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candlelight; burning cities within [20 Sep 2003|11:02am]
[ mood | " ... " ]
[ music | i wish that girl would quit looking at me ]

by candlelight, another poem was written. seperation is almost final, just need some time apart. the water not working is an all too convient excuse to send her to her mother's house for a few days. do i really want her to go? not really, it's just ... with the water not working and all, it would be better for her to stay where it is working.

in other news. underworld came out, and i did not see it. no surprise there, now hm? i need some time to think clearly, i guess. when that's done, i should have my head on straight enough to make some type of intelligent decision about exactly how i want to go forward with my life.

it's too fucking early for me to be typing all this shit. i hate mornings. most of all? i hate waiting. waiting a thousand times over.

eh. oh well. if anyone at all is even mildly amused by my rantings, go ahead, drop me your burdens as well. o_O; yes. i -am- going to have one helluva shitty day.

Angel of One Black Wing


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