09:41am 18/05/2005
  hey!! im new to this community. Ibasically joined because i was bored shitless and because i just wanted to meet some new people. So yea........  
08:20pm 11/11/2003
  Just joined ^..^  
01:20pm 26/10/2003
mood: melancholy
music: 'Weak And Powerless'-A Perfect Circle
'Lo. I joined this community because well my username and I tend to be a bitch most of the time.
I live in new york. I like to sketch and draw and supernatural shit. I hate anime, mainstreamers, and kissing peoples asses which I'm somehow probably doing right now..and my list goes on. I live off music from goth, pagan rock, industrial, 80's alternative etc. to ska. This is an afi logo [the nephilim] but I want a tattoo of it or some other type of bat.. otherwise I'll get one of the pantegram or some other thing associated with Paganism.
The Nephilim

11:09am 04/10/2003
  Yeah, I joined because I'm sinister. And a bitch. How odd.  
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please please please 
11:45pm 05/06/2003

rare. stompy. sz 10 women, 9 in mens. they fit legs both big and small. yes sir. BUY THEM PLEASE!
Greetings and Salutations! 
08:42pm 31/03/2003
mood: amused
music: Cradle of Filth: Of dark blood and Fucking
Thank you for joining. You are now an official sister of the sinister bitches community. Feel free to stretch out, chug some whiskey, and post until your blackened heart is content.

If you have any questions, give me a scream.

If you're feeling brain dead or shy, a good first post can be a quick bio of yourself or your name, age, and why the fuck you joined.

Bloody Kisses,
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