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Sunday, March 23rd, 2003
6:26p - Yea...
Heeeeeey. Wow what a wasted day. This is emosuprimo or Sam as some of you know me. I got a new journal cause everyone was asking me why I liked emo and all that, and asking me if i was trying to spell Teamosuprimo. And i'm like no...go away. So yea.

I did my layout like my deadjournal. ( http://www.deadjournal.com/~_l0s3r/ ) I made a new deadjournal too, but mine was hacked :( so yea. Sooo......today I went to publix and it was raining and i was like dancing in the rain and I got all the way up half way to my knees soaking wet. It was so much fun. My tube socks are like sucked onto my leg, I wont attemptt to get them off. LOL. I'm getting pink peeps. Heres a hint for you . Always buy the bunny peeps, asking why your asking. Well heres why, because there are 16 bunny peeps in a pack. The lil ducks only have 15 in a pack. Which means your paying more for less if you buy the ducky things. So buy the bunnys. I know they come in uuuugly colors but they are pretty pink ones too. :) haha. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

I talked to Mike last night for like *counts* idk from like 11 to like 2. He said he had to go like 3 times during it so basicly we said love you alot. I thought it was funny. He said hes gonna gimmie bearings cause he has extras. WEEEEEEEEE I LOVE HIM!!!!! Now all i need is hardwear and wheels, I have a deck and trucks that Nathan got me so thats pretty cool. Then somehow we got to talking about Spanish, and how mrs. suhweil is from chicago and he asked me what nationalitys I am. I said I was italian, german, polish, american, and ukrainian. He said that was alot and I asked....well look here.

Mike : whats nationaltys r u
Me : ummm
Mike : ?
Me : i might be making up the german thing
Mike : thats alot
Me : yea
Me : u>
Me : ?
Mike : italain irish americaian wait i dont have my greencard
Me : lmao
Mike : fuck!
Mike : lol
Me : aww damn your irish
Me : and i didnt kiss you on st. patricks day
Mike : still kiss next time see u
Me : lol ok
Mike : ok
Mike : i still have that clover
Mike : lol
Me : haha
Mike : in the same pants
Me : i found like 4 of those over the course of the day
Me : lol

Note- I ran up to him on st. patricks day with a lil piece of confetti shapped like a clover and he still had it.

Yuppp.....so yea. Basicly yea. Pretty self explaintary there. Ummmmm............the peeps are making me sick.

I learned to play Good charlottes I heard you, Good Charlotte's Wondering, Green Day's Brain Stew, Sum 41's Fat Lip, Blink 182's Dammit, and The Beatle's Daytripper on the guitar. I'm so proud of me. I hope I can get lessons. I'm on a waiting list for Steve B's and Sam ash. I'm thinkin that Steve B's is gonna call first cause they have less people on the waiting list. So yea....I went there and got picks cause I ran out. Then I went to the comic book store to look for Johnny comics but they didn't have any. I'm gonna order them off of hot topic soon cause they are a dollar cheaper on hot topic. Hot Topic- the place where dreams come true. WEHAT THE FUCK AM I LISTENING TOO!!!!! Oh it's AFi, i didn't relize it cause it was zee end of zee song and i have never heard zee end of the boy who destryoed the world. Sad..ummm



I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball...

*currently in the process of making me a blinkie with my name on it*

current mood: bored
current music: Movies - AAF

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