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[15 Jul 2003|04:49pm]
[ mood | like any other memory ]
[ music | Eve 6 - Think Twice ]

this is before my private entry. confessed too much to the muse. said too little to the angel. entrapt by the mystic. for now, there's just little left of my sanity. i'm slowly beginning to wonder if i should have done some things instead of others, and ... most of them within the past few days.
now i am speaking with the mystic. ah, yes. it has been forever. but forever's never been a problem with us, has it? no, it hasn't. that's a good thing. perhaps now my mind will become resolved in which what i have to do. in so many cases ... i'm almost ... nevermind. in anycase. too much that i'd rather keep within right now.

.: later


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