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2nd May 2006

12:31pm: the truth .....
i must admit that i am not 18.... i am below 18, actually. and since i can't b a member of this site coz i'm not 18 yet, i shall b leaving my journal to "die" coz it was wrong of me to lie and i must give up this fun i've had so far n wait the last 7 months b4 i can recreate my journal again. but it will b new n truthful and right. so now i shall depart. but i hope u all shall accept me back ... again ... when i am truly 18. it was nice n fun while it lasted. but 4 now i must go. til me meet again - good bye!

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19th April 2006

10:02am: my weekend
it went really good. it rain off n on, but the tyms that the sun shone were just so beautiful! i spent a lot of tym w/ Scotty,too. of course i spent tym w/ other ppl, too, but i was around Scotty alot. i enjoyed ev'rything i did, but when i got home and on monday, when i sat n thought about it, i felt sum of the stuff we did wasn't right. i mean, we really didn't set ne boundries and so we did whatever. he gave me a piggyback ride a couple tyms n i tried 2 give him one. we flirted a lot ... tickling, tackling, and pickin' on eachother. i felt we shouldn't be getting so "intimate" and touchy w/ ea.other n so i wrote him a letter n than waited for a reply. since it was sent by mail, it won't probaby get 2 him til today, so i felt really horrible ... knowin' i'd stay depressed n distressed til i heard fr him on what he thought about this,too. well, thank God, he called last night an apologised,too. i told him i has sent a letter, as well. we found out that we both felt the same way n that was cool. it made me feel sooooooooo much better. i was extremely happy n thankful when i got off the ph and i went 2 my room and played worship music, praised YHWH (God), read marked verses in my Bible and wrote in my journal. i feel i love Scotty even more coz of this .... coz we both agree. it's so awesome!!!!
well, i'll tell u this, i had a total blast at the beach, i felt bad about what we did, tho, on monday, but i feel so happy, relieved, and at peace, now that Scotty n i have shared how we feel. i think this budding relationship has sum hope ....

don't u?
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14th April 2006

12:25am: finally!!!
oh, i can't believe it's taken me THIS LONG to figure out how 2 work this!!!!! i think i have an icon 4 my current mood now!!! i am sooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, it's 12:30am n i need 2 go, so i better get off now, but BOY am i HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.
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13th April 2006

11:50pm: howdy! just a lil update ... lol
i've been doin' GREAT! i'm enjoyin' the weekends the most all w/ the tyms i spend w/ my new friends ( especially a certain guy named Scotty). and Pathfinders is fun, too! i've been working on the glass etching honor lately. i plan on giving my panda bear on mirrior one 2 my daddy 4 his birthday. i hope he just loves it! coz i'm his baby bear n he's my papa bear. it's been such a long tym since we called eachother those names, too. i miss those carefreee days of blissful childhood. i can't believe i'm almost 18 ( well 8 months away fr it ... at least). i'm scared, actually. this grwoing up stuff is kinda scary. it's far fr the comfort of home! but 2 tell the truth i don't really have a home home at the moment, tho "heart is where home is", to me. it's just kinda hard, tho, livin' w/ my grandma and not actually havin' my own space or room or quiet place.... i wish i had a dog so i could go get quiet tym in the hill behinde the trailer park. o'well. all i can say is that my life is in God's hands n i'm trying to let Him giude me ... i hope all works out well ( whatever His plan 4 me) in the end. i want 2 obey Him as best as i can.
well, that's it 4 my lil update. other than enjoyin' my weekends ... i've been enjoyin' the sunny days ( we've had now n then) too. even tho it rains alot here in WA n OR, i wouldn't trade livin' here 4 much other than eternal life n heaven coz i luv my evergreens! n i don't kno if i could like ne other place better ... well, that could b debateable ... but we'll just leave it here 4 now. i g2g, so i'll write more later. c ya next tym!



21st March 2006

1:22pm: more on update
um continuing....But I would like to hear their "Mmhmm" cd. I also enjoyed watching a few movies during my stay. Black Beauty was one, Paycheck was another, Remember the Titans , and Ladder 49 were others. Ladder 49 was sad and opened my eyes to the dangers of firefighting, but it reminded me of Scotty and that's why I wanted to see what it was all about and what firefighter's did and went through. It was a touching movie, but I don't think I could handel being one (Scotty thinks I'd be a good volunteer, tho) Anyways....

