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[08 Oct 2003|07:45pm]
[ mood | ... ]
[ music | angel_dust-liquid_angel ]

do i care what people think? no, not really. like today. "take a picture, it lasts longer." stared at by indy's hyper-religious groups, laughed at by most of the social cliques ... i really don't care. but ... there's a lot on my mind, so ... here's one step to try to get it all off...

... is she telling me the truth? ... am i blind to something that i should see? why did i even come here? i had a good life where i was, friends ... and even a few possible girlfriends, but ... i decided to erase all that ... and come here, for what? i'm not really sure what i came here for. ... hope? another lie. love? could have got that anywhere.
for a flicker of human interest, i'm going to be ouut for a while tonight. quite some time, probably to clear my mind of everything. when i come back, maybe my mind will be clear ... hah! seriously doubt that. since i'm going to the canal, i'm probably going to walk back.
too bad.
i'm beginning to like sorrow more than lucifer. why? 'cause i haven't heard from lucifer in forever and a day. whatever though. just online friends. nothing more, and that's it.

Angel of One Black Wing
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