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Date:2006-03-22 20:30
Subject:Apparently, i suck
Mood: drained
Music:[They] f*ckin hate me- Puddle of Mud

No names. no details. I just wanted everyone to know, I SUCK! I am a failure at life and i should probably be shot or something.

On a lighter note, Ashley Millard got engaged to Derek and I am SOOOO happy for her!!! I love you Ash and Derek and i wish you guys the bestest of luck!

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Date:2006-03-02 00:06
Mood: aggravated
Music:Jack Johnson- Better Together

How do you not take it personally when someone tries to impeach you? How the hell did they want to impeach Daphne for not having paperwork in ontime. I bet I would have done the same damn thing. Do you know what? Let them impeach me. I don't even care anymore. I would just love to see Donald take over and see where that leaves them then. Play catch up for the rest of the semester and see how much you love SGA then. If you really think that he's going to do a better job at President, do more for the students and figure things out that quickly, i'll hand in my friggin letter of resignation right now. So, it's officially Lent and I'm giving up cursing... (oops), red meat, cafinated drinks (sweet tea, soda, coffee, hot coco, and other), and I'm making an effort to do one good dead a day, consciously.

Donald, Chris M, Amanda and I leave in about 12 hours for Nashville, TN. We're going to the COOL conference. This is going to be one fun weekend, let me just tell you. I'll be bringing enough work to last me a lifetime. I have my medallion stuff to work on, time tables for HHA week, ads for HHA week, the budget to assess, a timeline and assigments to set for the rest of the year, and... dear Lord the list goes on. I must go by the office and pick up a check before i leave... I really might just stay here till 8am, get all my office-y stuff done, go back to my room, do laundry, pack, finish studying for my exam, shower, take the exam, leave for COOL, and ...really, who the heck has time for sleep? I could just be doing work now, but i feel like if i didn't get things off my mind by writing them down, i'd go insane. I still might.

Daphne and I are running for ASG President and Vice President. Score.

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Date:2006-02-05 20:26
Subject:My 22nd Birthday
Mood: cheerful
Music:Sublime- Life's Too Short

I turned 22 today and the Steelers won the Superbowl. Does life get better? If so, don't tell me.

Thanks for all the love I got from everyone. It's been really super, and I felt really special. You guys make me smile so so much.

Life's been good recently. Although 21 was fun, I'm elated about 22. It's beyond the younger side of true adulthood... finally. It's got to be like... just about the perfect age.

So, I think I'm going to make a vow to swear off men and a few other things for a little while. It won't be hard because... well, I work too much. In fact, I have to go now so I can head to a meeting, but let me just say I've had enough for now and I'm going to back off... except that date with that guy for Valentines Day and that other date I have with that guy from App in like 2 weeks... after that... it's over. ;)

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Date:2006-01-26 11:20
Subject:I'm sick like crazy today
Mood: exhausted
Music:Better Together- Jack Johnson

I have been puking all morning and I have so much work to do. I'm in my office, of course, but I just wanted to say happy 1 day belated birthday to lexy, who is totally hot and awesome. I hope she has the best birthday ever because she deserves it... belated. (Hey, I'm never on time...) I love you lexy! (I love frank too) PS- did anyone ever realize that Lexy rhymes with Sexy?? Coincidence? i think not.


Happy Birthday Alexis!

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Date:2006-01-23 22:35
Subject:Funny IM conversations...
Mood: cranky
Music:color blind by counting crows

Jonae is so funny...

AlejandraSFG: woo! 7 hours with JoJo!
ReinadelMundo04: LOL
ReinadelMundo04: Dreams really do come true.
AlejandraSFG: Yes, yes they do!
AlejandraSFG: like, happy crying
ReinadelMundo04: LOL>.
ReinadelMundo04: I know dear.
ReinadelMundo04: When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.
AlejandraSFG: even me?
AlejandraSFG: but im president... shouldn't that matter?
ReinadelMundo04: LOL.
ReinadelMundo04: It doesn't, dear.
AlejandraSFG: well, thats stupid
AlejandraSFG: im not wishing on stars

Inhumandefender: ill give u a digital massage
Inhumandefender: *hands rubbing sandy's back*
Slaptastical: haha, i'll take what i can get

NamyWin: ha so how does valentines work????
NamyWin: why do we have to do it all?
Slaptastical: because they are lazy assholes and we let them walk all over us from the start and they get comfortable

AlejandraSFG: loser
ReinadelMundo04: LOL.
ReinadelMundo04: Yeah, because knowing that is so vital to my life right now.