Friday I pretty much spent the day w/Mom again. But it was nice. She and I did the laundry, then we went to pick up Roshelle and then Zach. We stopped at Winco and Mom bought groceries. I convivnced her to buy a pie for a late celebration of my b-day and then we went home and watched Ladder 49 while we ate pie and drank Sobe's.

I enjoyed the lil tym we all spent together. But it seemed short, coz we left around 4 or 5 so Mom could drop me off at Grandma's soI could go to Agape/Communion thingy at Great Grandma Nina's church, Hockinson Heights. But I'm glad Zach came along and visited with Grandma Gloria, coz he's hasn't seen her 4 awhile.

The Agape/Communion was beautiful. I really felt like I got something out of it, too. Yes, I saw Scotty there. And (to my surprise) he sat next to me during the whole service. It was nice. I loved it.The food was good, but I wasn't too hungry for it. But what I loved the most was what happened at the end. Everyone present got into a circle and we all held hands while singing a song about ties and keeping them (or whatever) and then the Pastor prayed. Why I loved it so much was b'coz I held Scotty's hand. And after the prayer he squeezed it b4 letting go. I looked up at him, we met eyes and smiled. It was so lovely!

That Saturday Grandma Gloria took us to Woodland's Spanish church. I liked it and enjoyed myself well enuf, even tho I could only understand bits and pieces. I also got to go on a hike with the Harlan's and afterwards I went w/Scotty and Shawn and watched them spray the basement over with primer. I was slightly bored and just spent my time petting Custer, but I'd do anything to spend more time with Scotty! lol Silly huh? But I was dead suprised Grandma agreed to letting me go coz I could just see her refusing...I wonder why...hmmmmm.

The 29th of Jan. I went to Cooper's Spur (near Mt. Hood) w/ the Orchard's Pathfinders and I got to go snowboarding for the first time in all my life! I loved it! Tho I fell, oh so much, and was extremely sore on Monday (so sore I lazed around and didn't do much ,but it cleared up by the end of the week, and to top it off, I had a cold!) But I did good on the last 2 runs. I just didn't know how to stop, yet. But I'll learn, coz I'll b goin back soon.

Anyways...I also went to the Better Breakfast thingy at Hockinson's that evening and saw Scotty there again. I was sore (my butt was at least) from snowboarding and guess what! He had burns under his left eye from welding w/out eye protection! Not smart, really, but I hope he learned from it!! lol

The first Sabbath in Feb. i went on a nice, dirty, muddy, wet/dry hike at Ridgefield's Wildlife Refugee ( or whatever) with the Halans and Erin. I had a lot of fun, even if I did get a very good pair of jeans muddied up. That evening I went to the Alki/Columbia district Lock-in w/my PF club (and others in that district). After a nice Vespers and signing up for honors, we ate a filling meal. Then the teens went to their honor classes and the younger kids went to the gym to play games. I did the Drill and March honor and had a good time, but I had a hard time keeping up when we actually started marching. But I still enjoyed myslef. We learned 2 things not even on the honor requirements. I really liked the Australian About-Face, but the Ethiopian Left/Right- face I hate
1:20pm: here's an update ....
I know I haven't written in my journal for a very long time, so here's what I haven't been able to write since now:

I turned 17 on Jan. 16th and I didn't have much of a celebration til that evening, when my dad and stepmom (Maria) stopped by. We had some homemade cake (Grandma Gloria made a delicious pineapple pudding cake- very healthy, but still good). Earlier Great Grandma Nina had given my $20, and then (w/my dad present) Grandma Gloria gave me a quarter collection. It was that lovely "First State Quarter's Of the Unites States Collectior's Map". It had all the quarters in the rows of 1999 to 2004, but 2005 was missing Kansas and West Virginia, and (of course) 2006 was totally empty. But now I've got the 2005 spaces filled and one of the 2006, too. It's Nevada. I like it because of it's wild horses on the coin. I also like Kentucky's, b'coz there's a horse on it, too. =) lol.

I didn't get a gift from Dad or Maria, but Daddy asked me if I wanted one of his craved plaques. I did, so I requested a nice "Home is Where the Heart is", cuz to me that is soo true. But I don't know when I'll recieve it. Knowing him, he might forget, but I don't know if he'll do it soon (or if he's done it yet) cuz I don't know how much time he can spare right now. Oh well. We'll see...

