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[30 May 2005|07:56pm]
wow i found my old blurty. this is fuckin rad. i totally forgot about this. wow, im in astonishment...
better soaring for you my angel

skit skit motherfauckner [06 Sep 2003|02:48pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | hey mercedes ]

ok last nights dream was amazing!!!

i was at the vagrant show with ryan and my dad was wandering around but he wasnt there with me it was weird its like he liked the music...neways so me and ryan were supposed to be broken up cuz my mom like hated him all of a sudden er something so we had to pretend we didnt know each other in case my dad saw us (even though we were walking side by side) kinda weird but anyway so we sat down to watch alkaline trio...cuz it was like at a like movie theater almost but instead of a screen it was a stage like the one at they were on stage and no one was alound to stand so everyone was sitting and this girl like came over and told ryan to get the hell up so he got up and i started cursing the girl out and she got all her friend and i got scared and ran away so then we went and found another seat in the first row. so were sitting there and alkaline trio came on and i was like ahhhhhh so happy and i remember hearing the songs in my i can even tel you the set list...sorry about that, mr chainsaw, private eye, i lied my face off, and fatally yours and i had a nice ass camera and was taking amazing ya neways i was taking all these hot pictures and skiba played drums for fatally yours and heather was singing for them while skiba drummed and dan had lost his voice so he couldnt sing and derek was on 6 string it was weird but after fatally yours they took a break and i saw dan and i asked if i could take a picture of him and he was like 'oo no i look stho bad today' but i convinced him to let me take it...and it was digital so i showed him and he was like awww that kicks ass and i gave him the picture cuz i could like print them and hes like 'aww im gonna give thisth one to my wife' it was so cute and then i went and sat back down and they got back on stage and then i woke up....awesome dream!!!

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

fags [30 Aug 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | like glue ]

last nights dream was weird...i dreamed that i livedon this huge ranch house but it was on the beach and evan and riely and nicole and erica was there...i think erica was there...neways so nicole wanted me to dye her hair so i did and it came out yellow/orange and i dyed my hair like this red color and erica wanted me to dye her hair but i didnt cuz she got scared and wanted to keep her ya then after we dyed our hair i went out back and riely and evan were skateboarding and they were gay together (lmao) and ya then i woke up it was funny...

better soaring for you my angel

orgy anyone? [22 Aug 2003|10:50am]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | noodle head ]

i had a semi good dream last night like it would have been awesome if it wasnt so weird
iight so i was at camp and i dont go to camp so that was like one reason it was kinda weird...ya so neways ryan was there and my old friend christy from when i was little and angie was there and all these people that i dont like or dont hang out with anymore but in the dream i was friends with them. neways so we were all taking showers but they made us all take showers together so like it was thsis massize orgy in the shower and we were all saying can you imagine if the councelors saw us doing this and then one of them came in and it was like like this beautiful girl with like perfect boobs and like perfect stomach and she like joined was awesome ya but in my dream i didnt like enjoy anthing that was going on...mayeb thats why it wasnt so great...ya but that was my dream

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why are my dreams so shitty? [15 Aug 2003|11:42am]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | the reunion show ]

i didint have any dreams last night that i really remember but i do remember one from like a week ago i never posted...i was graduating highschool and everyone was so happy and i was still going out with ryan and then mimi came up to me like a week before graduation and told me her parents were dying and they only had a week to live and i was the only one she wanted to tell and i was trying to cheer her up and then ryan came over to me and he told me he loved me and i was like :x so excited but then mimi kept calling me and was like jackie im so scared what am i gonna do so i went to her house to help her out and while i was there my mom called me and told me to come home she had to tell me something so i went home and she told me we were moving and i was like omg are you serious....and i asked her if we could stay a week and she was like no we're moving tomorrow and i just cried cuz my best friend's parents are gonna die and my b/f just told me he loved me and i was graduating in a week and i had to move out of was a terrible dream... but it was only a dream...

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

you can lead a whore to water [14 Aug 2003|10:24am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | glassjaw ]

i woke up crying this morning cuz i had a really shitty dream, me and ryan were at the mall except the mall was an out doors mall but it was still pembroke lakes ya weirdness...neways so were walking and hes like hey we gotta talk, ya know ive been thinking and i think we shud break up. and i remember in my dream i just blew it off in front of him and acted like it was no big deal but then i turned around and mimi was there and i just cried for what seemed like forever...and then mimi told me to look behind me so i turn around and ryans making out with emily and then i woke up....why are all my dreams bad lately?!?!?! this is gay

better soaring for you my angel

san dimas highschool football rules [14 Aug 2003|10:23am]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | glassjaw ]

