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[25 Aug 2003|10:25am]
[ mood | ... sleepy, sleep sleepy. ]
[ music | in my mind, i see the future. in your voice, i hear fear ]

so, i was wrong. about a few things. somewhere, on it's way, is the amorphis chapters cd+dvd ... with the music video of alone on it. -frothing- but other than that?

okay, i got the name for the castlevania fan-game/thing i'm working on. hymn of the dead. dunno. might change dead into something else. like ... hymn of fantasia ( a music form in which is defined to be chaotic ) or something completely else. the main character is going to be named nicolae belmont, whom isn't like the belmonts before him -- like the recent Aria of Sorrow ( Minuet of Daybreak ) ... it's going to be set in the future. Only, not so far removed.
Or, it may become in the past, sometime during it all, I'm not sure.

Blah. She's at work, leaving me more than half the day to get things accomplished. or not. dunno.

Angel of One Black Wing

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