Slaptastical: my feet smell
NamyWin: haha im sorry
Slaptastical: so does my chair and therefore butt
NamyWin: my feet really smelled one day last week
NamyWin: i dont know why, they just did

tombird20: thanks for inviting me last night i enjoyed myself
AlejandraSFG: well, duh. Matt and I are just about the coolest people ever
tombird20: so you think
AlejandraSFG: so i know
tombird20: wow
AlejandraSFG: <---cocky
tombird20: i never met someone so cocky
AlejandraSFG: seriously? why thank you
tombird20: it is not a compliment
AlejandraSFG: so?
tombird20: nothing you are too funny
AlejandraSFG: no, i'm fucking hilarious.
tombird20: lol
tombird20: i guess you are sometimes

j7airplane: do you have cute brazilians locked up in your closet?
Slaptastical: no, but cute polish guys...

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Date:2006-01-18 18:45
Subject:I quit
Mood: aggravated
Music:Everything you want -???

I quit. I give up. I no longer want this stupid fucking job and I quit. It's not worth it. I try really hard, I really do, and I feel like I'm the only one sometimes. I think Jonathan is right in what he said, but I have expectations of the people I work with and if they don't meet those expectations, I have no trouble telling them so. Why does everyone hate me?

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Date:2006-01-16 16:19
Subject:It's been a while
Mood: crazy
Music:Belle- Jack Johnson

Why has it been a while? because I have no time whatsoever. I am President of SGA. I was VP last semester, until Daphne resigned. I am still working as an I-fellow. I am still doing Circle K. I am trying to write for the Carolinian (my first article...majorly sucked). I think i may have to drop that. I am taking 15 hours. I am a secretary in ASG. DAMN!!! I hardly have time to breath right now. I am freaking out like every day. Panic attacks, here I come! I CAN DO IT!!! There was this guy last semester, but that one ended forever this past weekend. It kinda half ended right before New Years. Then he called me and I got confused. New Years Resolution #1: Get over Joe (It's getting easier and better). Anyways, I'm flippin because I'm going to fail this damn spanish class I'm taking. it's 502, graduate level lit. I HATE SPANISH LIT!!!! I better go return some books before the bookstore closes and all. I have devoted myself WHOLEY to my jobs and education and my health is so suffering. Did I mention I'm still trying to play ultimate on top of all that other stuff? Yeah, right... because I have time... I thought about running for something in ASG, but i know it would be suicide... but I will step up if no one else is willing to. I have to point my committee in better directions. I need to type up those minutes and get work done before the meeting this weekend. I will NOT let my committee falter. i will organize the damn Service NC and it will fucking ROCK!!! I WILL be masterful, because I am... and I won't let stupid classes, stupid people, or stupid other things get in my way. I WILL DO GREAT THINGS!

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Date:2005-10-11 00:25
Subject:Getting what you want
Mood: mischievous
Music:Yes No, Maybe So. Can you repeat the question?

To get what you want, you have to be willing to take risks. There are no big wins without big risks.

Follow your instincts, but just because you're heart is in the right place, doesn't mean you're always doing the best thing.

Be bold and not let minor set backs get in your way. You have to be willing to work hard. You can't let anyone telling you, "it's too hard," stop you from dreaming and achieving.

Communicate. Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship of any kind and it is essential to obtaining what you want. The clearer, the better.

The bigger the better. It's so cliche, but it's true. Dream big, start small.

Most importantly, kidnap him, tie him to a chair and chinese water torture him until he agrees to go out with you.

