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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

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    day off
    today kinda had the day off. but it did suck a bit.
    decided that there was no point going in so i told my mum id revise. and i had to aswell, so i was a good girl did some maths with regular breaks lol. twas still hell just sitting there working and reading uchhh.
    missed all my friends loads, my life without them, christ i dont think i would cope.need some crazy talking to make me sane everyday lol.
    so releaved about a lot of things. so just alll happyness. hehehehehehe.
    i watched beauty and the beast again today i nearly cried at the end when he was about to die, but yey he came alive and turned into a handsome young man for belle to live happily ever after with hehe. aww.
    defo camping now for my party.so plan is firstly
    go for meal with family
    then marks little band thing
    then camping wooooop
    tis gonna be lush i hope
    just gonna need to sort out bus times for us all to get to senny and shit. and then theres the stuff we need plenty of tents blah blah blah, i will sort it out and it will be perfect and a birthday to remember, or ill cry yea cry ok!lol.

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: kaiser chiefs - i predict a riot

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