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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
School was okie, but that assembly thing was funny as hell....i bet anything that when Ms. Bell said something about our tounge that all the guys took it the wrong way...hahaha rofl that was what i thought at first and i was like "whoa, what?" then she said all that other stuff...haha.

YAY! No homework!!! but i bet i failed my math test...grrr i thought i knew what was gonna be on there but it turned out all different. But my spanish was really easy!!!
I feel like watching scary movies and getting myself all scared...i dunno why but horror movies are my fav.!!!!! I love to see them in the theatre expcally.

I swear...theres not a day that goes by that i dont get called avril....gets annoying...anyway i swear that im like the only person that actually LIKES math...i dunno its challenging but fun!!! lol im crazy haha

I feel like going camping in a tent right by a lake with a fire at night barbacuing and much fun!!!! Anyone want to to? then ask and we can set up a camping trip next break..yay!


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