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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
6:16p - lonely
What's so different about today? Its the same as any other day. i live and breath, i go to work, i eat.

today some thing is missing. I don't know what. i know i miss my Master, i know i crave His touch, His kiss, His company.. so what's different about today?

maybe i'm getting tired. maybe i am tired. i wants so much that things are different in my life, and slowly they are. looking back over the last 2 years i wonder how i made it here at all, but i did. so why this dark cloud over me? i feel the gloom of depression coming back.

That's why today is different. The familiar cloud, that i thought was gone, hovers nearby. Maybe tomorrow it will be gone. Maybe after a night of no nightmares about death and all that i have lost will be gone. Maybe the ache of missing the ones i love will be gone. Maybe, maybe, maybe....

current mood: depressed

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