On a totally unrelated subject...
This is random and funny: (I was asking this person for a possible date for when he could come to UNCG and present something for me)

AlejandraSFG: hey. date?
Wynne4Guv: are you asking me out
Wynne4Guv: jk
Wynne4Guv: i dont know, i told you, you tell me
AlejandraSFG: ha...ha...ha
Wynne4Guv: any tuesday except tomorrow and the 18th
AlejandraSFG: that was so funny, i almost forgot to laugh
AlejandraSFG: almost
AlejandraSFG: what would you have done if i had said yes?
Wynne4Guv: hahahaha laughed back
AlejandraSFG: *ouch*
Wynne4Guv: oh come on kidding
Wynne4Guv: well yes and no
Wynne4Guv: im going to hand over my shovel and stop digging

(again, unrelated)

ZMattmanz: No no, I like women. And boobs.
ZMattmanz: I'm gonna need you to be more entertaining..
Slaptastical: i'm sorry
Slaptastical: this kid is freaking me out
Slaptastical: ok, entertaining....
Slaptastical: two guys walk into a bar
ZMattmanz: Just tell him your gay
Slaptastical: the third one ducks
Slaptastical: you didn't laugh
ZMattmanz: And you call yourself a member of student government.. sir you make sick
Slaptastical: lol
Slaptastical: you wanted me to say I'm GAY!
ZMattmanz: LOL That's just funny

ZMattmanz: LOL so send me a cuddler right over
Slaptastical: not tonight. sorry
ZMattmanz: Ahh can I order one for tomorrow?
Slaptastical: all my hoes are asleep or on the job already
Slaptastical: we'll see
ZMattmanz: Thank God you pimp out young girls for cuddling to sketchy college undergrads

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Date:2005-09-22 17:33
Subject:In Love with Lonely
Mood: sick
Music:Midnight in Boston- Seth Coluzzi

That's actually the title of a Big Pretty and the Red Rocket's song. That's ok. Anyways, SGA, Circle K and Internatinoal Fellow stuff is all ruling my life right now, as usual. Oh yes, and that whole "classes" thing. Haha, almost forgot about that one. I'm currently sick. I get all bummy when I'm sick. I hate that. Tomorrow is dad's birthday. We're going out to dinner on Sunday. Dinners with the family have changed. I think we're all tired. We're not tired of each other, but we're just tired. I guess thats the price you pay for getting older.

Hmm, something exciting. Joe! There's this new "friend" of mine, Joe, who is in the army. He's really cool. We talk a bunch on the phone. He is at Ft. Bragg in Fayettville. Speaking of Army people, Jon B is back from GA for a little while. Then, he goes to Kentucky for a while. I think I'll see him this Saturday. I miss him! Actually, there's a lot of people I miss. Michelle Landstrom, I misses you so much! Bill, I mean, when's the last time we celebrated our annivesary?? Lisa, I miss you too! (Hence in love with lonely??? no, jk, no idea)

Ok, so the deal with this guy Joe. I like him. I can't help it; he's wonderful. He doesn't want to be anymore than friends, most likely for a large number of reasons, but the most prevelant of which is that he's in the army and doesn't really like the whole relationship thing. We met at a bar one night with Monica and Jenny and one of Jenny's roomies. Like I said, we talk on the phone a lot, and I even sent him a birthday card. he might come visit me sometime, and I might go visit him. We hardly ever flirt, and I LOVE it. I am trying to "get over" him though. Basically, i'm trying to remind myself that we are just friends and we should stay that way, not only out of respect for what he said, but neither of us have time for a relationship and I need to concentrate on other things in my life before I consider that kinda thing. For instance, my health.

So about 2 weeks ago, I started having these really horrible nightmares about stuff that happened in HS and even some things that happened in college. I don't have them all the time or even every night or anything, but sometimes I wake up and I know I've had this horrible dream, but i can't remember exactly what happened. I think it's probably better that way. I have this sudden urge to cry and I start breathing all deep. It's like when you can feel something happen but you don't know for sure. I can't explain it. If you know what I mean, then you know what I mean.