Jan. 21st I enjoyed my Sabbath rest as I went to church and saw my friends, I even participated in the sermon (turning pages, reading the passages, singing all the songs). I sat by Scotty (pretty much) "all day", in Sabbath School, during the sermon, and during lunch. Then I enjoyed getting to know four ppl by doing a fun "game" b4 we (everyone present) talked about the plans for the seminars in May.

There was no time to go on a hike that day, but I didn't mind, cuz I was going to see Amy (one of my friends) in a school play at CAA (Columbia Adventist Academy). I got to see Rachel, her mom, Amy, Felicia, and also Talya. The food was good (tho I didn't like my alfredo pasta...too vegan 4 me!) and the play was fantastic! It was sooooooooo hilarious­! =) lol. Any was a crazy, Peta fan, hippy girl w/an anger problem. She had a hard time not laughing at times- she'd have a perfectly good glare, but then she couldn't help but grin (once). It was very funny and I really enjoyed myself!

It was about a group of kids in a class for "those who need help w/problems", trying to keep their teacher and their class coz some laides were going to come and "inspect" it to see i it was worth keeping. There was a preppy girl, a boy "so full of himself" a girl who "took" ppls "personalities" or, um, acted like that person (Jane mainly "took over" her teacher's style and, the funny thing was, she didn't know it!), a boy who talked too much and too fast, then Amy, and a new guy )he had trouble w/speaking right in a big group). I'm glad Jim recored it coz it'll be fun to watch it again! =)

I also got to talk to Rachel, Amy, Donna (their mom), Jim (their dad) and Felicia and Talya. And b4 I left Amy gave me a friendship keychain and a pic she'd drawn. I had a great time and I'll never 4get it! =) lol

I spent @least 4 days at my mom's-Jan. 24-27th. It was the first time I'd seen their new apt. and I really liked it! There was more space and more room. Zach had his own room, too. And I enjoyed my stay. I checked my email every chance I got. I remember spending, Wednesday w/Mom (practically all day), and we went shopping. I bought 2 pairs of jeans (with Mom's help) , and she also bought me a locked journal and a big, ringed notebook.

While there I borred the Relient K cd I'd put on hold @ the library. I liked the song (I think called) "Marylan Manson Ate My Girlfriend". I hadn't heard it b4 and I thought it was funny, but it had some truth to it. Expresses how I feel about my brother and his "faith".

15th March 2006

11:29am: long time no see ..... lol
hey! man, it's been sooooooooooooo long since i last wrote in this! um, well, that's coz i've been BUSY! or more to say, not had anuf tym. ewyz, alls good w/ me i'm just waitin' for my bff to help me update my tagged journal, than i can copy-paste it here ( fun! lol). ttyl.

ps just thought i'd type a small hello to keep myself here n not get "bumped off".

23rd December 2005

1:09pm: so much has happened ......
well, now. it's been ages! i haven't written in months!!!!
life's been a hectic mess and a crazy one, at that. a tuesday, 2 weeks from now, we had afirein the aprt. attached to out\r house. the lady's aprt. was all smoky and i was kinda scared. it was found out to be a bad wire. even tho we called the fire department, it went out on it's own. but the chief firefighter said that he wouldn't advise ne of us staying in either house. that's when i went to my mom's early. when i got there i was shaken up, scared, worried, and shocked. couldn't believe we hadalmost had a fire in our house! but that wore off. now, i'vehad to stay another week at my mom's coz the house isn't safe to live in and i can'tgo back to my dad's until they have a house. it may take awhile, too. and ever since i heard that news i was all in the dumps, depressed and a lil mad. but after my friend molly wriote me and talked to me, i decided to take it to Yahweh and i am feeling much better.
don't let life get u down, friends. let Yahweh take care of u and u'll do just fine. Let go, and give Him control of ur life, coz u are helpless w/out Him. i no, i've been there. He's there for us, He's just waiting for us to ask for His help.

