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Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
11:33 am - Cum Junkie
You can cum over here,
You can cum over there,
You can cum on my ass,
Don't fuck up my hair!

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Friday, April 25th, 2003
3:53 pm - reality bites
What the fuck is up with this reality tv shit? It just kinda snuck up on us but now its all there is. I don't understand it and it makes me so mad. Why is America becoming obsessed with the girl some jack ass picks to marry him or vice-versa. Sitcoms arn't great but jesus christ who the fuck cares if some complete strangers parents like their daughters set up boyfriend? The only one I have really enjoyed is Jackass (which makes me feel guilty) and the Osbournes but even that makes me sick now. Now there is a fucking REALITY MOVIE?!?! Lets pay 10 bucks to go watch other people party??? I would rather take that same ten bucks and have some slut suck my dick, thats MY reality! If I hear anyone talk about going to see Real Cancun or catch anyone at the theatre watching it I will disown you for life. Im actually getting mad as I type this out...the movies website has a bio of the characters, both black guys list "Who's your daddy?" as their favorite quote....this makes my brain hurt.

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Thursday, April 24th, 2003
11:24 pm - Gay Parks
Okay so I was talking with a certain someone about gay parks and I decided to post some stories. For those of you who don't know about the mystery of the gay park I will explain. Well there isn't much to explain its just a park where gay people meet up and get it on. But don't be fooled, there are lots of fun things a straight person can do at these places.

Where I am from in Quincy there wasn't much to do, going to the gay park was usually the highlight of our nights. Awhile back a game was invented called "Fag Tag". You see what the gays do is drive around the Park, stop, wait for another gay to aproach and then they drive off to do the nasty. So we would just see how long we could get them to follow, they usually gave up after about a mile. This was fun for awhile but it quickly got boring so we uped it a notch and started going after them. There was one guy in particular I remember because he drove a purple Ford Probe. Also he looked like Louie Anderson. I once chased this dude around downtown Quincy at extremly high speeds. Im talking tire squeels galore. Eventually the Probe dude got a cell phone and would just hold it up and dial 911 in front of us. It was fun while it lasted tho.

I remember once we went there in my truck and I thought it would be funny to change my oil in the park. I remember it vividly, it was just getting dark and I was getting to work. After about 5 minutes a Bronco pulled in and started driving twords us. It stopped right in front of me and a very large black man apeared out the window. He asked. "Hey man, where can I find some blood?". Not knowing what to do I said I didnt have any. The vechicle drove off and the black dude got out and ran into the woods. That scared the shit out of me so we packed up and left.

Another fun thing about the park was just driving in it. There was a large gravel parking lot perfect for donuts and soccer fields to go mudding in. One day we were feeling destructive and decided to run things over in the park. A trash can looked like a good victem so I hit one head on thinking it would just deflect off my bumper. I was wrong, basically it tipped over and i drove up on it, the whole front end of my truck was off the ground it was weird. I just backed off it and then the next one we decided to hit in reverse. Well the same thing happend only my back wheels were off the ground this time. That wasn't good because I couldnt drive without the back tires touching the ground. Luckily we were able to push the truck off the trash can. THEN we got a bright idea to run over the sign as you enter the park. This was done by driving a bit down the highway, flooring it in reverse, diving thru a ditch and smashing into a sign that was on a small garden like hill. It was fun untill we tried to drive away and didn't go anywhere. Yeah I had a really small toyota truck that I got stuck quite a few times but thats another entry. I just floored it for a long time and eventually we tore free, leaving a big rut and a burnout when we got back on the highway. We looked back to admire our work, it was so obvious someone did it on purpose, we laughed and drove back into town.

You think this was all a long story but those are just a few little stories about the gay park in Quincy. Arlington has a gay park too and I nearly shit myself when I found it seeing as I lived right next door. I was hanging out with this dude named Adam who looked like a skinhead and his girlfriend Christine, I also believe Kris from Quincy was down here at the time but do not know for sure. Adam got a bright idea to rob a gay person by posing as a gay hooker and just beating up whoever took the offer. Actually he wanted ME to be the hooker which is why we didnt do it. Instead he wanted to "fake being gay" with his girlfriend. We went to the bathrooms and me and Kris hid in a stall. He did this by telling her to put her hair up in a hat and making out with her back to the public. He ended up getting pissed at her for not acting enough like a man and we gave up. Seeing a dude yell at his girlfriend for not being manly enough is also very funny.