Alexis and i have been talking about some stuff quite frankly. Hehe. She's promised to help me with some stuff, too. Should be pretty interesting. That's so vague. Anyways, I have to run to the Circle K meeting now. Well, if I run, I'll prolly throw up, so more like meander over there... love to... you.

Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart. Why are we here, where do we go and how come it's so hard?

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Date:2005-09-08 16:09
Subject:Men are pigs
Mood: enraged
Music:Your boyfriend sucks- the ataris

I just wanted to make a note that men are assholes and complete pigs and I so hate them ALL. Yeah, I know I'm being a man hating whore and all, but after last night, I think I deserve it. I can't bring myself to wish ill on another person, in all seriousness, but I have to say, I'm not particularly fond of him and therefore all men right now. YOU PEOPLE SUCK, and you know what... YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD!

Moving away from my morbid horrible night, let's just say i will never have another crush in French class again.

On another semi-related subject, my friend and i were talking and we both think it's horrible to cheat in your significant other. If you're ACTUALLY SERIOUSLY dating someone, unlike myself and a certain Joe right now, then hooking up with someone else is horrible. It makes both of us lose respect for that person, man or woman. I mean, why would anyone ever want to be in a relationship with someone who's hceated on someone in the past? If they did it once, why not do it again? It's completely selfish. If you really don't feel like something is working out, break up with them and go be happy. Don't string them along until you find someone else. Don't act like things will get better when he or she consistantly pisses you off. Maybe you just weren't meant to be. Why are some people just so stupid?

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Date:2005-09-06 18:39
Mood: guilty
Music:Jack Johnson- Remember When

It's Tuesday. I'm supposed to be in class right now, but I had too much work to do. I am stressed out because I don't want to do student government anymore. it offers me so little! i mean, it has nothing to do with what I'm going for in life and even if it might someday be good for a resume, i don't really care. I'd like to work as a volunteer for something anyways. Maybe I'll just move to Guatemala and mary Belariano. (HAHAHAHA...I'm not serious). I could be a school teacher and teach them all.. about the world. Teach them how horrible and wonderful it is at the same time. Michelle L and Bo, would you guys come with me?


Marcia did this thing where to relax, we think of this place that makes us happy... our Happy Place. My Happy Place is in a canoe in Costa Rica going down a class 3/4 river just laying back and enjoying the sun and the breeze and then current. I'd be there with *** (edited). We'd paddle through the harder rapids and float over the easier ones. We'd just float... all day long. He'd have packed a lunch and we'd stop and swim and eat grapes and chicken salad sandwhiches. We'd have the best lemonade ever and we'd just lay there wathcing the clouds.

At first, it was great to just escape for a minute into this "Happy Place," but now I realize the fault in that. I spend too much time thinking about my happy place and not enough focusing on what I need to do to stop stressing out. If I could just FOCUS!

By the way, I love you Lisa and Jenny and Alexis and Amy Lynn. Lisa, we need to get together soon, before I go insane.

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Date:2005-08-09 12:39
Subject:IHouse Orientation
Mood: cranky
Music:Coldplay- The scientist

I'm dead tired. I've been working... too long. Point is, you should join the "I love Sandy" club... all the international students this year did... :)

Wow, so much to say, and ABSOLUTELY NO TIME!!!
I just finished cleaning out half og my office... now I've got to go get those nails to put stuff up. Actually, right NOW, I have to go find the students I'm supposed to be watching and eat lunch. I heart CHRISTINE, Rasmus, Dan, Thomas, Mandy, Bobby, Jeff, Vince, Matan, Charlotte, Ana, Cecilia, Claudia, Christian, Adam, Alex, Katia, Ally, and ... wow, I could keep listing but I really do have to go now.

Love to all.