7th November 2005

10:11am: here's how my weekend went: mom picked zach and me up late coz of traffic, but that didn't matter much coz it was early to the time she usually pickes us up at. friday night we watched a cute movie about an otter ( don't remember the name of the movie, but it was REALLY good!). saturday we went to Lents church and i got to c my friends and eat a good meal at the potluck. after church, when we got home, we watched the movie called Ester. that's a really good movie, and one of my faves. after sundown we went to the mall to walk around and then we went to go get a movie and some pizza. went back to the apartment and baked the pizza and made some cookies, then watched the movie while we ate. it was called "Nature Unleashed: Avalanch", and was very good too. i'm gonna put that down on my "must see ... good movie list". after that movie we watched "Chasing Liberty", which was alos very good! then dad picked us up not long after.
so i can say i had a really good weekend and i'm looking forward to a great week!
10:09am: November 4th, 2005, Friday

my day has just begun, but i am in much need of writing my feelings down. so here goes:

so many times, as i look back on the books i've read that have farm life in them, i think and i feel (and, most of all, i wish) i had lived that way, too. grew up on a farm. with all the daily responsibilities, all the chores, all the hard work, maybe i wouldn't be like i am now.............. i mean, it's hard enough trying to learn things i was suppoesed to know at five, and more as i grew up (and still am growing). coz i feel i lost a lot! well, i guess i'm not the only one, though, coz so many people these days haven't learned to be repsonsible, respectful, and hard workers. and that includes me. but i feel, also, that i didn't get to enjoy a happy, carefree childhood coz of my lost innocence. but i don't want to talk about that, even though those feelings are the same ones that make me wish that i grew up on a farm in a loving, sabbath keeping family! these feelings are so hard to not feel. even though i know many others in this world these days lose their innocence in their eccense of youth, and they don't always have happy homes or families, and this is all because of the sin that came into the world at it's beginning. because of sin, i wish and want desperately to have lived a better life and feel it so hard to have to do that at the age i am now, when i should've had the teachings and understandings when i was five til now! because of sin, we live in a world that has death, dying, and pain, anger and hate. and it's all a rotten no good life, i feel, to live. but there's hope! i just have yet to put my thought and feelings into order, study the scriptures, and be able to know more to exlain better what that hope is, but i know it's YHWH, our Creator. most know Him as God, Jesus, and the Lord .... but to me, He's YHWH, which is His hebrew name, and His real one. But i won't go into that more, coz it's ok if u don't accept this nuget of truth, coz Yahshua (our savior .... u know Him as Jesus) says that He won't take it harshly to call Him by what u know him as ..... and since i know Him and His Father as Yahshua and YHWH, i shall use those names, but i will help u understand by saying God and Jesus in parenthases. Anyways! back to the subject! ok, so, my hope is in the coming (or return) of my Savior, Yahshua (Jesus). but i feel it's so hard to give in and let YHWH take over my life, as it should be. i mean, it's hard, but i need to do it. also i feel confused when i learn more new things each day on the thruth and how to have a better walk with Him. confused mostly on how i'm supposed to do them effectively. how do i know He'll help me is another big question. i mean, i can't see Him or feel Him, but i know He's always there, i just wish i felt more reassured. and how do i keep from taking back the bad feelings i've given Him? how do i take up my cross and follow Him? well, my dad has given me a few answers on this .... he says that if i love YHWH (God), i'll keep His commandments ( all that are listed, not JUST the 10). Dad's given me refrences and all so i can look up what i need to do, and this isn't being a legalsit, mind you! if u read the part in Fossilized Customs about Legalism, or Illegalism, you'll see that you need not just have faith, but read and do the torah (the bible). i'm finding truth in reading this book. it's uncovering the origins of all the national holidays. all are of pagen origin, except thanksgiving. and when the pagens watch us celebrate these pagen holidays, they laugh at us, behind our backs. saying we are foolish and stupid and they laugh at our ignorance. i mean, i used to love christmas, easter, and halloween. halloween, coz i got to dress up and get candy .... but when my parents decided it wasn't good at all, i just liked it for the fact of being rebellious. but know i hate it all together and am shocked when i find lots of my christain friends celebrating it. now christmas and easter, i didn't know they were pagen, til a few months ago. if you look up in any encyclopedia under christmas or easter, you'll find that their origin was pagen. see, i never knew this and it came to me as a shock! so i had to totally drop those two holidays coz in the bible it says not to worship with the pagens on their holidays and not to worship YHWH (GOD), like the pagens do or substitute the holiday for another so "our children get something out of it''. we are not supposed to do that, He says, and so i don't celebrate christmas or easter anymore. i didn't really like easter, though, coz it was really not much fun when i got older, but i felt sad leaving chirstmas behind, coz it's a time we get lots of presents, show how much we love everyone, and spend time with our family. but there are holidays in the bible we were told to obsevere and no ones obseving them! except the messianics and jews. they are YHWH's appointed feasts. so now i celebrate hanakah, purim, feast of trumpets, day of ationment, feast of tabernacles, and passover. i also celebrate thanksgiving, coz it's not pagen and i believe YHWH wouldn't mind.