The last memorable thing we did was with a body bag and didn't envolve any gays. Adams cousin worked for a creamatory(sp) so he had a bunch of glass eyes and metal hips and other not organic body parts. One of the first things Adam said to me was if I ever had to get rid of a body his cousin would do it no questions asked. Anyways we had this body bag and we went to the park to cook up some trouble. It just so happend that there were two girls down by the pond. I across from them and we started pulling things out of my trunk. A knife, some gloves and a body bag. I kept staring at these girls as we started to arange these items on my hood. They got up to walk away and we followed them. We followed them thru this creepy tunnel and thru the fields on the other side. This is hard to explain but basically we were far away from anything, anytime they would turn around my friend Chris would hold up the knife. Im not sure but I think Adam and Chris really wanted to kill these girls. They eventually ran and we didnt want to run so they got away. This concludes my entry on the gay parks....FOR NOW!! DUN DUN DUN

Disclaimer : That was very long and probably uninteresting, you shouldn't of read it. haha

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
10:25 pm - diversity is now
Okay so the story starts out I went to get my mail from the mail box. There were about 7 people hanging around the mail box and they were just laughing and having a good time. I smiled and nodded at them got my mail and went back to my apartment. I was smoking a cigarette so I was hanging out by the door cuz my girlfriend doesn't want me to smoke inside. That's okay for me because I get to see all the weird shit going on.

Anyways, this black dude walks up to me and asks me for a "square". He then explains that he can't smoke infront of his friends because he was supposed to have quit. I encourage smokers because I'm just evil like that. So I give him a cigarette and we are smoking and he talks with a real, for lack of better terms ghetto accent. He uses a lot of words I don't understand because even though I listen to rap I am still a white boy.

So, he asks me if I mess with the girl. I made it clear I didn't understand him and he just repeated it. I just said, uh yeah I have a girlfriend?. This made him bust up laughing and he explained he was talking about weed. I was like oh yeah I get high, and long story short he came over and got high with us. It's hard to describe how weird this is, because this guy just got out of prison (I didn't ask why) and talks about gangs a lot.

This guy said a lot of weird shit, like he was telling me about this girl he wanted to fuck (he's 21) but she was kinda young. So I'm thinking she's like 16-17 or something, after awhile of him describing this girl to me I ask how old she is. 14...I was at a loss for words really and just kinda laughed.

Well he came over everynight after I first made contact, usually at about midnight. He was actually a cool guy, he told a lot of funny stories but got lost halfway through them a lot. He also had his name tatooed on his arm, but no picture ID, just a birth certificate and a ss card. Haha oh yeah and a GED (note he had both a diploma and the GED). Also he had a very large necklace he kept trying to sell me....I never bought it tho, I guess he forgot about telling me it was fake when he was high the first time we met.

I like this guy though, don't get me wrong. I don't have many friends down here and the ones I do mostly suck. Well last night he came over saying how his mom kicked him out of the apartment. He had a bag with sausage's, 1/4 loaf of bread, and an orange. He asked to use my phone to call friends for a place to stay. I relized I had a potential crisis on my hands because he was gona ask me if he could stay at my house. I didn't want that to happen so I let him call whoever he wanted. No one was home/would take him. I was starting to think up excuses when my phone rang, *phew* it was his friend and he can stay there. This friend was in a diffrent city about 20 miles away (where I live in the "Metroplex" like 30 cities are all connected, there are even cities within cities it gets weird).

Well I drove him there because the only other option was for him to sleep at my place. We had to stop at his friends house so he could get a tore up garbage bag full of his clothes. The drive was alright, he just talked to a bunch of people on my cell phone. Its free after 9 so I didn't give a fuck. So he's gone now and I don't know if I'll ever see him again. He called his dad asking for tickets to Louisianna. The only thing I have to remember him by is his lighter. The moment he pulled it out of his sock I knew I had to have it (Another strange note: he wore two pairs of socks, the lighter was inbetween the two. When questioned about this, he replied that sometimes he wears up to 7 pairs of socks for, you know ankle support). This lighter is for a Howl-N-Out Bail Bonds and on the back it says

because JAIL SUCKS

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Saturday, April 5th, 2003
3:35 pm
thats it, i quit...its over now

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Monday, March 31st, 2003
2:28 pm
You are Spike. You were once Buffy's arch enemy..
then became her lover.. now you two have an
unspoken bond between you. You'd do anything
for each other and that's very clear. You had
to make the choice between good and evil.. and
even though you are a vamp with a history of
killing slayers.. you chose good. Let's hope
your skills are well-used for this final

Which member of Buffy's gang are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

current mood: sexy
current music: Once More, With Feeling - Buffy Musical

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Sunday, March 30th, 2003
5:05 am - You think it ain't real?
Dead inside, my heart sits still
It's hard to live, without the will
Broken glass on the window sill
Fill yourself with the pain I feel
Cry your eyes out, swallow a pill
Take the rest, and then refill
You stupid fuck, you're alive still
Make a cut and finish the kill

current mood: What do you think?

