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[25 Dec 2002|12:33am]

How's it going? I'm Iago. EE-AH-GO, yeah. My parents fuckin' loved Shakespeare.

I'm a photographer mostly, also a filmmaker. Supposed to make the tour film for Lionheart, so that's scary as hell a great opportunity. Yeah.

I used to live and work in New York, but after years of documenting that scene, I heard it's bubbling up over here in London so I made the jump. Been here for a few months and it's going pretty well. Everybody's so pretty in London.

I was a model, yeah, but uh. *cough* Let's not talk about the war.
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[25 Dec 2002|12:13am]

I'm David. I sing for one of those long haired rock and roll combos called Lionheart. (How very English.)

We're about to do a world tour, it's only our second one. It nearly killed all of us last time, and this one's fourteen dates longer. Fueled by narcotics and a tour manager with a very sharp stick.

Another year older, another foot in the gravy boat.

So little to do, so much time.
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'lo [24 Dec 2002|12:11am]

[ mood | awake ]

I'm Alice (ah-lee-see). I've just recently come up to London from Fortaleza, Brazil and let me tell you- there's a huge difference (if you hadn't guessed that ;p different sides of the equator and all.)

Since I've gotten here I've been a bit of a wallflower.. Just working and sleeping etc. Extremely different from the way I was back home.. but I'm always a bit timid when I come to a new place. (at first.) I've just recently joined Horroshow as their drummer so I'm sure things will be a little more interesting from here on out... Otherwise? Well, I'm starting fresh.. The past is in the past and the future.. well we'll just have to see where that leads me

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[22 Dec 2002|03:28pm]

As if you don’t know, I’m Saira Donovan. Overexposed film and theater actor. I’m the face on the front page of the paper bundled next to you as you eat your porridge in the morning. I’m sorry about that, but at least you have something pretty to look at and entertaining to read as your day starts.

Fans don’t bother me as much as peers do most of the time. Fans are honest - they want a signature and a picture and usually they go away after that. Has-beens, half-successfuls, and those who put the word “aspiring” in front of a profession are much more difficult to shake.

I’m positively angelic, I swear it.
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[22 Dec 2002|01:46pm]

Hello, all. I'm Paul Tucker, aka Tuck, aka You Bastard, aka God (well, that's what the ladies call me. *wink*wink*).

I'm the drummer for Lionheart, and in my spare time I enjoy smashing things, throwing enormous wads of cash about in pubs, blowing things up, making love to beautiful women--and no, I don't own a single gold medallion--and tossing things out of windows.

My best mate in the whole wide world is Adrian Cross, but if you buy a round, you can become my best mate too. I may even buy you one or ten in return.

I heard the stunning Saira Donovan might be around here. If so: Saira, love. Give me a call. I bet Ade a hundred pounds you could drink him under the table, and I want to collect on that. Let's all make a date soon.
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[21 Dec 2002|06:28am]

Hullo, I'm Jules. That's a smashing opening line, innit? I've been here, there, and a bit of everywhere in between. I'm know a bit of everything, but am an expert in nothing. Eh, you take it day to day, yeah?

The guitar is my muse, so when she's around, I play with my mates. We're The Silencers. If you haven't heard of us, you will. It's not a question of if, but rather a question of when. I'm confident.

We don't have a place just yet. But if you want to find us, we're at the Ritz. I just sold a painting for a bit of cash so we're not going to be there for long. I thought I saw Jacky earlier, so sooner or later you'll see us all.

Have a light?
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[19 Dec 2002|01:18pm]

Hello, loves. My name is Lena Hollingworth. I'm owner of Sirens, and I guess I'm kind of a surrogate mother to the gang here.

Spence, Jack, Dex, Tiya, Kali and I are getting things ready for the upcoming New Year's party. I can't wait! It's going to be spectacular.

If anyone needs me, the door to my office is always open. I'll be in there working away.
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[19 Dec 2002|05:53pm]

Ni hao. I'm Mae Lin. I do some acting.

My friends have commented on a few things about me, which I suppose would be more useful to you than my own opinion on myself. I smile with my eyes, but rarely my mouth. I can hold about twice as much alcohol as it would appear by my stature. Never a hair out of place, it's legend, but they don't know the state of what's underneath!

