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Thursday, June 19th, 2003
Well life is a bore at the moment, BS is having to live with the consequences of her actions, as she now living with her ex and her boy in the same house. lmao, there both trying to kill one another, it's quite funny for me. It's just like watching Jerry Springer.(go Jerry, go Jerry) I think sometime BS is as dense as sand sometimes she rings going pooor mmmmeee but it like hello you did this to yourself.
Any ways it rush rush rush at the moment for me! I'm trying to get my cards business of the ground but it just not starting up. so I'm slugging at a web site right now every time I don't know how to do something it takes me an hour to get it right lol. well I've all ways loved a steep learning curve.
I got lor fellowship the game it so hard. Well maybe it just tricky but I'm stuck on this tree part just into the game so I think I might have to break my no walk through code.
Me and my boy are getting on so great at the moment, I love being in love :) He so sweet, I've start a salt water tank and even though he doesn't care about it. He listen to me carry on about everything dyeing for half and hour going poor baby it okay. I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH. it weird having someone who I miss when there not about, I want to spend every second with him and there no better place than in his arms.
I'm listening to a CD Kay and I got at a second hand shop she use to work at. Why doo fools fall in love. It great

current mood: bouncy
current music: Why do fools fall in love

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See kay i do post lmao

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