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4***** my life [12 Dec 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | rage against the machine ]

hi! wow ever since my other journal was deleted i havent really been writing. OH WELL

i have to tell you about my life! and how exiting it is!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

okay: well IM INLOVE WITH THIS GUY!! AND HIS GIRLFRIEND IS FRIENDS WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS... ANYWAY SO SHE WROTE A NOTE TO MY FRIEND SAYING: "because of that bitch anita, we're not going out anymore!!!!!" and i was liek OMG! WHY WOULD HE NOT WANNA GO OUT WITH HER WHEN HE FOUND OUT I LIEKED HIM!!!!!!! so im so exited now! also shes the one who told him that i liek him.. so it is her fault that they're not going out!! Wweeee! this is how they kind of figured out i lieked him:

liek a month ago i asked my friend danni to ask him when his birthday was... so this is their convo:
(!*&%=guy i <3)

DANNI: "um hi.. my friend lieks you and she really wants to know your birthday"
!*&%: "WHO! who is it.. who lieks me?"
DANNI: "oh i cant tell you but whens your birthday?"
!*&%: "im telling you unless you tell me who it is.."

so i didnt get his birthday that time.... then liek a month later, my stupid kinda friend NIKKY asked his gf when his birthday was... the convo in social studies:

NIKKY TO ME: "IM GONNA ASK HER FOR YOU!!!" (she screamed through the class)
NIKKY TURNS TO HIS GF AND SAYS: "whens !*&%'s birthday?"
HIS GF: "why.. do you wanna know or does someone else wanna know?" (she looks at me)
NIKKY: "no... i wanna know..."

so then obviously it looked liek i wanted to know bc of nikky screaming "im gonna ask for you!"

so think about it... someone tells you that their friend lieks you and they want your birthday... then a month later your gf says that "OH YEA for some reason anita wanted to know your birthday"

NOW HE KNOWS ITS ME!!!! AH!!!! so yea then he didnt want to go out w/ her anymore

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3***** im in school! this is how bored i am! [09 Dec 2003|10:52am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | out kast~ hey ya ]

hi everybody here is a random picture:

random picture

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2***** RANDOM SHTUFF [06 Dec 2003|10:51pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | papa roach~ suffocation ]

nycgirl110588: shitty shitty fag fag shitty shitty fag fag!

Spongebob:"Quick, Patrick, without thinking, what's something that you'd want to buy?"
Patrick:"Uhhhh...uhhh more time for thinking"

~~Poop is probably the most entertaining thing to talk about with some people. If you get to know people well enough you can talk about pooping forever and laugh you ass off. There's green poop, corn poop, runny poop, chunky poop, hard poop, smelly poop, fire poop (it hurts to sit down afterwards), there's power poop (it will splash your buttcheeks), explosive poop (you have to really run to make it before it flys out)...I mean...poop goes on and on.

(hears someone's foot steps in the dark)
"walking.. walking.. RUNNING! SPRINTING SPRINTING!!
(sprints into a wall) bleeding bleeding.... (hears foot steps getting closer) DONT COME ANY CLOSER!! IM WARNING YOU!! IM A SPONGE!!!" ~spongebob, episode: "ROCKBOTTOM"

"Testing, testing, testing, TESTING! AHHHHHH! TEST! DO YOU READ!" ~patrick star

"I DONT PICK MY NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~~LIANN

lisa: MY COUSIN IS SOOO LUCKY!! she inherrited so much money when her dad died
liann: no thats REALLy SAD!
lisa: i know i just realized what i said

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1***** hey!! this is not my first time ever [06 Dec 2003|09:39pm]
hi my pretty new journal! yay... my other one got deleted! ar people are out to get me... help! oh well... im startong a new one and its gonna stay for good!! okay POOP
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