dream2. it was the frist day of school and cooper had turned into an all indoor school and it looked like a school out of like the 60's cuz everything was old. so i didnt have my scheduel and everyone else did so i had to go ask the office and they sed i had mass media first hour and creative writing 2nd and math then science. so i go to where my first hour is and its in like the auditorium except it wasnt our auditorium it was alot bigger and i didnt know anyone in the clas and there were like 75 people i that one the bell rang and i had like a/b lunch and it was really weird cuz wen id walk around i knew people but i didnt talk to them and wen i did talk to people i knew nobody had my lunch or any of my classes and so i went to lunch...and then i woke up

better soaring for you my angel

if this is bad news... [14 Aug 2003|10:21am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | count the stars ]

hello all...i have recovered my old blurty and made it my dream journal, all these entries thus far wil be about my dreams...the mood is what the dream made me feel like and uhhh if your one of those dream analysist :s/p?: then please comment...

dream 1. i was at mimis house and she lived in this huge mansion and it was all old victorian style and stuff. and mimi was dressed all gothicwith matt ross in the upstairs balcony over looking the pool. and her and matt were up there and i was down stairs by the pool and she told me to go upstairs in the attic, so i go upstairs and the attic is all old wooden floors and netting for the walls and it was really dark and so i turn the corner and way back at the end of the hallway is this thing in the corner so i go closer and it turns around and its this really creepy looking thing and it just looks and me and then it grabbed me and started pulling out my finger nails and cutting me open and i was tryin to beat the shit out of him so i kicked him really hard and it let me go and i started running and it started chasing me so it almost grabbed me again but i got to the door and slammed it in his face and of coars creatures cant open doors so i was i went back outside and mimi and matt were still in their balcony and mimi had blood coming down from her eyes and matt had eyeliner running down from his eyes and i looked at her and im like why the fuck did u tell me to go up there. i almost got killed and mimi was like what do u mean and i told her what happened and shes like omg thats the devil and im like what and shes like ya this is the hosue of the devil and since we're very religious we can controll him...and she was like ya you go tempted by the devil but thank god you didnt give in to him and i was like wtf are you talking about and i asked 'so i was tempted by the devil' and her mom heard me say that ::cuz mimis mom was there cept it wasnt miomis mom it just sounded like her:: and mimis mom started yelling at me cuz i was upstairs with the devil and she told me that if i wanted i could go back up there and i was like o no thank you and left....

better soaring for you my angel

bye bye love [05 Jul 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | real world fucks ]

sorry blurty friends but im now a livejournal member soo if u wanna see my new journal its :) i love you

better soaring for you my angel

look im jackie and im stupid [03 Jul 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | so long sweet summer-d/c ]

mimi and carlee are here.....i wish erica was erica turn that frown upside down!!!!!!!!!!!i love you erica! mmm neways we just got back from regal. i had fun :) scottie was there :) i luff ya man! and i saw ash and tomorrow we're goin to mimi's!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeee happy 4th man.. :) weeee iight im out i luv ya guys!

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

are we really happy with who we are right now?-moneen [03 Jul 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | are we really happy with who we are right now-moneen ]

hi guys! wats shakin...mmm today was boring i watched my sister...scottie called me at like 2 and we talked for like an hour and then he sed hed call me back in 5 minutes and he never did :( but i guess he'll call me later...ya then my mom was tormenting me with putting her nasty ass feet on my bed....ew i hate feet...mmm ya and then i watched the video of broadway musicals for my moms school...each 5th grade class did one and it was prity good...concidering they were 10..ya uhh then me and carlee decided to go to regal tonight with air to see legally blonde and then car is sleeping over! yay...and now nobody is home and im sitting here listening to my emo mix i made! woooo and reading me carlee and ericas old notebook...kern you've had a thing for kellan a long time...the 3 page of the 1st notebook is about him...shheesh neways im off to go surf the web man..haha im jk! ::the mike-a-tator went surf-in-atin:: haha ash that was a great day! bye i la you
-jackie jackie jackie

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

weee [02 Jul 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | dashboard! ]

hey guys...i just got back from the movies with scott :) im so happy we're together..i like him alot :-D ya well we saw kellan and kenny and uhh some other people there and it was prity much empty....o ya and i saw ericas brother there..i sed hi to him he was with danny...mmm ya...neways scottie came over today and my mom made us dinner...he was so uncomfortable..i felt bad but thats just cuz my dads a red neck.... ya today was great! cept fer the dentist part....that sucks! i luff ya guys!