I'm currently fascinated by glam, and punk as well. Sirens seems to be the ideal place to soak it all up, and nobody seems to care that I'm slinking around in their den. Maybe I'll see you around.
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[19 Dec 2002|05:30pm]

I'm Ade. I'm an ack-tor. It's just a job. My first love is folly, which is my career. Acting greases the wheels and fuels the fire. It's a fine art, and I take it very seriously, but I know that I take all of my jobs very seriously. Were I a bricklayer, I would lay each brick with the attention required to make it art. It's how I was raised. You do what you do, no matter what, to the best of your ability.

Including, I'm pleased to say, hedonism.

I consider fame to be utter bollocks. You may catch me at the Ritz or the Savoy, but only if I'm along for the ride. I still go to my local pub and I still talk to my school mates and I refuse to be treated like a VIP. Why should being known make you more interesting than any other fucker?

It shouldn't, quite right. Let me buy you all a round of drinks. Barman!
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[19 Dec 2002|12:10pm]

Apparently, more human deaths have been attributed to fleas than all the wars ever fought. As carriers of the bubonic plague, fleas were responsible for killing one-third of the population of Europe in the 14th century. But I don't know. I think fleas just have rotten PR. What about their circus skills?

My name is Druella Piper, but you can call me Dru. I sing. In fact Shivvy and I are just putting together our band Horrorshow.

I also work at the clothing shop, Smash It Up, which I adore. So, if you're in the area and need help purchasing a rubber dress or a set of leather chaps, I'm your girl.

By the way, did you know that dolphins are the only other animals besides humans that get pleasure out of sex. They are also the only other animals that have sex for reasons other than reproduction.
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[19 Dec 2002|04:54pm]

Hi, I'm Olivia. I like your shoes. People call me Olly. I like it better than Olivia because my mum used to shout that at me all the time. Can I borrow your lighter? I do drum things in Stinkfish... we're a girl punk band. I'm the nice one, that's what they say. But they also say I'm from Wonderland, and I don't even know where that is. I like your shoes. Do you think they'd fit me? We could trade. Mine are from that bright shop with the crazy Cuban and they're splendid but they have this little edge that ladders my tights. You don't wear tights do you? This could work out. Are you hungry? I have some sweeties in my bag.
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[19 Dec 2002|04:21pm]

Hi, I'm Chaz. Charles. Chaz. Yes.

I play keyboards in Diabolique and er... sort of drink and try to wriggle away from mischief most of the time, only it finds me and pins me down and tickles me until I can't breathe and er... I think I've exhausted the possibilities in that sentence, so I'll just put it away now.

I have a tendency to pick out clothing that makes people make disapproving noises, but I ask you... just what IS wrong with an orange cowboy shirt with red fringe and yellow piping?

Nothing! Nothing at all!
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[19 Dec 2002|03:59pm]

Ah. Hello. I'm Martin Drake, guitarist for Diabolique.

I'm not cute, I'm not clever. I just play guitar and bully my bandmates into dressing themselves better. I take too many illicit substances and will happily scam drinks all night given the chance.

Now I've put it all down like that, I kind of hate myself. *shuffles off*
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[18 Dec 2002|01:12pm]

Hi guys!

Jami here. I'm lead singer and bassist for the Jami Suede Band, otherwise known as the JSB. My bandmates CC, Takeshi and Keoke are here, so hopefully they'll come out and say hello sometime.

Things are looking great for us at the moment. We just appeared on the Hit Parade, and I got dunked into a vat of beans, which is always a good time. And jeezus! Our song is number one. I still can't get over that. We're going to put out a new album soon, and then follow that up with a tour. I'd better gather together all the props I'll need for pranks right away.
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[18 Dec 2002|04:33pm]

I'm Jacky. I play bass for the Silencers. You'll probably not have heard of us yet, but we're pukka, I promise. Soon, we shall conquer the world.

Or so I think when I'm high enough. Nyuk.

We're on the verge of something, that's clear. Jules just sold one of her paintings for more money than I've ever seen in my life and she's promised to clear us out of our little rat's nest in the worst part of London. Suits me, miss!

So we've been lying about popping bon bons and doing bumps to keep us on the train, in the Ritz of all places, mate! It doesn't get any more surreal than that for a poor bunch of wastrels like us. But we've got to high tail it soon or we'll blow all of her money on nothing at all.