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Date:2005-07-02 00:30
Subject:New Crush
Mood: crushed
Music:Love Fool- The Sexy Mama mix

AH! I have a new crush. No names, yet, of coure, because there's a very ODD chance he might end up reading this. That and I can't let everyone else make fun of me with names yet (it doesn't make sense, don't try to make sense of it). Anyways, he's totally sweet and hot and funny and wonderful. I love having inside jokes with guys, and we have a few. For reasons I won't go into, it's highly unlikely anything will ever actually happen, but I am still allowed to like him. And I do. (and no, he's not married, gay, or in some religious order of somekind.) I just wish he liked me, and I'm thinking he probably doesn't. I've been trying to talk to him a lot, but so goes my life that he doesn't really seem all that eager to talk to me so much. It's so sad to want to give up before anything ever happens. Haha, I must really SUCK. Rejection left and right. Good thing I don't have too many quams or inhabitions about that kinda thing. Maybe someday. I hate being so vague, but just know... it's better this way. Night all! Love ya!

Oh, PS- The UNCG Circle K is officialy CHARTERED!!!! WOOO!!!! ICON, here I come! (ICON=international convention)

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Date:2005-06-26 22:24
Mood: indescribable
Music:Let's get ready to rumble

I love my SPAM Diverse Collegiate Butternut Woody Roots. Leadershape was amazing. I loved it! I can't really talk about what happened too much because... I'm trying to keep it a surprise for when my friend's go. I loved it though and I can't think of a reason why anyone wouldn't. I miss EVERYONE so much!!

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Date:2005-06-09 01:59
Subject:Happy 3 Year Anniversary Bill!
Mood: loved
Music:The Bitch Song- Bowling For Soup

Today, Bill and I have been married for 3 years. As he pointed out the other night, there were many breakup threats... all of which originated on my end (dum dee dum...) and many trials, because of the distance and all, but we're still happily married and just as in love as ever... heh. Anyways, My baby and I are doing something... but I'm not sure what yet. Maybe he'll be a total sweetie and surprise me, or maybe we'll just end up getting lunch and i'll tell him I want a divorce... again. But of course, I'll totally be kidding.

Did I ever tell you what a sweetheart my baby is? He's the best. We had... midnight dinner and a movie the other night and I fell asleep like 30 minutes into the movie. Even though he was totally exhausted, he tucked me in and drove home. He said he didn't have the heart to wake me up. *sigh* I love my Bill. Did you know that his favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption? I did. It's my second favorite.

So, for our anniversary, I'm not sure what we'll do, but I'm sure it'll be great. Anything with my hubby will be wonderful. It's really awesome being married to one of your best friends. I wonder if I should get him something... anyways, *mwah* I heart you, Bill!

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Date:2005-06-08 22:56
Mood: ecstatic
Music:Coldplay- clocks

So, in about a week, one of my two bestest friends in the world, Lindsay Ong will be graduating from the wonders of High School and entering UVA, because she is so friggin hot like that.

So, here's some words of wisdom from my babe:

Slaptastical: i'm actually just brushing up on a few foreign languages
ymizlinzy: omg
ymizlinzy: my best friend
ymizlinzy: is an uber nerd
ymizlinzy: and i love it!
Slaptastical: lol
ymizlinzy: now you can seduce me in like 10 different languages
Slaptastical: thats right!
ymizlinzy: sweet!
ymizlinzy: haha
ymizlinzy: (my dreams have come true)

ymizlinzy: he better scream my name like it's his job
Slaptastical: you're talking about like... at the graduation or something... right?
Slaptastical: if not, i don't think i want to know
ymizlinzy: hahahahahahaha
ymizlinzy: omg
ymizlinzy: can we say head in gutters

ymizlinzy: OH LINDSAY
ymizlinzy: hahaha
ymizlinzy: you're too hardcore for me
Slaptastical: haha, i'm thinkin you'll be easier to seduce that way

ymizlinzy: oh i miss you
ymizlinzy: can't wait to see you punk. =[
Slaptastical: who you callin punk, punk.
ymizlinzy: fine
ymizlinzy: scratch punk, insert "sexy beast"

OMG, I love my Linz. :)
and when I'm in Jersey, I also get to see my other bestest friend ever, Christine! Yeah Jersey, you know!

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Date:2005-06-05 02:22
Subject:Seven Years in Tibet
Mood:mystical awe
Music:Seven Years in Tibet Soundtrack.