better soaring for you my angel

i want you to want me!! [02 Jul 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | saves the day- hold ::acoustic:: ]

hey guys! i went to the dentist today! tons of fun! lemme tell you. they told me when i left that i had no cavities so i was like woop woop ::happy dance:: but then like an hour after being home they called me and told me i had to get a filling! dumbass' i hate them. neways scottie told me hes comin over yay! im so happy! woooooo ok ya and then i stepped on glass and it bled like mad! but its ok now! i think neways uhh ya so me and ash have concluded that i am the most accident prone person we know! who agrees?! mmm ya well im about to get kicked off so i g2g muah! love you all like monkeys! er something! ......o ya and me and air are having a scavenger hunt like we did last time at sawgrass so if u wanna do it with all of us lemme know! its a shit load of fun by the way! :)

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

i hope you come down with something they can diagnose dont have a cure for [01 Jul 2003|08:09pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | ok i believe you but my tommy gun dont-brand new ]

hi goiys! wats shakin! just got back from the mall and dinner at on the border...mmm it was soo good and i got to see scottie! :) ahh hes the cutest little gummi :ya thats right scottie a gummi!:: hehe ih ad fun...we didnt have enuf money for all the food cuz the guy kept chargin mimi for all the extra stuff she ordered and it added up but have to fear paul was here :dumb rich kid: hehe ya we he pulled out a 20 and it was all good :) yaaa neways then we walked to the mall and me and scottie sat in the bean bag things and talked and the guy kept lookin at me and scottie got mad so we moved :) i luff ya man! ya then everyone left :( and paul took me home...but we didnt get to listen to enya! man thats the best part about pauls car his mom always has on enya but no not today :( thats gay maybe next time... :) wooooooo iight well that was all the goings on tonight! peashce man!

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

you on uppaz ma!!?!?- requiem [01 Jul 2003|12:59pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | angel-the peacocks ]

omg im so hyper- last night i stayed on the phone with scottie for 4 1/2 hours. i was up wayyyy past my bed time i didnt go to sleep until like 4 30 er so but thats ok i got to talk to scottie :))) mm ya and my grandparents left today at 8!!! i get my room back!! wooooo yay. oo ya and anyone whod like to come over and put fuckin kazaa on my computer please do b/c it just doesnt wanna download for me...but thats just cuz computers like to piss me do video camers... -_-..heh neways today i was hoping that everyone could like go to the mall and then on the border but fuckin ashlie going bike riding? how gay is that... PRITY DAMN GAY ASHLIE...faggot ass! :) mm jk i still love you but i really wish that youd come with me... mm ya well mimis not at home so i cant get in touch with her and erica is away and carlee is prolly sleeping still and scotties still asleep so im friend-less right now!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...woooooooooooo. ya ya ya. so how is everybody doing? nobody ever reads this anymore i dont know why i update...fags...well since nobodys on its a waste to waste my time im off to never never land kay bye
-j a c k i e

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

hahahaha [30 Jun 2003|10:14pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | alkie! ]

ouch! that must hurt....

*What Hideous Affliction shall be Damned against the person who broke your Heart?*
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better soaring for you my angel

carrabba babba labba dabba flabba fucker [30 Jun 2003|08:55pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | listening to dashboard now...what a kwinkie-dink! ]

Chris Carraba from Further Seems Forever

*Who is the perfect Emo Singer boyfriend for You?*
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dicks are for my friends [30 Jun 2003|08:05pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | take lots with alcohol-the best band in the world ]

hoi goiuys! wats just got back from dinner my sister called me fat so i pushed her and she hit her head on the wood but instead of crying like a little bitch like she always does she started laughing so i kept doin it and now shes asleep i think i knocked her out haha little cunt! wooo neways my brilliant move of the day! : im in the shower singin and washin my hairr and i started shavin :) and somehow beyond my knowledge my razor took a chunck of my pinky nail off and started bleeding like mad and now it hurts but ya that was my o so cool move...neways today i went to work with my dad and made 50$ and umm scottie called like 4 times and i feel bad cuz i didnt call him back but im talkin to him now so its gravy baby :) i hope we last a long time!!!!!!! wooooo iiight ya well thats my looong day im out muah!

better soaring for you my angel

:) [30 Jun 2003|05:49pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | the fun song-sponge bob :) ]

i found this on some persons journal and im bored sooo ya i decided to fill this bitch out and uhh if you read this b4 u talk to me scottie call my cell muah!

Choose a band and answer only in song titles by that band: Alkaline Trio

How do some people feel about you: Stupid Kid
How do you feel about yourself: Another Innocent Girl
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Cringe
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Fatally Yours
Describe what you want to be: Queen of Pain
Describe how you live: Bloodied Up
Describe how you love: Nose Over Tail
Share a few words of wisdom: Take Lots With Alcohol


better soaring for you my angel

:) [29 Jun 2003|10:47pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | brand new ]

my hairr smells good! just thought id let ya'll know that

Besides a purple skyx better soaring for you my angel

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