We're currently looking for gigs, still have to record a demo, and I'm hungry so I'm going to go over there and get some chips. *points* Set us up a pint, eh?
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[18 Dec 2002|03:37pm]

Hi. I'm Billy Hex, lead singer of Null. We're a NY punk rock band, just landed in London to see what's what. I guess we've been here for a week or so, already making the papers thanks to a little indiscretion. But don't worry. We're basically harmless.

So far, only me and itchy have decided to show ourselves. The other two will be along when they crawl out of their drug hazes I guess.
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Welcome [17 Dec 2002|11:07pm]

Well, hello!

This is the official first official post of 3.0, I guess. Hi!

We're about ready to start, so let's start posting! If you look around at some of the other character journals, you can see some of their introductory posts, and hopefully they will give you a good idea of how things work.

First things first. Try to post in character. as much as possible. Remember we're role-playing here. Also use first person perspective when writing an entry. If you absolutely must post out of character, be sure to note that in your post with an "OOC" and put brackets around your text like [so]. It's also nice if you hide OOC text behind a cut. Just add < lj-cut text = "OOC stuff here" > and put the text after that.

Basically, character journals are treated as if the character himself is speaking or thinking something. These aren't really journals like you and I have, but characters may say what they did that day, what they plan to do, how they're feeling, etc. If you're posting a character's private thoughts--such as, "Omigosh, she's so hot, but I could never tell her that"--remember to disable the comments feature on your character's journal. Do descriptive text in italics, and surround action phrases with asterisks. *nod*

By the same token, readers should view character journals as if they're listening to or overhearing a conversation. If you want to comment, think before you do so. Does your character have a relationship with that other character? Are you trying to establish a friendship or a working relationship with them? Will your comment add anything to the storyline? Or are you just commenting to be heard? If your answer is that last one, please don't. Or put it in your own journal.

Community journals such as this one are just that. Communities. sirensrpg is the official game community. This is a restricted community journal, but everyone playing the game can post here. Here is where we'd like you to introduce your characters to let us know that you're around. Also, feel free to ask questions here in character or out, but if posting OOC, please hide it behind a cut.

If you're new here and haven't yet been added to the community, leave a comment in lena_h's journal. She'll add you and can help you get started playing, if needed.

sirens is the club community. It is also restricted, but everyone playing the game is allowed to post in there as well. Just remember to have your characters act as if they are entering or hanging out at the club, Sirens. sirens_shops, vernas and blueangel are open community journals where anyone can post. Most everyone should already have access to these, but if your character isn't a member, you can add them yourself by going to the user info page and clicking "click here" at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Other communities such as the_dominion and sirens_vip are a little more exclusive. Some characters are already there, but others will be let in by invite only. Don't worry. The owners of those clubs are very fair. If they feel you've earned your way in, they'll see you get an invite.

Since we don't have the insulation of a private mailing list, we'd like to make SirensRPG as comfortable for everyone as possible. Therefore, the moderators need to know who is playing and who isn't. Please make your presence known and introduce your character as soon as possible. Also, try to update your journal in character at least once every 2 weeks or so. OOC posts won't count as an update. If you need to be away for longer than that, leave a message. Any longer than 4 weeks, and the game mum and dad get very worried and may file a missing person's report. Or we'll figure you're no longer playing and, depending on the character, we may put it up for grabs. So, just let us know, 'kay?

Also, if you come across any trolls, let us know. We'll deal with them by engaging in a brief battle of wits until we get bored fighting unarmed opponents. At that point we'll just ban them from the planet forever...I mean our planet. To help keep the trolls out, remember to disable anonymous comments. Now, sometimes innocent civilians may come across your journal and comment. If they seem harmless, just politely let them know that it's only a game and nicely delete their comments.

To make sure we don't get too many civilians stumbling in, be sure to link the SirensRPG website ( in your character's profile. Also, add the disclaimer, "Part of < lj comm = sirensrpg >" in your bio.

If you're new here and would like to play, but can't think of what kind of character you'd like, we have plenty up for grabs. Keep an eye on srpg_adoptions. If you see one you like, leave a comment on the journal.

Finally, we'd like to keep the characters apart from the players, so please don't enable IP logging on your journals.

For more information take a look at our lovely little guidelines. (Ok, so they're not so little.)

Remember, if there are any questions, I'm right here.

Thanks and have fun!
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