MAN! that was a lot to get off my chest! now that i'm done with all my rambling, i'm gonna go get on my school work.

i'm happy, coz today at 4:00 my mom is coming to pick zach and me up for the weekend. i kinda wish i could go to Beit Emet w/ Jasper and maria, for more than 1 reason, but i'm glad i get to see my mom! lol
i don'y know what we have planned, but i surely can't wait! well, school calls, and so do the chores, and my room ( i need to clean up when i'm done! lol) now that i'm finished with getting my feelings out and done, i shall be happy to go on my way.

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps i know i'm bound to! lol =)

1st November 2005

9:00am: Divorce
ok, i've gone through this b4 ... it really sux! my parents divorced when i was 11 and it's always been hard to deal with it. it really hurts!!! um, yeah. i aslo have trouble believing whatever my mom says smtms - like she'll say i love you so much - coz her actions don't go with what she says .... coz after she says she loves me and wishes we didn't have such a short time to see eachother, she leaves again w/ rigo 4 another 3 weeks in the semi truck ... but that's changing and i hope i can learn to trust my mom's word and not get mad at her and b able to 4-give her, too.
divorce is really painful and since i've been through it i know how it feels. um, right now i have a friend who's parent's r goin' through a divorce and i want to b a friend to him and let him know i care and that i and YHWH (God) r both there 4 him, but he's not really into that God stuff and i don't know how he'd react. plus, it's hard to say if he wants my support or not ... i just need some good advice from SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone that can help me better know how to help my friend in this time of pain and sorrow ... and trouble. it's tough and a really emotional impact on the kids in the middle of it, i know, but i just want to help him. how do i be a friend? just listen when he wants to talk? what if he doesn't even talk to me anymore? i mean, i have his e-addy, but i haven't heard from him in mb almost over a month! i hope all is ok n he hasn't done nething stupid ... like commit suicide! not a laughing matter AT ALL!!!!! this is a real thing! and i really want to help him! but i practically barely now the guy coz i just me him at campmeeting this summer and we've only sent letters back and forth mb 4 tyms .... and the last letter he wrote to me wasn' much of a letter at all - he just replied to my letter and all he said was: hi. nothing more! what's up w/ him? what's he going through??? all these Q.'s n more go through my mind and i don't know if i should ask him what's up or not coz it's hard to know .... well, um..... really, should i c if he's ok? please, i really need advice from someone!

31st October 2005

9:05am: my weekend
Friday was an intresting day that had a harsh down side to it. I started my monthly and i had HORRIBLE craps! i guess i didn't get all the nutrients from that barley max drink, coz i didn't have it on an emty stomache. i took a nap, tho, around 10, and after that i was more energized.
that day was ok.
Saturday was fun, coz i got to go to Biet Emet and i got to see my friends. but what was really weird, was the conversation i had with Levi. earlier i was in a weird, down mood. and he tried to make me laugh and smile, but it didn't work, so he asked why i was sad. well, later, he wanted to talk to me. so, we talked. well, first, he asked if i wanted to know why he wasn't going out with molly and i said yeah. he told me in a way that totally confused me and it seemed like a metaphor in the lines of the moving "(Something???) of an eternal sunshine". well, after that he asked me all these questions about chancy, the guy i like. then, after i answered the qestiones to the best of my knowledge, he said to watch him closely, watch his every move. know all i can about him. and as i do this, i'll begin to fall in love with him (chancy) more. than he said, then you'll be taken away. those aren't his exact words, coz i don't exactly remember what he said, but i asked him after that, what do u mean? by who? and he said : by me. i was like: what do u mean!? and he said, never mind. it was really weird n i REALLY want to know what he meant!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr! guys r so hard to understand!
well, sunday was great! it was a surprise to me, but Dad took Zach and me to the coast. fiurst to drop off something at an old work site, then we found out dad planned to kinda make it a day at the beach, so we went to see Oceanside, coz i've been wanting to see what it's like coz it's a small town and i might plan on living there. well, we visited the beach and went through a rock to another beach on the otherside. that was cool and lots of fun! we tried to get on two different rocks and had to doge water both times. i signed my "squishy" signature in the sand. then we went to cape meares lighthouse and looked at the lighthouse and went down the trail and looked at the octopuse tree, too. then we went to the Tillamook Air Museum. that was REALLY cool!
well, i guess u could say that i had a great week, all except for my p-dot, and that weird conversation w/ Levi.

