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21st March 2006

1:20pm: here's an update ....
I know I haven't written in my journal for a very long time, so here's what I haven't been able to write since now:

I turned 17 on Jan. 16th and I didn't have much of a celebration til that evening, when my dad and stepmom (Maria) stopped by. We had some homemade cake (Grandma Gloria made a delicious pineapple pudding cake- very healthy, but still good). Earlier Great Grandma Nina had given my $20, and then (w/my dad present) Grandma Gloria gave me a quarter collection. It was that lovely "First State Quarter's Of the Unites States Collectior's Map". It had all the quarters in the rows of 1999 to 2004, but 2005 was missing Kansas and West Virginia, and (of course) 2006 was totally empty. But now I've got the 2005 spaces filled and one of the 2006, too. It's Nevada. I like it because of it's wild horses on the coin. I also like Kentucky's, b'coz there's a horse on it, too. =) lol.

I didn't get a gift from Dad or Maria, but Daddy asked me if I wanted one of his craved plaques. I did, so I requested a nice "Home is Where the Heart is", cuz to me that is soo true. But I don't know when I'll recieve it. Knowing him, he might forget, but I don't know if he'll do it soon (or if he's done it yet) cuz I don't know how much time he can spare right now. Oh well. We'll see...

Jan. 21st I enjoyed my Sabbath rest as I went to church and saw my friends, I even participated in the sermon (turning pages, reading the passages, singing all the songs). I sat by Scotty (pretty much) "all day", in Sabbath School, during the sermon, and during lunch. Then I enjoyed getting to know four ppl by doing a fun "game" b4 we (everyone present) talked about the plans for the seminars in May.

There was no time to go on a hike that day, but I didn't mind, cuz I was going to see Amy (one of my friends) in a school play at CAA (Columbia Adventist Academy). I got to see Rachel, her mom, Amy, Felicia, and also Talya. The food was good (tho I didn't like my alfredo pasta...too vegan 4 me!) and the play was fantastic! It was sooooooooo hilarious­! =) lol. Any was a crazy, Peta fan, hippy girl w/an anger problem. She had a hard time not laughing at times- she'd have a perfectly good glare, but then she couldn't help but grin (once). It was very funny and I really enjoyed myself!

It was about a group of kids in a class for "those who need help w/problems", trying to keep their teacher and their class coz some laides were going to come and "inspect" it to see i it was worth keeping. There was a preppy girl, a boy "so full of himself" a girl who "took" ppls "personalities" or, um, acted like that person (Jane mainly "took over" her teacher's style and, the funny thing was, she didn't know it!), a boy who talked too much and too fast, then Amy, and a new guy )he had trouble w/speaking right in a big group). I'm glad Jim recored it coz it'll be fun to watch it again! =)

I also got to talk to Rachel, Amy, Donna (their mom), Jim (their dad) and Felicia and Talya. And b4 I left Amy gave me a friendship keychain and a pic she'd drawn. I had a great time and I'll never 4get it! =) lol

I spent @least 4 days at my mom's-Jan. 24-27th. It was the first time I'd seen their new apt. and I really liked it! There was more space and more room. Zach had his own room, too. And I enjoyed my stay. I checked my email every chance I got. I remember spending, Wednesday w/Mom (practically all day), and we went shopping. I bought 2 pairs of jeans (with Mom's help) , and she also bought me a locked journal and a big, ringed notebook.

While there I borred the Relient K cd I'd put on hold @ the library. I liked the song (I think called) "Marylan Manson Ate My Girlfriend". I hadn't heard it b4 and I thought it was funny, but it had some truth to it. Expresses how I feel about my brother and his "faith".
1:22pm: more on update
um continuing....But I would like to hear their "Mmhmm" cd. I also enjoyed watching a few movies during my stay. Black Beauty was one, Paycheck was another, Remember the Titans , and Ladder 49 were others. Ladder 49 was sad and opened my eyes to the dangers of firefighting, but it reminded me of Scotty and that's why I wanted to see what it was all about and what firefighter's did and went through. It was a touching movie, but I don't think I could handel being one (Scotty thinks I'd be a good volunteer, tho) Anyways....

Friday I pretty much spent the day w/Mom again. But it was nice. She and I did the laundry, then we went to pick up Roshelle and then Zach. We stopped at Winco and Mom bought groceries. I convivnced her to buy a pie for a late celebration of my b-day and then we went home and watched Ladder 49 while we ate pie and drank Sobe's.

I enjoyed the lil tym we all spent together. But it seemed short, coz we left around 4 or 5 so Mom could drop me off at Grandma's soI could go to Agape/Communion thingy at Great Grandma Nina's church, Hockinson Heights. But I'm glad Zach came along and visited with Grandma Gloria, coz he's hasn't seen her 4 awhile.

The Agape/Communion was beautiful. I really felt like I got something out of it, too. Yes, I saw Scotty there. And (to my surprise) he sat next to me during the whole service. It was nice. I loved it.The food was good, but I wasn't too hungry for it. But what I loved the most was what happened at the end. Everyone present got into a circle and we all held hands while singing a song about ties and keeping them (or whatever) and then the Pastor prayed. Why I loved it so much was b'coz I held Scotty's hand. And after the prayer he squeezed it b4 letting go. I looked up at him, we met eyes and smiled. It was so lovely!

That Saturday Grandma Gloria took us to Woodland's Spanish church. I liked it and enjoyed myself well enuf, even tho I could only understand bits and pieces. I also got to go on a hike with the Harlan's and afterwards I went w/Scotty and Shawn and watched them spray the basement over with primer. I was slightly bored and just spent my time petting Custer, but I'd do anything to spend more time with Scotty! lol Silly huh? But I was dead suprised Grandma agreed to letting me go coz I could just see her refusing...I wonder why...hmmmmm.

The 29th of Jan. I went to Cooper's Spur (near Mt. Hood) w/ the Orchard's Pathfinders and I got to go snowboarding for the first time in all my life! I loved it! Tho I fell, oh so much, and was extremely sore on Monday (so sore I lazed around and didn't do much ,but it cleared up by the end of the week, and to top it off, I had a cold!) But I did good on the last 2 runs. I just didn't know how to stop, yet. But I'll learn, coz I'll b goin back soon.

Anyways...I also went to the Better Breakfast thingy at Hockinson's that evening and saw Scotty there again. I was sore (my butt was at least) from snowboarding and guess what! He had burns under his left eye from welding w/out eye protection! Not smart, really, but I hope he learned from it!! lol

The first Sabbath in Feb. i went on a nice, dirty, muddy, wet/dry hike at Ridgefield's Wildlife Refugee ( or whatever) with the Halans and Erin. I had a lot of fun, even if I did get a very good pair of jeans muddied up. That evening I went to the Alki/Columbia district Lock-in w/my PF club (and others in that district). After a nice Vespers and signing up for honors, we ate a filling meal. Then the teens went to their honor classes and the younger kids went to the gym to play games. I did the Drill and March honor and had a good time, but I had a hard time keeping up when we actually started marching. But I still enjoyed myslef. We learned 2 things not even on the honor requirements. I really liked the Australian About-Face, but the Ethiopian Left/Right- face I hate
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