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[27 Jun 2003|12:54pm]
to feel alive when there's nothing left / open my eyes and cut my flesh / fill my mind with sweet-scented lies / break me down and corrupt what it is i had left ...

a short lyrical inspiration. nothing else.
in a way ... i wonder if things have fallen to be over. the emotion's still there. the fact that certain intimate moments can no longer be shared ... it wastes far too much of my body's energy ... and i have precious little of that left ... with this life that i am living currently. sometimes, i have wondered if that there's ... if there's some type of meaning behind it all, then again, probably not.
i hate feeling like this. lost, confused .. wondering how much longer we'll be together... when the next time it is .. that we'll fight, or argue.

z e r o²:'s:forsakened

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