FOR GIVING ME A HUG AND BOTHERING TO VISIT MY BLURTY *hugs back*
i laughed at a girls entry in her blurty about a guy coming up to her saying she looked like his girlfriend from both sides.her reply was you look like my next victim.girl you rock.i remember she likes evanescense.amy lee rules.
sometimes i wish i was in america from what i read their lives are much less complecated and chilled.i no im wrong lol but i wish life was that simple.
speaking of simple i love the band simple plan they rock.david desrosiers is sooooo hot.
however.....not as hot as john cena.that retard that had put up a dating profile claiming to be cena has replied to my message,it says
'hi babe,im on the road at the moment travellling to the next event.we can meet up when i have the odd few days off.where abouts do u live sweet heart?
love john'
if that really was john i woulda melted but this guy sounds quite frankly obsessed with the wrestler and fakes a way of trying to be him lol dumb arse.
we're all having a great laugh about it on john cenas official message board.i told them id keep them posted,iv sent the same message as iv typed up here.hopefully i'll have a few replies by 10 tonight.
i think tom is avoiding me online or something its weird we talk ok when in person but not online...i guess its coz he's always busy with uni and stuff.he's moving house too lucky sod.mmmmmm im gonna have cheese and baked beans jacket potato for my dinner tonight.ooooookaaaaay i sound like a wanker now talking about what i'l be having for dinner but for those remote few that read this (if any) im sure u'll be intrested.however its now making me hungry talking about dinner. ok ok ok ok new subject erm.....oooo i know.i think this happened wednsday.i was having a really good sleep when some idiots came down the road with a loud speaker going on about the elections,i was rudely awoken and proceeded to shout out the window from my bedroom 'shut the fuck up no one cares about the shitty elections' feeling better afterwards i went back to sleep.although now i think about it i may have been in the wrong as not many ppl sleep until 12-1 in the morning/afternoon. lol it was my sleep time no one EVER disturbes me when i'm a sleep let that be a warning to everyone gonna put some pix in this entry just for the sheer fun of it.

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fucking thing [11 Jun 2004|03:19pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Kajagoogoo-Too shy ]

As i cant be arsed to type it all out again and have forgotton most of what i wrote,i will type out a rant instead.i typed out a fair bit and for some reason which i do not know of it was not added to my bloody hayfever has started up again and im lonely and skint.ok i'm starting to feel abit better now i've got that rant out my system i've changed my mood from 'angry' to 'annoyed' lol.sorry blurty i'm sure its not your fault *hugs*
well as im sorta feeling a bit more chirpy i'll get my poems and type them out again brb

i cut myself because of you.
i want to die and take you too
i'm lost in a world of faked fantasy.
or so thats what they've been telling me.
how do you find pleasure in my pain?
i'll make YOU cut yourself because of me
poisoning yourself like i did too.

theres no windows in this place
for me to show my weary face
every day it's all the same
trapped again in my own pain
i cry myself to sleep
so many secrets i must keep
no one to speak to nobody cares

ok i feel better now so once again iv changed my mood from 'annoyed' to 'content'

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[11 Jun 2004|11:28am]
<---------------ppl that have turned me down for dates

i love this pic

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[11 Jun 2004|11:13am]

give Lucky~Star more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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naughty me [11 Jun 2004|10:38am]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | Ozzy-Shot in the dark ]

