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[05 Jan 2003|01:26pm]
wow. i just got this. cool huh? not really but okay. well, my friend randi and my friend josh are fighting. it sucks real bad. they dun wanna hang out so it's hard to "plan" around them. like yesterday we were supposed to go to rock and bowl and randi and josh had this whole thing go on.. but then eventually randi's mom couldn't fine her dad so we couldn't go. shit. i was so pissed. i ended up talking to josh til like 4 in the morning? i dunno i didn't keep track. but yah it was fun. i learned about his uncle bob... who's 17. we ended up wanting to go to eat at giant but josh and nate couldn't get a ride in town. that night was shit. now i'm watching the steelers game and waiting for randi to call. it's so fun? no.. ah it's snowing. i dun wanna go to school tomorrow. well maybe i do, all these closings are shortening my spring break damnit. this might be # 4. haha it's great. but yea we're going to end up making up a bunch of days. no fun. well i'm gonna go. randi's on the phone. bye.
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