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Friday, May 23rd, 2003
3:01a - I'm bored!
Ass! I'm bored!

My cousin and I met this super-creepster guy at a club a while back. He was crazy,and trying to get her to leave with him. I'm like,"She's underage you child-molesting,cock sucker!" He didn't care. Big suprise. But that was in....March,maybe...? But anyways,the crazy part is I keep having dreams about this guy! I've had,like,alot of them! He's in at least 2 or 3 of my dreams a week! I dunno,it's insane. I wish it would go away. And worse yet...I saw him AGAIN at the Big "o" Rock show 2! That was Sunday,May 11. And his hair got all long and shaggy and creepy and nasty and AAAAHHHH!!!! He's so gross!!

It makes me sick thinking about it all,seriously. Yuck. I wish I was stronger. Then I don't think I would be so afraid of everything/everyone. Ah hell,what does it matter,my titties are shrinking anyways,might as well start working out. Well,they're not THAT small,big C/small D. Those were,like,the only thing I had going for me! Sad but true. Oh well. Geez,I say "oh well" too much. How stupid and annoying.

Onto something else!!
You know,I cried for no apparent reason earlier tonight. No,I think I know why.

1. I'm lonely!
2. I'm lonely,but no one will leave me alone!
3. I'm just plain moody. :\

I am the most single person on this planet,I swear! But everybody knows that. Ya know what? I wish someone would just come right out and say what's so bad about me. Why no one likes me. I try and try to be like-able,but nothing happens! I tried being myself,that didn't work. I tried being someone else,that didn't work,either. Crap.
Is it my face? Am I too ugly? Am I too loud? Too moody,what?
I give up. I don't think I'll ever know.
Okay,well,good night for now,because that's all I can think of,and if I think of more I'll put more. And I'll try to keep this fucker updated. :D

current mood: restless
current music: soundgarden - black hole sun

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