im a regular poster on message forum
as i may or may not have said this retard was claiming to be john on some lame dating website.
i was amused about this for a few reasons
A-why the hell would a wrestler need to create a personal ad?
B-i doubt very much that john needs aid of a dating site to help him meet ppl
and C-the profile on the ad made him out to be an arsehole and ppl that have met him say that he's really nice etc etc,plus the 'photos' of him were off various wrestling sites and not ones that normal ppl post up on their ads.
i decided to be the ultimate bitch and play along with this idiots idea of fun,from what i remember i posted something like this-'hi sexy saw u on smackdown u looked hot!!! wanna meet up sometime?'
i love being evil :)
i don't think i'll be doing anything today remotely interesting,if not anything at all.probably just sleep all day lol.
i have the week off and all my friends are working ......SUCKERS.... lol.i dont want to go to the pub on my own like some dejected loser....hmm maybe i should go after all.and i cant spend any money as im saving £90 for my tattoo next probably choose my 3rd tat after having it done.and i get paid on 25th june so iv gotta be careful....and stock up on mum has sent my half sister amber the most idiotic picture of me...the one of me in my school uniform and when i had blonde hair.i am not in school anymore (so i burned the uniform) and i most certainly do not have blonde hair anymore (well the roots are coming through)i look like im high on something or very sister will probably think she has a drug addict as a sister.speaking of drugs my mum is sure that her sister is a druggie as she says 'she is really skinny and blabbers crap all the time' she has a good case i ex boyfriend who is now my good friend (tom) dragged me around camden on the hottest day ever.i was annoyed at the fact i gave an irish tramp my ice cream consisting of strawberry,banana and my favourite tutti frutti.tom said he had no money so there-fore i paid for pizza hut mmmmm.and at the end of the day he had bought 2 t-shirts,a metallica poster,a cd and a train ticket.'i only have £10 to spend' MY ARSE!!! im not going to bother asking for money returned for pizza hut as the tight fistted shit never repays me he 'forgets', 'is going back to bristol tomorow','is skint at the moment' or someother dumb excuse.
ok il write some more liberating stuff later

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mmmm john cena [10 Jun 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Duran Duran-The Reflex ]

oooo just got out my backlash dvd to watch john when he was a heel.he's still sexy minus the old grandad beach hat lol.i prefer his baseball hats he wears now personally.i was told today on his official message forum by someone that i have a good sense of humour,im touched no sarcasm i am genuinly touched.however once you get to no the real me u will however discover i have a foul,warped,sick,psychopathic sense of humour,the stuff i say on message forums or whatever are mild clean cute fun lol i'd like to think that anyway.
spoke to me mum and now it turns out i will be meeting her sister (my aunt) and her dad (my grandad)
and we'r gonna go to a beefeater yay coz her dad isn't one for burger kings (wussy)i havent been to a beefeater in ages iv forgotton how great the food is.although i feel bad as every1 else is paying and she said not to worry.god dammit i wanna contribute
i was amused by the fact that by typing 'prozac' it became underlined and linked to a drugs website it makes me smile that by reading my posts someone with depression can somehow find help off my warble.i doubt that will happen but heres hoping.
that idiot pricey has deleted all my guestbook signings the ungrateful twat.oh and by the way i can spell and use capital letters but in this case i really cannot be arsed i type too quick anyway so i dont really bother.

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hehehe [10 Jun 2004|05:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | The Smiths-This Charming Man ]

my first ever vote for england and who did i choose...for those who are bothered to read this i voted conservative
(because all the others in my family do) and an independant group called 'john james naisbit-formerly known as jim' lol (for obvious reasons on that vote) i just found it amusing.had my pizza and the poor delivery guy had to endure the dog who gets excited when someone comes to the door for those of you with a sick mind (not that sort of excitment)lol. after reading the lyrics to my song of the moment (the smiths-this charming man) i have discovered that what iv been singing is version is as follows 'this drugged up country boy'
whe in actual fact its 'this jumped up pantry boy' i prefer my version but i dont really see any difference in either version lol.saying that i also prefer my misheard version of 'the reflex'by duran duran.i stupidly sang 'il cross that bitch when i find her' and discovered it was 'il cross that bridge when i find it'.after thinking i would be alright without my handful of medication which consists of A-prozac B-2 rittalins C-3 blue little pills that name escapes me,my parents had to watch me have a brilliant temper tantrum of which i threw stuff around and threatened to cut myself , slit my wrists again,kill myself and run now i have to be woken up early with those bloody things chucked down me throat with OJ.hmmmm what else can i type down here...thats if any1 will bother reading my warblings well ok il put some of my fave sites up (bloody fit wretler.rapper) (friends website,funny shit) (this guy is a legend he hates everything and everyone) (if like me u cant be arsed to go out and withdraw money for pizza go here u can use your debit/credit card) (where i get most of my clothes) (name says it all)
ok well il go back to guzzling prozac.

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bored [10 Jun 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | mcfly-5 colours in her hair ]

how can u call 'bored' an event?? oh well....this is my journal of odd ramblings prepare to be bored lol.
at the mo' im just sitting here listening to my downloads on imesh,mcfly,the smiths,john cena,evanescence,distillers,disturbed and other punk,pop,rock,metal shit that no one else likes.

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