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Saturday, March 29th, 2003
5:06 pm
God I'm so unhappy.

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Friday, March 28th, 2003
1:36 pm - My day so far
So I am driving to school and I see this car with I *Heart* Polka. I had to catch up and see who was driving and it was an old guy wearing a polka suit. In my opinion thats what cool is. That guy was like, "Yeah I like Polka what are you gona do about it?". So I respect that dude. Then I got to school and got my test back, I scored an 88. That is good considering in class rather then listen I play Nintendo (Super Punch Out 2!) or "surf the web". The tests are always open book so I just learn the subject and finish the test within the hour. It seems like a good plan up untill I can't figure something out. Well anyways thats about all for me, but I leave with this warning.

It is coming....

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Thursday, March 27th, 2003
4:22 pm - This bitch was all like, "Leave me alone!".
She tried to get away but I knew she liked every minute of it.

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Saturday, March 22nd, 2003
5:02 pm
When my eyes are looking down dont fucking tempt me
There is nothing inside of me, my insides are empty
Im feeling crazy here is what I want you to see
A happy man but hey you know that's not me
Everyday you know that I will be wanting to die
Put a razor to my wrists and then they start to cry
But they arn't tears, cuz tears are clear
This isn't sadness, this is all my fear
Everyone knows its hard when no one loves you
After this is over I'd like to be looking down above you
But if you listen to this poem it aint where im goin
My depresion, my darkness, all my emotions out showin
Thick and red, out of my cuts they go flowin
So when it's all done and then there is no noise but quiet
Don't be sad, that's just the silence of this emotional riot

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12:17 pm - To my mommy....
My mother's penis is hot pink.
I found it in her drawer when I was six,
underneath her nightgowns,
turned it on and watched it hum
through the orange shag, leaving a trail
like a small aimless torpedo.
After a series of after-school afternoons,
it would die in a fading whir at my feet,
only to be refreshed for play a few days later.
My young single mother:
How many nights — lonely and wanting —
did you go to your penis and find it dead?
How many emergency flashlights, how many
babydolls' backs did you rip open in the fucking dark
searching for just two goddamn batteries with one
orgasm's worth of voltage left?
Let me apologize. While roaring jetplanes
took off around you all day at work,
I was home checking your penis
for power. It was my electric sword,
my magic pen, my microphone,
a neon rocketship, and once, I confess, I even used it
to mix chocolate Quik into my milk.
On the day it was missing, I stripped
your dresser, your closet, the bed,
refolded every panty, nightgown and camisole
to cover my trail. For a good two months,
I'd roll my hand through your underthings.
But your penis was gone.
Now that I'm grown, tell me. I wonder:
Did you take it from me on purpose?
Because, you should understand:
I know I loved it more than you did.

current mood: horny
current music: Eminem - Watch Dees

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3:42 am - Don't look
We are having a naked party.

current mood: nudetastic
current music: the sound of skin

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2003
10:50 pm
So I says to the girl, Im like what up girl?
Shut up girl! Then I showed her a cut up squirell.

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4:55 pm - Rain rain go away
So I'm in school thinking that tonight Im going to take some pills and get high. I have been wanting to do this for awhile now. I was just outside smoking however and I noticed these large dark rain filled clouds scooting this way. You see when it rains people don't want to leave and get their own food. They want me to bring it to them. How selfish is that? I'm feeling depressed cuz I don't want them to call me into work. I wana take my pills. LET ME TAKE MY PILLS GOD DAMNIT. Maybe someone will cut off my head.

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Saturday, March 15th, 2003
12:06 pm
C'mon and rock with me...

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Friday, March 14th, 2003
1:19 am - All in a days work...
I was driving my girlfriend's mail to the post office to send away and I had to go through a school zone. I hate them because you have to slow down to 20 and look at a bunch of stupid kids. Well I was already a little agitated and I saw this kid...

He was probably in about 7th grade, he had glasses and was very pale. Though the thing that made me mad was his Jesus shirt. What a fuck...what kind of faggot wears a Jesus shirt to school? I rolled down my window and screamed "FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE FAGGOT!" right in his stupid face. It might of been hard to hear me however with my stereo playing hateful gangster rap. The crossing gaurd gave me an ugly glare and motioned twords my car while looking at a police officer.

Thinking fast I busted ass down the first street I saw. I ran over someone's basketball, atleast I assume it was a basketball because all I heard was it pop. It might of also been a gunshot cuz I gotz lots of enemies up in this bitch. Hell it might of been another kid, do they pop when you run them over?

Well after all the excitement, and on my way home I realized that I forgot to drop the mail off. Thinking quikly I pulled over and got a soda. On the way back to the car I threw the mail in the window washer fluid on one of the pumps. NO EVIDENCE!!

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