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Entry #680 [08 Nov 2005|08:47am]
November 8, 2005

"What if I told you you were beautiful with your scars and missing parts and your painted face? What if I told you you were very necessary to the chain, the vein, the children of a young and foolish race?" - Johnette Napolitano

One year ago today...

I still remember everything.
I remember living at your house through junior high.
I remember Lipton chicken soup and salami sandwiches for Saturday lunches.
I remember many Saturday night dinners and sly looks across the table.
I remember that you hated my tattoos but still loved me.
I remember popcorn, Bill Cosby, and Police Academy movies on a Sunday afternoon.
I remember a new Hot Wheels car waiting for me hidden behind the couch.
I remember a house decorated with angels and hand-painted statues of Mary and Saint Theresa.
I remember coffee mugs with Bingo puns and stale ginger ale with every meal.

I'm going to work hard today, and try not to remember for today. Feel nothing for just one day so I can walk the halls of the office just like any other day. Pretend that nothing is amiss, when the very foundation of everything is gone.
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