27th October 2005

11:21am: crazy days
oh, how life can be so hectic! i can't seem to get my feelings straight!!! i mean, i don't know what i feel most of the time. but is it right to govern ur life by ur feelings? i'm not too sure, coz i believe a higher source, YHWH (GOD), is the Creator of all things and i need to follow Him. i don't believe all that evolution crap coz it's a big lie!!!! look around u, people! who could be creating all this wonderful life? none other than a just, and loving GOD! but the evolutionists don't want to believe that coz then they'd have to look up to sum1! come on! that's crap!! u gotta give someday and this world will end soon. which side r u on?

any ways, this whole month has been wacko! my little step brother, Jasper, ran away the monday after he came back from his dad's coz of a really weird reason. as the story goes, he dyed his hair black when no1 but my brother Zach and i were home. i didn't do anything coz i knew they wouldn't listen to me and i was scared about the outcome would be if i did what i knew i should've done, but didn't, what would happen? well, since there's some dye left, zach dyes his hair, too. of course, i still don't do nething. instead, i tell them, " if the parent's ask what happened, say i didn't know didly squat!" hey! i was scared! didn't know what to do!! but then, i could smell the fumes of the hair dye from the bath room; upstairs. i tols the boys and they turned all the fans on. well, dad and josh came home and saw all the fans on. zach and i were upstairs in our rooms, so dad asked why all the fans were on. zach lied and said jasper had sprayed some axe spray and they were just getting the smell out. that let me off the hook, i thought. but when i was downstairs, making dinner, dad asked me why the fans were on. well, i couldn't lie coz i felt it wasn't right so i told the truth. he talked to the boys, than to me, and then, when maria ( my step mom) got home he talked to her and they deciede on a punishment. well, they decided to buzz their hair coz they disobeyed and didn't ask and did it anyways, knowing they didn't want them to. well, that night, Japser ran away. to his dad's of course, and he stayed there for 2 to 3 weeks. he's bad now, czo his mom "forced'' him, not literally, but he said he had to coz his mom wanted him to, so he came back. back to the "stiry". the next day, things were really tense! that night, zach planned on running, too. now, my brother josh had gone into town that day, n he wasn't back yet, either, and it was like, bed time. well, it was crazy, the events that happened. but dad convinsed zach to stay, and he decided to go live with mom in june. well, josh returned late that night. and life was a lil crazy the next day. zach told me all about his plans, and i decided to go with him coz i knew i wouldn't be avle to live w/ my dad and step mom by myself, coz josh planned on moving in w/ my grandparents.
from then on, life was a lil weird. but it's gotten better in some ways.
right now i'm second thinking my plans. can i handle living with my momand step dad? can i handle this big step? i'm scared,confused,and in much need of prayer. i want to get my life back on track and be sure of the desecions i'm making. prayer is all i've got left, now. and moral support in my dad, maybe mom, and other family and friends.
10:44am: october 27th, 2005

life is good. i'm improving in my GED classes and that makes me happy. i've got three tests lined up and i can't wait til we have the money, so i can take them. after i recieve my GED, i'm going to find volunteer jobs so i can get some good knowledge on how to do some things and have "back up" on my resume. i hope i don't go shy, coz i need to be brave and out going enough to speak up and ask if any one needs a volunteer. i have many choices to choose from and i might to local and nonlocal. like, i could help out at the elementry school and be a student teacher, or at the community place in town. also, i want to help at the senior center. maybe even the soup kitchen. but i'll do more finding and asking when i get my GED.
i'm so happy! i get to go to Biet Emet on Saturday, and i'll get to see Molly!!! i'm so happy!! i can't wait! and i'm glad i'll see my mom next week. than, when i'm with her, i'll be able to call my friends. i just need to remember my address book! lol
well, i've got school work to get on with, so i'm gonna get back to it. if i have anything else to write, i'll try and get back here to write it. but i might not be able to do that, until monday, at least.
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