So, today I watched Seven Years in Tibet for the first time in a long time. Mmm, I forgot how good looking Brad Pitt was in that movie. Beyond that, it, one reminded me of Brad Pitt. Two, reminded me of Tashi Wangden (*sigh*), and three, reminded me of the start of the political situation currently still in effect in Tibet. TIBETAN FREEDOM!!! I need to write to Tashi again. It's been a little too long. God, I miss him. Heh, the irony. Anyways, I have been studying the Tibetan characters and words for about 2 weeks now, but not everyday. I made a (REALLY CRAPPY) painting of a buddhist temple... which is actually located in Bangkok, but serves the purpose well. At the bottom of the painting, in tibetan, i wrote "Tibetan Freedom." I really have nthing against China... i guess. I don't really agree with its governments decisions a lot, but that can be said about a lot of countries. ANyways, I'm going to go running, but... Tashi, where ever you are... Thu-chi che. Feh yong.

Oh, and by the way, I almost forgot, Tashi and Thupten are from the monistary that did the chanting for Seven Years in Tibet (Deprung Loosling) or however you spell that.

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Date:2005-05-24 20:03
Subject:back to work
Mood: accomplished
Music:If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life

It's the summer. I'm at UNCG working (well, I was earlier). There's something very wrong with that. Right now actually, I'm chillin (like a...) in Tower Village using Andrew's computer. He's getting kind of annoyed because I keep taking pictures of him. Little does he know I'm going to sell him on Ebay... just kidding. Or am I. I don't think he would sell for much because he only showers once a week or so. That and his hair is too long. And he looks funny with glasses. And he can only speak like 10 languages instead of 15, like me... I wish I could speak 15 languages.

I found this dress I really like. It's green and looks totally hot. It's made of some quality material too. I feel like it's too expensive for me though and I'm not sure it's totally my style, but I can't help but like it. I don't know what to do. If I come back and find out I can't get the dress, I'd be so sad.

I spent last night being mopey. That was fun.

So, I spent a lot of money on the office. I feel horrible and I don't want to talk about it here, but I don't like what I did.

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Date:2005-05-22 22:18
Subject:Happy Birthday Amy Lynn
Mood: weird
Music:OAR- Hey Girl

I just wanted to wish Amy Lynn a Happy 21rst Birthday! She's the best. She's been my support system at UNCG... I don't know what I'd do without her. We went out to lunch with Bill, Bo, Laura, and Chris. Then, Chris, Amy Lynn and I pummled Bill, Bo and Laura with water balloons. Later we went to dinner with her family (AL, Chris, Bill and I) and then watched Star Wars Episode 2. Ah, I love my girl like a sister. She's prety much my sister by now anyways. well, Happy 21rst Birthday Amy Lynn! I LOVE YOU!!

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Date:2005-05-19 19:38
Subject:Washington DC
Music:All You Need Is Love- Beatles

I just got back from Washington DC with Katie. We had a blast walking around and talking crazy pictures. We went to a bunch of different museums and did a lot of crazy things. Thats Katie and I... CRAZY!

We did a ton of shopping. We stopped at Potamic Mills and Katie went crazy at the Lucky Brand Store. In DC, we went to China town... or at least DC's messed up version of it and found an H&M. I heart H&M. We shopped for another 3 hours there and then went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. I got a Hurricane and got the glass to keep. It was rockin at first, but then it was... too strong. The guy actually came over and TOLD me he added extra alcohol in it... he made it strong. I guess to give me my money's worth. He just laughed. It was gross.

Anyways, on the way back in the subway, Katie and I met a guy named Alex. He is boy #2 for the summer (after Luis). He was equaly sweet and completely polite. He put someone on the phone on hold to listen to what Katie and I were saying. I mean, my summer list is just a list of guys I meet once and who mean nothing to me, but give me hope that there are great guys out there somewhere. I guess I'm still looking for one who... is everything above, (funny, sarcastic, sweet, adorable, witty, smart, playful, ambitious, and hopelessly romantic) Haha, something like that. Who knows, next week could be my lucky week.

*Sigh* In the meantime, I'll just keep dreaming.

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